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Ariel Meet and Greet with the new version

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  1. Melon

    I’m not particularly a fan of Disney’s remakes, but in this case I don’t see the drama. She is representing a different version of Ariel; the dress is very beautiful, as is her hair. Let the kids have fun

    1. Chris

      Melon, the drama is because it’s a change to an existing character. They could have easily made more diverse characters that are original and nobody would have complained. Because it’s not actually about race. Don’t let the snowflakes fool you. If you notice anytime there is an original movie with people of color they do really well. Moana for example. Encanto. Both featuring characters of color and both did really well. People would have been just as upset had the new Ariel been white with blonde hair and blue eyes. Ariel is a redhead. What’s funny is white redheads in America smaller minority than black americans. There are less actual redheads in America so basically they stole from one minority and gave it to a larger minority. Disney could have cut out the controversy by just making original characters but originality is no longer at Disney trait sadly

      1. Teresa

        I agree with Chris 100%

        1. Cheryl Fortin

          Her dress is the dress she wore when she first met Prince Eric on the shore. We never saw her, that I am aware of, dressed as a Princess once she married Prince Eric. Of course, I haven’t seen the new live version of The Little Mermaid with Halle Berry. Perhaps that one did show her after the wedding. Nonetheless, I find this dress to be accurate to the story as I know it. And I love her little trinkets. Especially her dinglehopper!
          Great job Disney!

          1. Eb

            Halle Berry wasn’t the Little Mermaid lol

          2. Melissa

            I see nothing wro g with it. I just saw the movie and that’s what she wore I n it there was no c rows and no shoes. She looks just fine everyone e complaining g needs to go see the movie.

          3. Nope

            Stop trying to force that movie down peoples throats, Melissa.

          4. Stacie

            No, it isn’t. She was wrapped in a washed up *sail* when she met Eric on the shore. She had the blue dress when they went on adventures (hello, which was not specific to the remake; do they even remember their own movie?!), an adorable nightgown, and the pink party dress before they got married. There was the shimmer dress on the shore after Triton made her human, but it was much fancier than this. (Ursula couldn’t even send her up with clothes!) Considering the movie *ended* with their wedding, no you don’t see her in anything else. In the sequel, of course, you see her in more and different clothes.

      2. M. Lav

        The fact that a grown man has so much to say about a little girls movie is unsettling…

        1. Janice

          Why go there? Maybe he has kids and has an interest in what they are seeing. Maybe he just likes Disney. Not every comment needs to be a “thing” to insult someone. Yet here you are.

          1. Dora


        2. Whiteface me

          Why did they allow clowns to communicate

        3. TCB

          @M. Lav
          Grown man? Unsettling?
          Have you ever heard of Elias Charles Disney,
          Walter Elias Disney?
          Or Roy Oliver Disney???

      3. Chris

        Imagine the horror of changing a cartoon character. Better get your pearls and clutch them tight!

      4. Jammy

        Y’all just be saying anything…

        “the drama is because it’s a change to an existing character.”
        Disney’s Ariel is not the first version so she was changed already. Also, Disney’s version of Little Mermaid belongs to them. It is their intellectual property. Did you pay for the copyright and trademark to tell them what to do with their character? The original Little Mermaid is public domain so if you want, you can make a version you like yourself instead of telling someone else how to manage their intellectual property you dont own. They also never said this newer version was replacing the older one. He’s just like Spiderman in the Spiderverse in my eyes. But that doesn’t really matter anyways.

        “Anytime there is an original movie with people of color they do really well. Moana for example. Encanto.”

        Okay…The Little Mermaid is also doing well. It was #1 over the weekend…it may not seem like that to the haters but go off of it makes you feel better since it didn’t fail like you wanted it to…

        “Ariel is a redhead. What’s funny is white redheads in America smaller minority than black americans.”

        It’s quite funny you said it’s not about race and then immediately bring up race…I knew it wouldn’t be too long.

        “so basically they stole from one minority and gave it to a larger minority.”

        You wish. Halle doesn’t have to steal because she has talent. She auditioned and she won… Disney also has stole anything since they created it. It sounds like you’re just mad things aren’t going you’re way…Stay Mad.

        “Disney could have cut out the controversy by just making original characters.”

        Wtf is controversial about the color of a fictional creature’s skin? It’s not Disney’s fault you and others choose to remain ignorant. And as an adult, you should know better anyways. Making a completely useless rant about a fictional creature that has a talking crab, a talking sea bird, and a talking flounder as friends then gets tricked by a half-woman/ half-fish octopus…and they all are singing underwater…

        1. shoveit

          because we’re tired of having white characters get blacked. bet the entire black community would scream racism if tiana got made white

      5. J

        They ruined it. Some movies should just be left alone this is one of them.

