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Jude Law as Captain James Hook in 'Peter Pan And Wendy' (2023). Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Credit: Walt Disney Studios


  1. Modern view

    It’s not the modern view. If it was the modern view then all these movies that are trying to push the “modern view” would not all be failing so miserably, now would they?

  2. Cluck McDuck

    I guess Disney’s version of the “modern view” isn’t the view most people currently living on this earth share. Wendy is not the voice of maturity and reason anymore, she’s just another Lost Boy.

  3. Sandy

    My daughter loved it . There are so many different versions of the story going back to the silent screen days all different and with different nuances.
    Traditionally Peter Pan was played by a girl, I’m certain those complaining would have an absolute conniption if it was done now.
    For me the CGI was 👏👏

  4. Alex

    You seem to overlook bias by reviewers, which is obvious every time you see a critics’ score near 100 while the audience score is pretty much the polar opposite. When reviewers are on board with pushing some narrative that differs from what most people think, that’s bias, and happens repeatedly. At this point, if I see widely divergent scores between critics and audiences, I always go with the audience. Having hundreds or thousands of audience reviews is more reliable than a dozen or so critics.

  5. mike

    Total skip for me Hook was perfect

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