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Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental” Wade (L) Ember (R); 'Elemental' Images Collage

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  1. Marcus

    I don’t buy it. I believe Elemental will be a hit at the scale of Inside Out.

  2. Manny

    Teaching children about intolerance and racial hate at early age will go a long way to removing racism. Moreover tribalism which is alive and well.

    The problem is there are parents who will opt out simply because they feel teaching children about race is not in their best interest.

    In other words indoctrination begins in the home since a child does not see color or prejudice. These behaviors are taught and the lower the education the ignorance cultivates fear.

    1. Joetuesday420

      Funny thing is that the creator said he was inspired by his own life where him getting involved with a woman outside of the Korean culture causesd problems for him. So basically his inspiration is racism perpetrated by Koreans probably on someone American, it doesn’t say. So I guess racism is approved when it comes from a minority in America and it’s so ok that they make a movie based on it. That’s what I’m getting from his inspiration. I think I’ll teach my own kids about racism I don’t need a multinational conglomerate to do it for me.

      1. Rick Steve

        The mouse knows what’s best for your children. They must accept gay interracial families, poor acting and weak plots.

        1. Brian Martin

          Gay interracial families are not in and of themselves bad things.

  3. I am not buying it either

  4. sfcpres

    This isn’t a kids movie. Families with children aren’t going to want to see this over & over to make it a success. Soul, Turning Red, Onward, & Luca, weren’t necessarily children films but did appeal to Tweens providing moderate success. This movie will most likely fall into that category. Like most recent Disney fare the target market is misjudged.

  5. Joetuesday420

    Youre right kids just want to play and have fun and thats how it should be but even if parents don’t consciously teach them to be racist, in some way the mainstream media and politicians will by either telling them that because they are color A they are racists and by telling them that if they are color/sex/ethnicity BCDEF then they are the victims of racism. Regardless of what you teach them at some point they will either be on one side or the other. At some point kids grow up and take notice of things that are happening whether they are part of A or BCDEF. As long as we have media and government there will always be racism. When something happens whether its racially motivated or not they always find a way to make sure it’s advertised as a racially motivated situation. All about the money all about control. racism is no longer about race.

  6. Dave

    When Pixar stops forcing “values” onto audiences they’ll always flop. Just make a freaking fun movie like you used to like Ratatouille and Finding Nemo and people will watch. Having a life lesson isn’t bad but it should be subtle and not the whole marketing.

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