      6. annoyed disneyfan

        can we please stop black/brownwashing? stop being aggressively diverse, can you let it happen naturally? it’s okay to have white princesses, it’s okay to have black and brown princesses but we don’t need black ariel, black Cinderella, black snow white just like we don’t need white jasmine, white moana, or white tiana

        1. Nope

          If they wanna keep making all of our characters black, then I say we do the same. Someone needs to make all their black characters white and then when they complain, we can call them racist.

      7. AJ

        💯 Agreed Chris

    2. Shenne

      No! To me this is not Ariel

  2. Reta

    you ruined it!!!

    1. Sandra

      Dear RDES. Well my granddaughters (4&6) were thrilled with the new Ariel. So I guess it just depends on who is explaining the story.

      1. Nope

        Your granddaughter don’t know squate about like yet babes.

    2. Anne

      Just made because she’s black!! Sorry but we are reclaiming our rightful place!

      1. Me

        Please racist.
        Who cares about color…. Miss her red hair from original.

        1. Freddie

          I enjoyed , the movie. I plan to see it again.
          When it comes to color, there is always a problem. GOSH!!!

      2. Black Agenda

        You have no rightful place in the film just your woke agenda I see nothing wrong with whitewashing princess and the frog

      3. Who cares

        Your rightful place is on a different continent

  3. Patrice

    Keep Ariel the way she was

    1. John

      You’re a close minded moron.

      1. RDes

        Closed minded moron ? Really name calling your mom must be very proud. I agree they should have left her alone. My godchild was confused a four year old who knew and loved the original Character . She didn’t understand why this one doesn’t look like the one on her Comforter , Sheets, curtains ,
        lamp her doll etc. It has nothing to do with being close minded it has to do with children who love these characters and so clown deciding to change them. If they wanted more diversity add more princesses don’t change existing ones. It’s like changing Scooby Do from a Great Dane to a St Bernard 🤣 it doesn’t make sense to a child.

        1. FU RDes

          The version she knows still exists. Maybe explain to your child that princesses of other races exist.

          1. Jay K

            Which is exactly what she said. Make more princesses. I personally don’t mind the new Ariel, but I understand why others do. Try being more open minded about differences of opinion.

          2. Sara

            Because they want you to buy her MORE comforters, sheets and pillows.

          3. Sara

            Why do black
            women get a used princess? Can’t we get something ORIGINAL instead of sloppy seconds?

          4. Stacie

            Pretty sure most of us would have preferred that.

          5. Dave

            So should she explain to her child how Ariel is now playing blackface?? Please?? I would love to hear you explain how an already introduced character is now suddenly a different skin colour. They lazy sacks of **** at Disney could have at least made a new princess.

        2. AGirlIsNoOne

          There are various interpretations and executions of art. Inclusivity is a vertue, and puts on display a world that is full of many beautiful colors. The sooner children learn that the sooner racism and bigotry will die. Also, many Disney characters were borrowed from other creators and remade in the Disney image. The Little Mermaid for example was a Hans Christian Andersen piece. Art evolves, and frequently imitates life

          1. Sara

            This is not a matter of bigotry. It’s a matter of giving black girls something real and original.

        3. Sandra

          Dear RDES. Well my granddaughters (4&6) were thrilled with the new Ariel. So I guess it just depends on who is explaining the story. We change Barbie, Batman, Superman and kids recovered. I’m sure everyone will recover now also.

        4. Kris

          If it doesn’t make sense explain it. Grow up! Your child can’t stay narrow minded things child like one day you won’t be here. And she’ll have to understand that. Furthermore no 4 your old child has little mermaid everything from 1993 that they love! Lol gtfoh! Tell your lil brat Ariel is a mermaid they change colors! You my dear are a closet racist in denial!

          1. Dave

            Lmao, bruh you sound all kinds of cooked..

          2. Dave

            Love all the people calling other people this and that cause they can’t see to realize that changing Ariel to black like they did is pretty much the Disney version of Trudeau doing blackface.

          3. Stacie

            The original movie came out in 1989. And this new version is supposed to be so avant-garde and progressive; they definitely added a more adult tone to it. (If anyone can even *see* it, that is.)

            But I’m 34 and yes, I have “everything from 1993.” And all of the anniversaries and re-releases. The “lil brats” didn’t need a new Ariel. No one did. Disney needs to stop pi**sing off the people who make and spend money on Disney stuff.

        5. Chelle

          I get it.

        6. Cheryl Fortin

          I agree with your explanation.
          I WAS CONFUSED! And I’m 67! I didn’t understand why they changed her in the live action.
          It would make more sense to add more Princesses of Color. I would love that.
          No, I’m not of Color so I might be labeled close minded too. Then all of us should get together and send our thoughts to Disney. Maybe they haven’t thought about doing that. It’s the best idea I’ve heard yet. And just think of all the revenue you would make Disney, on all the merchandise with a new Prince or Princess of Color. Not an existing Princess who has been changed to one of Color. Just doesn’t make sense.
          P.S. I luuuuvvv red hair. Especially the shade the original Little Mermaid had. I missed it in the live action one.
          Just saying 😊

        7. Black Agenda k Agenda


      2. G Gm

        Your response is expected. Your pic has your wearing a Superman shirt & I’m assuming Superman under-roos! Oops looks like your the moron!

