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Splash Mountain at Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Bart

    True Story!

    1. Steven


      1. No. It’s true.

        1. Steven

          No it’s not. As a military man my word is law against yours. Splash Mountain is not racist and NOT closing. It will be there for WDW’s 75th and Disneyland’s centennial and I will be riding both with my kids with no Tiana in sight. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is also not based on a minstrel song. The person who wrote that book was arrested for saying so.

          1. Not Steven

            What are you talking about? It closed 4 months before you even posted this comment. It’s gone.

        2. Steven

          No it’s not. You have no right to say what’s racist and what’s not.

          1. Scott Jurek

            Splash Mountain is the least racist thing about me

        3. Steven

          No it’s not.

          1. Karl

            Thank you Steve for reminding us that you are the least intelligent person on this site.

          2. anon

            That’s actually you. Quit projecting.

          3. Anon

            Aww, at least you got the spelling right.

          4. Steve

            You do NOT speak to military personnel like that. Splash Mountain is not racist you will admit it.

          5. Steve

            You don’t speak to military personnel like that.

          6. Steve

            Time to put your little green army men away, champ. Potty training time begins soon.

          7. Steve

            You realize it’s against the law to disrespect and disobey the military? Splash Mountain is not racist and you will admit it now.

          8. Steve

            You realize the last person to disrespect me like that is on trial for it?

          9. Steven

            Splash Mountain is not racist and not closing.

        4. Lewis Cassen

          First off, this ride…even the movie is only “racist” and “stereotyped” because some people prefer it to be.
          1. This is a story that was written Joel Chandler Harris, who was fascinated and intrigued of the stories and folk lore slaves would tell him when he was growing up and he brought it to light.
          2. When Walt Disney filmed this, (during a time of segregation sounds pretty progressive at the time of you ask me) did you really expect they’d have a specific twang or accent that didn’t sound so Georgian in the South, that took place after the Civil War?
          3. For a Disney film, are we really ganna have a preference that the personnel of color (not slaves) in the film should have been more down, sad, depressed, or unhappy to fit your image of comfortable preference? Hell, I’d be happy and cheery too if I was free and the war was over. Considering Uncle Remus was exactly as the book describes he was: Humorous and colorful.
          4. Tar baby was based off of African folklore known as Anansi the Spider.
          5. This film does not promote racism in the slightest considering, during a time of segregation, this movie was filmed and casted an academy award winning actress Hattie McDaniel: “If I had for one moment considered any part of the picture degrading or harmful to my people, I would not have appeared therein.” “It has made me feel very, very humble, and I shall always hold it as a beacon for anything that I may be able to do in the future. I sincerely hope I shall always be a credit to my race and to the motion picture industry.” Plus you have James Baskett who also won an academy award for this film: “I believe that certain groups are doing my race more harm in seeking to create dissension than can ever possibly come out of Song of the South.”
          If anything, this blind hatred for Song of the South is complete fallacy to personnel of color, especially during dark and ugly times of American History y’all wanna pretend never happened.

          1. Bravo

            Lewis Cassen, thank you for a factual and well written reply. I applaud you.

            As for the so-called “author” of the op-ed, there is no “right” side of history. History is history and cannot be re-written. We grow and learn from history. We become better people because of history.

          2. Jules

            Totally agree. From what I see, Disney is following Woke society. SOS is not and never has been racist. Although I’ve found ppl ca make anything racist if they twist the story enough

        5. Elwood

          It’s true, but people don’t want the truth unless it’s their truth.

  2. Boberto

    Good thing this is marked as Op-Ed. Your opinion matters not when every little thing is called sexist, racist, etc. Grow up and quit crying wolf.

  3. Boberto

    Swing and miss. Glad this is filed as an Op-Ed. Not everything you disagree with is sexist, racist, etc. Quit crying wolf over every minute little thing.

  4. Steven

    Sorry but there is nothing wrong with Splash Mountain and it’s not closing either. We can and did save Splash Mountain. It will be there for Disneyland’s centennial in 2055 and my kids and I will be riding it together with no Tiana anywhere. It’ll also be there for WDW’s 75th. And no Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is not based on that song at all. Tiana however is racist and will be removed from the parks. Nobody liked that movie and it’s the reason 2D animation is no longer produce at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

  5. ChadL

    Only people with hatred in their hearts find racism in Splash Mountain and Song of the South. Those same hearts will find just as many tropes and stereotypes to rally against and cancel in the ho-hum lore of The Princess and the Frog. And ya’ll mind this now: this here story of Tiana and her frog prince was also – as Uncle Remus’ tales were a century before – curated and brought to the fore by brothers of another mother, sure as you’re born. If virtue signaling is Disney’s goal, it’s a paper tigger to many.

    To replace such tried-and-true, culturally sound, sung-EVERYWHERE, brand-new-day, feel-great anthems as “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” and “How Do You Do?” with the lackluster, over-factoried snorers from one of Randy Newman’s lesser efforts is a travesty.

    And it’s absolutely tragical – GOOD GOD – to tear apart at the seams the perhaps greatest marriage of story with experience that ever came out of Imagineering. Loosening one bolt of a – literal – hot-summer’s-day, swimming-hole, spritzing plunge into a briar patch (to the delighted horror of those watching outside) is not progressing in ANY sense of the word. It only serves – and will remind us every time we take it henceforth – that there is no growth in the dreams and adventures that Walt’s great, big, beautiful tomorrow trumpeted we enjoy. It’s instead a deep, dark plunge down towards an ugly past. Into regression with no progression around the river bend.

