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After pushing through controversy and backlash, 'The Little Mermaid' is still expected to be Disney's biggest fail in 2023; Ariel looking at 'The Little Mermaid' (2023) Poster

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  1. Mark Booth

    Will definitely be avoiding this one and staying with the animated version of the past. I am disgusted with all this messing about changing history. How am I supposed to explain to my 10 yr old daughter that one of her favourite princesses ( Ariel ) is now a different colour. Its pathetic . . . just as it would be if Disney suddenly changed Princess Tianas colour. I dont think there is any fear of that though. It would cause too much disruption to my old favourite . . SPLASH MOUNTAIN !!

    1. Gary

      In which part of our history did we have mermaids? If you can’t explain the difference between a cartoon character and a live actor, not only have you failed as a parent, you have also failed at basic intelligence.

      1. Tay

        Extreme failure.

      2. Fee

        Many thanks to you.

    2. I can’t wait to see your reaction when Emma Watson plays princess Tiana would love to see your reaction then the only thing that is ignorant here is your blind hate towards a situation you would react the same way if it was you in the situation

      1. Sd

        You guys have been whitewashing history for millenia, and no such reaction has ever occurred. Get a grip

    3. Fckracists

      Yeah I think you should really consider figuring out how to tell your daughter that her dads a racist asswipe.

    4. Kyle

      That’s a shame! We took my daughter and nieces and they loved every minute of it.

  2. Jane

    Won’t be watching!

    1. Paris

      However will we go on

  3. MrsBat

    Nope, nada, nein. Total destruction of Hans Christian Andersen’s epic story. I never watched the first one and I won’t watch this one either. I’d rather read the book.

    1. Sd

      The original story had the mermaid dead by the end. Your precious original ruined the original story too. Plus it was a man. Look it up

  4. Veronica

    Stop, Disney…JUST STOP!!! What you are doing is having the exact opposite reaction to what you aspire to do. HCA was a Dane and this story was written in the 1800s…his character did not have dreadlocks. Alex Haley wrote “Roots”. Can we have a remake of that very successful miniseries starring blond Danish actors for the sake of “inclusion and diversity”. Puh-leeze. Just leave it alone.

    1. Becky

      You all need to STOP, just 🛑 with your ignorance and the hate. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Steve K

    What else is new. Disney just doesn’t get it. Luckily they are killing it with their theme parks since they are losing big with their crummy, socially and politically inspired remakes.

  6. Ashley

    It’s sad. I’ve been an Ariel fan since 1989! The fact Disney stayed true and consistent with all other live action remakes yet changed one of the oldest ones not only with the main character being a different color but also making characters different genders and even changing songs is simply unacceptable! Even my child keeps asking why Ariel isn’t like the cartoon! Disney needs to just stop with the nonsense and go back to how Walt would have wanted it. Enough is enough! Historically this movie wouldn’t have happened because back then there was no interracial marriages. Stop rewriting history. I hope this movie flops!

    1. Ellen

      There weren’t mermaids either genius 🙄

      1. Fee

        🙏🏾 Thank you!

    2. Fee

      And that’s just why it will succeed because of ignorant people like you. It’s a shame that it’s only about color to you all. And just like someone asked before when has a mermaid been a part of history? These are fairytale creatures and you all are acting like these are real people and even if it was a real person, the color should not matter. Point blank.

      1. I can’t wait to see your reaction when Emma Watson plays princess Tiana would love to see your reaction then the only thing that is ignorant here is your blind hate towards a situation you would react the same way if it was you in the situation

        1. Kyle

          Not the same at all. Princess Tiana was made for little black girls to finally have a princess that looked like them. It’s a mermaid she doesn’t have to look like the original. This is for little black girls that only have one princess that looks like them. To see the the look on all the little girls face to finally have more than just one options for them. It’s a kids movie it’s not for us adults.