        1. Deez

          What’s wrong with Superman?

        2. Kristopher

          It’s ironic you call them a moron yet you used “your” instead of “you’re”

        3. Yo Mama

          In the new movie, they had no trouble at all making Prince Eric and Ursula resemble the cartoon. They couldn’t have made Ariel any further from the original if they tried. King Triton is played by a Spanish actor but still looks white, and he’s supposed to be her father. If it was about giving other races more power, then why not remake the entire cast as all black or Hispanic? It was done this way intentionally to make a statement, and it’s geared towards our children.

        4. Whiteface me

          Are all black people going to ride the victim guilt trip train and ask for monthly payments for the slavery OMG get over yourself already

      3. Mel

        I feel like she wasn’t really trying.

      4. Mel

        They give their opinion and you rudely insult them without trying to understand. Hmmm…ironic, considering your.comment.

      5. Larry

        No he isn’t a close minded moron, you are! Ariel is white and rightfully should be,as it IS an Aryan story from the beginning! Quit stealing white history and try to come up with something original to your own race! I’m sick of Disneys woke ideas.

      6. shoveit

        can we make tiana white then?

      7. AJ

        U r a moron yrself. Stop calling ppl names if they don’t agree with you. So childish.

    2. Aldo70

      They have not made a remake of this movie since 1989. Get a life the movie was amazing!!

      1. Mark

        Trying too hard and failing.

      2. Chris

        How dare people think they should make new diverse Disney princesses instead of changing existing ones. We love how Disney Lacks imagination. ( Mocking the snowflakes). In reality there’s nothing wrong with thinking if you want diversity create new diverse princesses. Nobody would be complaining about that. But that would involve flexing a creative muscle that apparently Disney doesn’t have anymore.

    3. mom

      Ariel was the red hair goddess of Disney! This new princess looks nothing like the beautiful mermaid Disney originally created for the parks!

      1. RDes

        I agree 💯

    4. M. Lav

      Original mermaids are black

  4. Nancy

    It depends on who you ask.

    1. Betty mantica

      It’s a childs movie why not ask the children how they liked it. I took my friends daughter to see it she loved it and she said it was awesome. Then said that the popcorn was cold lol she’s only 7 and knows the popcorn is supposed to be warm it was her first visit to a big theater.

      1. Chrissy

        It’s not just a child’s movie. We all grew up on Disney. Disney princesses belong to us just as much as them.

        1. Chari

          But, be a grown up about it???

          1. Jay K

            How is she not? Voicing an opinion is actually pretty grown up.

      2. G Gm

        It’s interesting because mine immediately said this isn’t Ariel. I even showed her the trailer do she’d be prepared.

  5. Peaches

    Stop hating because she’s African american.

    1. Him

      No,one said anything about her being African American. She is NOT in AMERICA so how can she be AFRICAN AMERICAN? You are a racist

      1. Cali

        She’s definitely American…born in Atlanta Georgia

    2. Him

      She doesn’t live in AMERICA. How can she be AFRICAN American ?

      1. Chris

        Democrats are not that smart. On a trip to Jamaica once I actually saw an American referto a Jamaican as African-American LOL.

        1. Chris

          Yet all of you are crying about a cartoon character like it killed you.

    3. TT

      Why did YOU have to make it about race ? No one but you has said a word about race.

    4. Oh Yeah

      It’s pretty said that you are the only one who has to make it about race.

    5. Me

      I hate to be the one to tell you this, but, not EVERYTHING that happens is always about race. Unfortunately people like you want to make it that way.

    6. Coconut

      Woah why make this about race???

    7. Britney

      Are you really okay with the company simply remaking white characters to black ones? They don’t have enough creativity to create new princesses, with new stories, that don’t appropriate what already has been?

    8. G Gm

      Grow up Peaches. So typical. When you don’t have a come back or an intellectual response just use the race card. 🙄

  6. K

    Should have left her alone ..

    1. Betty mantica

      The point isn’t what color she is to a child it’s that she’s a mermaid there were all different mermaids there why do you have to just point out her being African American she did a great job acting loved her hair and she had beautiful eyes. And her talent singing was good as well.

      1. Chrissy

        Hey Betty. K didn’t mention race. You did. So who’s the racist one?

        1. Chari

          Betty wasn’t the one who brought it up, either.
          Again, be a grown up.