    It would be far, far more intelligent/savvy/imaginatively-engineery for Tiana to rethink the Mark Twain’s voyage on the River’s of America into a giant dark ride of a jazzy journey down to New Orleans. Or a window shopping adventure around the streets of New Orleans and Frontierland hunting or being chased by Dr. Facilier ala Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Or any other of a multitude of other truly progressive cultural enhancements pulsing in the creative minds out there within and without the walls of Grand Central. And while we’re wiping the sleep out of our eyes SURELY, she’s worth more than just the capital of a retheming, no?

    Why must inclusion/diversity always loot the big boxes of Hollywood’s – and now Disney’s – accomplishments instead of building up it’s own? Even if fans think her film IS worthy of an experience, Tiana deserves to have her own attraction BUILT for her. Not stolen, torn-down or toppled.

    You know, in creating his art, (and later, indeed, sharing it with us on the very decks of that Mark Twain many a time), Louis Armstrong and his contemporaries did not tear down. They didn’t loot. They created their own art that spoke for itself which rhythms and sounds as an aural monument TO THIS DAY in every corner of that area of the park. Far better to follow their suit; perhaps even with an umbrella held aloft and a prance in your step ’til you can’t open your mouth without a song jump right out of it.

    For awhile on Tom Sawyer’s island we had an eagle’s nest with brightly white eggs frying-panned over a burning settler’s cabin. Such sympathy manifested! Making changes in the parks based on toxically-feminine reasonings is not always the least cheesy of experiences.

    The WRONG things are being addressed in this awareness and this desire to change things for the better. The amateurs of justice are misusing their power and influence as the information age continues to unfurl itself. The imagineers (and the management they answer to) can do much, much better for ALL our lives than these token, insulting, soul-deadening solutions.

    Celebrate. Don’t debilitate.
    Entertain. Don’t lecture.
    Sustain. Don’t coddle.
    Enhance. Don’t redact.
    Be the parent, not the child.

    Innovate, innovate, innovate.

    And be supercalifragilisticexpealidocious for it.

    1. Bravo

      Well, said and accurate, ChadL. I completely agree with your well written and well thought out reply.

      The op-ed, as written, is rambling drivel.

    2. Bert


      1. Steven


    3. Shareholder

      Ho hum folklore by who? Brothers Grimm? Anti semantic and racism thanks to the frog princess. Main character based off white. If that’s not blackface then I don’t know what is.

      1. Elwood

        Well the princess frog, nothing racial about that, or wait a minute is there, he got a white guy in it they called Big Daddy, they got a little white girl that’s wanting to be princess, and they have an African American young lady who turns into a frog, what a messed up world we have, the way people think, and you can’t have an African American gentleman telling a story about a rabbit go figure What a wonderful world we live in.

  6. RJ

    As you use devices made by cobalt slaves clown 🤡

  7. RJ

    As you partner with china who hate black people.

    1. JR

      Waaah, capitalism bad!

  8. Tom Mariner

    Watch the entire one hour 36 minutes of the original version of the Disney classic “Of the South” before you call me or anyone racist.

    It is the modern tale of Aesop’s Fables played by the amazing James Baskett costarring a racially and gender-mixed trio of kids that make the film the LEAST racist movie ever made.

    Don’t get me started about the Zip song that used to welcome us all to Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I challenge you to find a single word or nuance or musical note the is “racist”, yet our kids and grandkids will never hear the happiest song on the planet.

    1. Ty

      Absolutely. Can’t agree with you more.

  9. Dan

    You know kids, this ride was aimed at that demagrpahic, kids; not you overly protective, sensitive fact checkers adults who still think they are kids. None of this racism stuff comes from a 8 year old. They have questions about it?,you answer it and don’t pretend or project it never happend by erasing it.

  10. Walt

    The Blackwashing Continues!

  11. cope racists LOLOL

    i hope y’all realize the more y’all complain about the ride being gone, the closer tiana’s bayou adventure is gonna be to getting finished and having it’s grand opening at disney world LMFAO

    1. Say No to Tiana

      And Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is not happening much like Beastly Kingdom didn’t. I’ll be enjoying plunging down to the Laughin’ Place with Br’er Rabbit and my kids for WDW’s 75th and Disneyland’s centennial in a Tiana-free park after all traces of that movie have been erased to the point that wearing Tiana clothing is against the dress code in the parks.

  12. Anti-Woke

    I am so sick of these contrived “articles” about how we are all racists for loving one of the greatest Disney Rides ever built. These liberal leftist elitist like the author think they are so enlightened and better than everyone else because they drive electric cards and don’t eat anything that cast a shadow. Somehow we are all cavemen for loving a classic ride because of a film that was accepted in its day.
    Because of weak pansies like the author we have to have warnings before a children’s movie plays because it could be seen as hurtful. This country needs to grow up and become what it once was, proud of who we are and strong. This country has gone to crap because we let the left take over and control our lives and tell us what we can like and can’t like. Long live Splash Mountain and down with the Frog, it was a mediocre movie at best, the only reason they are using it is because the lead is a black woman, they are just attempting to appease a small minority.

  13. Daryl-Rhys

    Someone needs to read Who is afraid of Song of the South?

  14. Billy

    They are changing splash mountain, they have removed so many people of color from packaging. In 20 years people are gonna be saying all packaging is racist because only white people are on them.

  15. Genevieve

    It’s funny how people who are “anti-woke” seem just as angry, hostile, and unwilling to have a reasonable conversation as the people they ramble about in useless comment sections. Uno reversing woke energy doesn’t make you superior, it makes you the opposite side of the same coin

  16. Doris

    keep changing classics and replacing them with black or gay s and Disney will loose a lot of faithful friends and families.

  17. Frank

    🚧 “Erase history and your bound to live it all over again “ 🤔🎭🎈

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