        2. Annabs

          Why not make new empowered black characters? The lack of creativity is really sad tbh also changing the original songs to fit into the woke agenda

          1. Kyle

            Because Disney was in a live action kick and people kept asking for little mermaid. They modernized a story about mermaids. No big deal. The lyrics are updated in kids the girl to sound more consensual and why does skin color matter so much to white people that have so many Princesses already. My daughter and nieces didn’t care about the change, they thought she was beautiful and thought it was a great movie. Kids are the ones who actually get to have opinions over the changes. It’s literally for them. We’re grown. Something as simple as the slight changes they made didn’t effect quality at all. We can allow the black community the part to better accommodate them. Walt was known to be facist and antisemitic. We don’t need to continue in his footsteps when we can make changes to a freaking mermaid that doesn’t even follow the original story line that was written by Hans Christian.

        3. Sd

          80 years of white princesses and y’all still won’t share 🫠

    3. Kevyn

      It’s very sad that you all feel this way. I honestly wonder where would you all go when you reach the gates to heaven?

      1. The Anti Blackness has reached the point that you don’t even want a Black person to play a fake fish? WOW!

    4. Kyle

      Walt was facist, antisemitic and racist. I think we can grow up as a society and realize it’s a movie. If you can’t explain to a child that the color of a mermaids skin color doesn’t change the quality of a movie then we have more things to worry about. You could also explain that little black girls don’t have the same amount of princesses in movies to look up to and it’s time to make that change for them. It’s pretty simple. Even my white daughter screamed ‘she’s beautiful!’ when she saw the preview.

  7. Gary

    The whining about this is delicious, you poor poor babies and your hurt fee fees.

    1. Fee

      Ikr these people need to grow up and be less ignorant.

    2. If everyone is so whinny about this why are you putting all your time and energy in too respond to the comments and try prove your point that’s sounds pretty whiny to me 🤷‍♂️also what kind of overweight discord mod are you writhing this is delicious bro are u fr 💀

  8. Joshua Hammer

    Go Woke Broke. Disney still isn’t getting it. Look at Bud Loght.

    1. Fee

      The first thing y’all always say is anything referencing woke. Maybe y’all need to wake up. You sure aren’t.

      1. Kyle

        They can’t even give a proper definition of the word woke.

  9. Paris

    The movie is made, get over it. No one is stopping you from watching the original movie. I just find it funny how these grown adults who wouldn’t watch any Disney movies on a good day.. will come out from their mediocre lives and start some mess.. go find you some business and mind hers.

  10. Casra

    The movie will flop but highest is Indy V. Still, the alterations to the story just lead me to ask, why? Its irritating, why not make an original story with new characters that stand on their own?

  11. David

    This is hilarious, because it’s projected to make over $200 million globally it’s first weekend.

    1. Mason

      It’s then projected to make $0 the next weekend once word of mouth gets out about how un-entertaining it is.

      1. Kyle

        Actually my daughter and Nieces loved every minute of the movie. It was great to see them smile the whole time.

        1. Shewie

          My issue is with the live action remakes. I just want to see more new stories not the same ones bring slightly retold. I don’t have anything against any of the remakes just would prefer more new stories (including new stories featuring diverse protagonists).

    2. hgvghvfghc

      the target audience cant afford to go

  12. Faelina

    The fact that people are being butthead over a Character that Disney made pretty when Ariels real true story is far darker and doesn’t have a happily ever after but gets turned to seafoam. Also NO ONE knows what Mermaids would like as the live in the depths of Ocean where there is NO SUNLIGHT so be butthead cause it shows how pathetic you as a human being

  13. Mikee

    said no one.. are you not updated? die mad haters

  14. ghvhtcthc

    the race war continues lol. wont be seeing this trainwreck. PIRATE this movie if you want to watch💕😌

  15. Larry

    This just didn’t need to be made. It wasn’t good. Disney is no longer innovative at all. They just do these movies for cash grabs but guess what? They no longer make money. I don’t care that they changed the lead character skin color, but I do hate that they changed the lyrics to the songs. My daughter watched the original and loved it but this she was bored. It’s an hour longer than the original and it’s a nightmare to sit through.

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