      2. Gummi bear

        Very disappointing, Ariel is a red head mermaid…that is the original little mermaid. If they wanted diversity then they should of created another little mermaid. I thought that halle nailed it. But it wasn’t the part for her. She needed to be her own character. It’s like false’s like going into a store and buying a coke but it’s really Pepsi…Im embarrassed for the poor girl who got the role as Ariel, it wasn’t right to change a already red head princess. When you go to the palace you expect to see the king not a imitation king. Come on guys it’s not a racial thing. It’s common sense. The little mermaid is a red headed mermaid…that is who she is….not a imposter. Shame on Disney to do a thing like that. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave. It’s a shame that these little girls are getting jipped out of not meeting the real Ariel….I mean even the book cover has a pretty little red head princess on the cover. Our children aren’t stupid. Shame on Disney. I will say again the girl that got the role is not her fault at all….she got jipped out of being her own princess…Disney has divided the races…it’s not about race. It’s about ARIEL! Bring back ARIEL!…..

        1. Kris

          You’re such a Crackhead!

          1. Sara

            Why do black
            women get a used princess? Can’t we get something ORIGINAL instead of sloppy seconds?

  7. Him

    To Peaches, Ariel does NOT live in America. How can she be African AMERICAN ? You just look for reasons to whine don’t you ?

    1. Odette

      Peaches was using a commonly used term for Black. I’m guessing she was trying to be respectful.
      I hear you, Peaches. And I know what you were saying.

  8. Chrissy

    I want my redheaded goddess back. The new Ariel’s hair didn’t even try to look vibrant. Dull, dull, dull. Also, new Ariel fans and old Ariel fans are going to be fighting, but some loudmouth people will perceive that the feud is about race. Disney didn’t think this through.

    1. Aldo70

      Did you like the movie? Why focus on the negative. Its ok to change things up. The movie was as good if not better than the original. Its ok to admit it.

    2. RDes

      You hit the mail on the head! Nobody cares if they have Princess of different races just leave the original ones they way they are. Ariel is known for her vibrant colors especially her red hair

    3. Javie

      I do wish her hair were more red and vibrant. The actress is certainly beautiful enough to pull it off. Color looks washed out underwater so is typically much richer and brighter when we see it above the water.

      If live action Ariel had the flaming red hair, I bet most kids would see her as identical to the animated version.

    4. Courtney

      Chrissy you must be referring to your owm loud mouth people. Don’t come in here pulling the race card referring to black people as “loud mouth” people you ignorant fool.

      1. Kris


  9. J

    Listen left wing nut jobs. I’m going to say it for the Cowards who won’t.
    In the movie Ariel had sisters I remember one was black why try and change her race just to please the views of some people. Disney need’s to get back being more original. They could have created a beautiful story focusing on her sister (with this same actress who does have an amazing voice) given her an original story line separate from the little mermaid and she could have been another Disney princess added to the fold. But no Disney had to appease ideology from the left instead of tapping into something that could have been magical. Encanto was very well received because they didn’t destroy the core of a character.
    It’s like taking moana and replacing her with Merida from brave it doesn’t make sense.

    1. Diane

      Agree with your thoughtful review. Disney should hire you!

    2. Mary Ann

      Very well said! Create a NEW story instead of just taking something that’s already established and changing things

    3. Crane

      She didn’t have a black sister lol. Idk what version you saw but clearly not the 1986 animated one. But I understand the rest. There are plenty of black original characters, even characters that are modern and written by black people, that could’ve been done. Give a new exciting story line while introducing all kinds of new characters. God knows we need it instead of all the remakes, reboots, and crap they’ve been doing with stuff. Encanto, Coco, Brave, Princess and the Frog, and Turning Red all had ethnic, yes I’ll include Brave because ancient Scotland would still be a form of ethnicity, were all bangers and kept to their originality and culture. Those blew up!

    4. RickTR

      The reason they didn’t make a movie about a new mermaid is that they’re lazy, lack imagination, and want to stir up controversy so people will rush to defend this movie.

      1. G Gm

        Rick I am tending to agree with you.

    5. Aldo70

      You sound like a moron!

    6. HectorPector

      Outside of the political crap you are correct. I would take my kids to watch that movie

    7. RDES

      ❤️ well said !

    8. lmariel

      Totally agree. I am so sick of all the remakes and trying to change an already beloved character. Disney has the ability to create new ones and should. And once they have, leave them the way they were created instead of trying to appease all the woke babies out there. I would feel the same way if they changed Tiana and make her white, Mexican, Asian, etc. Leave the character alone and create a new one.

    9. FeliMon

      Yes I totally agree with you. They should have left Ariel alone since this was the FIRST live action Little mermaid movie. Then should have made another movie ( or should have done this from the beginning…) focusing on her sister. On how life was before and after Ariel left. King Triton had daughters in all different colors. He probably had a bunch of baby mamas who knows but it would have been very believable if Ariel had an African sister. Disney should have did this movie (or another movie) like they did the movie “Magnificent”. It was clearly a sleeping beauty movie but gave magnificent the “villain” a story and a reason on why she was the way she was in the animation. Which was very beautiful and gave people an understanding of why she did what she did and why she became the way she was.

  10. Laura

    “Fare”, not “fair”, Zach

  11. Andy

    I am sorry if this sounds racist, but as a huge fan of Ariel I cannot accept a black girl! I have nothing against the beautiful and talented actress portraying her, but she is not Ariel, and I would hate to see the character changed at the parks, and all of it just because disney needs to fill up a political quota

    1. Kris

      You jack azzes crying over a cartoon coming to life hahahahahaha a tad darker! 🤭😭🤣😂

  12. Disappointed Fan

    Not my Aeril

    1. Mama

      I love that she’s in the parks! My only curiosity is how to explain to the kids why there are 2 Ariels that look different. “Which is the real Ariel” you know? Isee it coming and I’m just not sure what to say. Thoughts?

      PS. Great idea having her sign the book!!

  13. Mama

    I love that she’s in the parks! My only curiosity is how to explain to the kids why there are 2 Ariels that look different. “Which is the real Ariel” you know? Isee it coming and I’m just not sure what to say. Thoughts?

    PS. Great idea having her sign the book!!

    1. Ally

      So will there be two ariels characters to meet ? Or are the phasing out red hair Ariel?

  14. Risse

    If you’ve seen the movie the dress makes sense. She’s wearing it in the movie. No issue here with this being her costume.

  15. Aurora C

    Just say you hate Black people and move on. With all of the hate and the nonsense most of you are spewing about “not your Ariel” and keeping “everything the way it was” I applaud her for being brave enough to even take the job since White people’s MO is to kill what they don’t like. It’s a remake, mermaids aren’t real, characters are created, things can and do change. Be happy with the years of Hollywood Whitewashing of characters of color and find something else to complain about. So many children are finding joy from seeing themselves represented on screen. It’s happened ONCE before. Once. Shut all the hell up. Thank you.

    1. KocoPink

      THIS comment right here!!! 👏🏾

  16. Roger Stevens

    Change is not always good. Keep it they way it was written.

    1. Dakota

      It was written as an allegory for unrequited gay love.

      1. ChrisHans

        Dakota it is not about that at all. It’s about the disaster that falls upon those falling in love at too young an age. Why is the mermaid “little”, why not “the mermaid”? Just like other stories of the past ie: romeo and juliet, they were not intended as romantic stories as much as cautionary tales/morals or values being taught, which surprise, is what fairy tales are about. In the case of romeo and juliet, their young love brought ruin on both homes due to their lack of wisdom and immature bond, they go against their parents wishes, and they both die tragically, along with numerous others. Disaster befalls the Little mermaid as well, as she casts herself off of a cliff as a result of the prince going with someone else after foolishly endeavoring to love someone at such a young inpressionable age. Looking at today’s youth, this lesson is strangely relevant one as they are jumping into relationships before having judgement and reason, and in the end experience dire consequences ie:teen pregnancy, abusive relationships, and yes even “S.” ideation or completion of the action. If it speaks to some people as a gay allegory that’s great, you do you, but that is not hans Christian Andersen intention or version. Using a 21st century lens on old works is problematic as it cancels the context of when it was written. Pinnochio was about a boy who was sloth, lazy, unmotivated, because children were expected to work back in the day(hence why he was turned into a donkey, which is stubborn and doesn’t easily do what it’s told when it comes to work). The disney version had him be a pathological liar which is more relevant to today’s audience of kids, “dont lie to your parents/adults” versus something that would violate labor laws. Context is everything. The lesson of the story is in the title.

    2. Aldo70

      Get out much?

    3. Kathy

      If they kept it as originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, she would have killed herself

  17. Teresa

    it’s a dress from a scene the movie … if you’re going to be a journalist omitting that bit of information means you didn’t do your research or see the new version

  18. Debbie

    I haven’t seen it yet. People have written it is not following the original script; that is from what I heard. That is when you make a bad remake.

  19. Marian

    Watch the movie. Kids will know her costume and the importance of that dress after they see the movie. And the movie was amazing, btw. As a grown up watching it, seeing those little girls singing the lyrics and dancing, of all colors and cultures, made my eyes teary

  20. Gail

    I I think she’s beautiful and adorable.. and as far as the movie goes I think that young lady is extremely beautiful and talented I just have a problem with the fact they didn’t hire her for that they hired her because of the color of her skin. That is what makes me mad not that it’s her in the movie not at all I think she’s talented and beautiful and of course she can be a mermaid.. not very concerned that everyone who is not white is now going to be labeled the token due to the new techniques of hiring so even those who are qualified are going to be seen as tokens. Qualification of course should be the one and only consideration no one should be hired because of the color of the skin or in spite of.. I should not even be a factor.

    1. M

      So, how exactly are you so certain she wasn’t hired for the beauty and talent from your throw-away acknowledgement?
      The fact that you can point out all of the things that make her qualified for the role, yet disregard then all because her skin color is different. You’re basically saying she’s good and all, but she couldn’t possibly be better than a white actress.
      Nice try, but we can see through it. Your racism is showing.

  21. Dixie

    As far as her dress goes, we just saw the movie yesterday, and that is the dress she wears most of the movie once she is human. I guess if you haven’t seen the movie you won’t get it.
    I do agree that it is not as glitzy as the other princess meet and greets, but Disney will have to come up with something, since Ariel doesn’t wear a gown in the movie at all. Even the last dress she wears is a pretty pink summery dress, no sparkles.

  22. Disneysux

    Hopefully one day people will realize Disney does nothing but exploite and marginalize children and all ethnicities for profit. They don’t “Care”, they use every special interest group to further monetize you…

  23. Breanna

    Don’t change existing characters. It’s confusing to children and there is nothing wrong with them being what they have always been to us. If you want more diversity than create new characters but don’t change existing characters that are wonderful the way they are.

    1. Julia

      Thank you! I couldn’t say it better.

  24. Kathy

    Dixie! Yes! Finally somebody who stayed on topic. This is about the new meet and greet. I saw the movie on day 1. This is her dress. It’s not a princess dress. It’s a dress she would wear on a regular day. Not a ball. As far as the actress portraying Ariel, I was surprised at how much she looked like Hailey. I think that we can live with both Ariel’s. Magic Kingdom has the animated Ariel. And Hollywood Studios has the live action one. They can both live in the same Disney universe.

  25. Chris

    Peaches is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. White liberals are literally remedial lol. As I said in a different comment on a trip to Jamaica once I saw a white liberal Karen refer to a Jamaican woman as African-American lol. A buddy of mine who’s physically from Africa said actual Africans get so annoyed by the African-American label. He said he calls them what they should be called, black americans. He said if you, your mom, your grandma or even your great grandma isn’t from Africa you’re not African american. But the thing in Jamaica was hysterical. The Jamaican woman looked at her like she was special.

  26. Sally Jones

    Sorry – Ariel is not black.
    Disney could have written a different story/movie for this actress instead of ruining the animated Little Mermaid.
    It makes no sense –
    Less than 1% of the guests at Disney World and The Disney Cruise line are black !
    Disney gets it’s money from white folks – They should cater to their audience.
    This is a CEO mistake

  27. Perhaps

    Disney was born of and thrived on imagination. Remakes are where imagination goes to die…

  28. Sally Jones

    GEEZ –
    Ariel is NOT black.
    Disney should have written another story/ movie if they wanted this actress !
    Disney has ruined The little Mermaid.
    SO SAD !
    Call me whatever you want
    I am not a moron – I am a successful business owner with a very high IQ ….
    …. All I ever here is “because I am black” !!!
    That’s the excuse for everything !
    Disney sure screwed up !
    I’ve never heard of YOU TUBE taking down the “dislike” button …. Over 1.5 million people disliked this live action Little Mermaid movie …. and YOU TUBE SILENCED THEIR VOICE !
    Ariel will never be black – just wishful thinking !!!
    SO SAD

  29. Liss

    So… I took my children to see The little Mermaid on opening day. I bore no judgement as we watched this movie and instead I just watched alongside my children as this experience was for them, not for me…. My first experience with TLM was 30+ years ago… if I didn’t want my children to have a different experience than mine then I would have just stayed at home.
    Every once in a while I’d glance over to see my 7yo daughter with tears welling in her eyes and my 3yo son gasping during the most intense moments as Prince Eric barely clung to his life.

    As the movie came to an end, my children clapped and cheered. They were enamored with Ariel, felt sadness for King Triton as he said goodbye to his daughter and were both absolutely terrified of Ursula.

    I watched this movie through my children’s eyes and I could not be happier. Their experience was indeed, very different than mine and I welcomed it.

    Perhaps people have forgotten that they don’t have to see this new and shiny version if their narrow-mindedness cannot see past race, skin or hair color.

    1. Greg

      Well I have a beautiful biracial granddaughter and just yesterday a family member brought her the new mermaid toy and it’s black well brown and just as lovely as this young actress. Ease up people it’s the real world.

  30. Ama

    Tell me you didn’t see the movie without telling me…

  31. K

    They should have kept it as the cartoon. Why do we have to change everything to appease people of color? They surely would not have changed anything for us? The live action did not appeal to the audience I was with. Even a few boos from the audience in fact. Disney failed in the casting of the live action Little Mermaid.

  32. Jen

    So cringe already a failing movie.

    1. Jay

      It’s failing so much that it made $120 million and counting opening weekend. What a dummy you are.

  33. J

    I’m a Disney fan through and through. They should have kept Ariel the way she was. Not the woke agenda that Disney now has. Are they going to change the little mermaid ride into “black face” so that it matches the movie. Bad enough that the body concept for Ariel was based on Alyssa Milano when she was a young girl. They should have a made Ariel at least of European decent with light skin like the way the cartoon movies. Are they going to have Tiana be white now so that it’s opposite of the cartoon too?

  34. Tony

    Welcome to the multiverse!

    1. Greg

      Thank you..

  35. V

    There’s nothing wrong with change, but some things need to be kept original and this is one of them. She’s beautiful yes, but Disney has always been about tradition. So it should of stayed in character. How would this look be on Snow White? Is she next?
    Please find other ways to support our world of color….thank you….

  36. Dave

    I’m sorry, if they wanted a black mermaid they should have made a new character and story. Not rip apart an already existing story just to pander to new age woke bs.

  37. Lexi

    I grew up with the original movie with Jodie Benson as Ariel and watching “Ariel’s under sea adventures”. I love the original but very disappointed and disheartened with the new Ariel. My girls were very confused and asking “Why doesn’t Ariel look like me anymore?”. My girls have red hair just like the original & have a mermaid doll too. I also feel like the new little mermaid doesn’t follow the original story line. For example her family doesn’t share similar family traits. It looks as thought Triton had seven different wives because each daughter is a different nationality. I’ve was been a huge Disney fan but my love for Disney has really tanked the last year. Disney keeps changing iconic characters like Ariel and Tinkerbell. They need to create new characters & new story lines.

    On the flip side,I do like this new Ariel in the aspect that she brings something new to the table but she deserves her own story line. They should have called the movie “The little Mermaid – Kingdom of the Caribbean “ or something along those lines. Then the audience would know it’s a different mermaid story.

  38. V Ann

    I agree….Disney needs to stay with the original story…I’m all for what the reasons behind this was, but , don’t use original stories to do so. Cone up with something new to show your support. It would mean more. What would Snow White look like if you did the same with that story? Will that be next? Leave Disney original, ,,, look what Bud did…if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,,…..

  39. Tony

    I grew up with the original movie I saw, Jesus had blond hair and blue eyes. My kids are growing up confused and asking, “Why doesn’t Jesus look like me?” I also feel like the depiction of Jesus doesn’t follow the original story line. Shame on Disney for misrepresenting the facts.

  40. David

    Get woke go broke!

  41. M. Lav

    The fact that grown white men are upset about a girls movie and a fictional character is unsettling…

  42. Frankie

    This is the worst movie ever, Disney keeps dividing people , they keep changing the characters to black people, instead of doing that they should make up new stories, for example imagine, The movie Black Panther, they now should make a White Panther movie right ? No it’s stupid

  43. Dez

    Tbh growing up I loved Ariel as she was as well as the other Disney Princesses and Prince, I feel no different with the new Ariel. Let kid’s be kids and let them enjoy their childhood. (Tired of everything being about color)

  44. jjdubs

    How did she “fair”? The word is “fare.” Good grief.

  45. Cameron McElroy

    Disney Remakes needs to go away!

  46. Flor

    If your going with color go all the way bright vibrant red hair and a gourgouse glittery shimmy tale, Not dull and basic clothes

  47. Stacy

    Stop trying to change things. To kids the little mermaid “that isn’t her.”

  48. Ariel sucks

    I’ve always thought she looked like sid the sloth from ice age. She ain’t ever been pretty in any way to me and to me her eyes are way to far apart. I see her face and think I’m glad Sid is doing more work but what about Diego or manny

  49. Living

    No. The magic is long gone now.
    If Disney sponsoring Taylor Swift concert, they would tanned her skin to ensure their forced goal lol.
    I am not racist, I am consider minority, asian, not pretty and such. But when I watch Ariel as a kid, this real person movie ruin the dream. If you make Frog Princess with a tanned woman is allright. But Ariel we know have a brighter skin. This is not racial issue, this is making your favourite story to live. And Disney today ruin that show.
    I am glad they don’t own Avatar. Otherwise it would turn to monochrome sad and dark movie.


    IF you say WOMAN of Color one more time and act like its ok smh . ITS NOT ! IT IS 2023 . Stop that seriously. Let these kids have fun . Its been enjoyable for decades to have Caucasian princess but there are princess of all races and sizes , let these little girls experience that.

    1. R3D

      You can be upset just like I am upset they made the coloured Ariel look like she has an EBT card from the 1500’s

  51. R3D

    Yeah I definitely know I am pushing it with this remark but it’s my opinion right… They wanted a slave under the sea and got one… Now don’t this look like a slightly fancy slave outfit.. I mean I understand princess clothes but I also understand maid’s clothes or the poor.

  52. Victoria

    No! Just no stop ruining the originals and create new ones Disney like come on.

  53. Typical Irish Lass

    As a redhead who grew up with the original, and seeing as how few redheads there are actually represented in movies/shows, I do not like the race swap in the new movie. Yeah there’s Merida but she’s a scottish princess, it’s kind of a stereotype/no-brainer for Scots to have red hair, and her hair is a much different TYPE of red than Ariel’s. Realistically the latter would likely have a rich auburn color, which as far as I know has not been seen in a disney movie main character!(Anna does not count, she has copper hair)
    I am also Irish, another stereotyped and mis/underrepresented minority. I always liked the idea of TLM being based near Ireland, which it was believed that the story originally took place around the Denmark area. POC, specifically black POC are replacing more and more beloved classic disney characters, which in my opinion is destroying diversity rather than creating it. Instead of creating new princesses or storylines, they are butchering what is already there for the sake of avoiding “mean tweets”, thus being lazy. Thus far most of the live-action disney remakes, especially the new ones, have been changed and the mood, the magic from before just isn’t there. I am honestly surprised that black americans have not called out or raged against Disney for not making a proper black princess, based in the African continent, with proper cultural representation! All they are doing is removing the “white” from these stories and sticking an out-of-place black character there instead. It is disrespectful to all involved.

  54. Linda

    I think the movie was great but they should of made a aril like the real thing she wasn’t black she was white

  55. Natalie Romano

    Alright that’s it. After reading these comments bashing so called “haters” I had to share this with everyone.
    🌟PS-the ending contains sensitive information, and if ANYONE is struggling or in serious trouble, feel free to reach out at ANY time.❤️
    I would love to enlighten others with a different perspective. I’m extremely passionate about TLM, and am RESPECTFULLY sharing other viewpoints. PLEASE respect me too, and DON’T RESPOND if you’re not going to FULLY read everything. There’s NO NEED to comment about how long this is. Don’t want to read it? You don’t have to. Thank you, and much love to ALL! 🫶

    The ICONC, ESTABLISHED, BELOVED Ariel has been so well-known for over 30+ YEARS. Millions have a sentimental connection with her. Quite frankly, they shouldn’t be changing ANY established characters..EVER.
    If they truly want to include diversity for THIS generation, they need to be creating BRAND NEW characters for the kids of today (that ZERO adults have ANY former connection with) with MANY different stories, backgrounds and cultures, instead of lazily changing the “old” classics to appease “modern audiences.” That’s the only REAL way to provide proper representation.
    (When they change ANYTHING that has been popular for SO long, it should automatically be understood that it’s going to upset a lot of diehard fans. It’s odd that this point needs to be stated, but I just wanted to clarify why MOST have had complaints about this film.)
    Of course these characters are ALL fictitious. I don’t care if you think her original race or culture wasn’t important enough. Some people loved her as she was, and it’s ABSOLUTELY NOT “racist” to want to see your favorite character come to life as she was ORIGINALLY DEPICTED. That only makes sense, and everyone WITH common sense knew that she was UNFORTUNATELY a “token change” for shock factor and controversy. Everyone knows how Disney originally created Ariel to appear, and that’s nothing to be angry about? If you truly loved her back then, why would you celebrate her being changed? This live action is based off of the DISNEY animated original, not the Andersen one. Her usual look shouldn’t have to be taken away just so some people can “feel” represented?
    Honestly though, do you really feel better? Don’t you think you AND Halle deserve MORE?🤔 I do.
    Disney doesn’t actually care about anyone EXCEPT their bank accounts and boasting about how they’re such a “wholesome company.”
    She obviously is VERY talented. I do not agree with the hypocrisy of how SHE and Disney are actually the ones making this all about skin color (by saying how it would’ve meant the world to see a black Ariel when she was little etc), YET play the victim at the SAME time. There HAVE been very rude things said by dumb people, and it’s not fair to automatically be categorized in that same type of group, when I would never comment those nasty things about anyone. Disney can’t stereotype EVERYONE and call them names, while they simultaneously USE her skin color as pretty much the MAIN selling point of this remake to “prove” they are “inclusive.”
    That’s why you’re all supporting this SO strongly right? Because of HALLE and what her race happens to be! But WAIT..I thought this had “nothing to do with her skin color!”🤔
    I It’s just interesting that the people who are full blown supporters are ALSO the ones placing such a high importance on her appearance, yet they preach it’s not about that.
    None of this was ever her fault, it’s Disney’s. I think it’s wrong of them to do this to an actress just starting out. That backlash has to be extremely overwhelming. I feel for her, even though I don’t agree with some of the things said, like her comments about the original film. But I try to RESPECT people and see things from their POV. She is probably being told what to say, so I can’t take that out on her. SO, to anyone that loves to immediately call me a racist because I have a different viewpoint: I know that it’s simply an impulsive and thoughtless defense mechanism. The word shouldn’t be tossed around so easily! If that actually makes you feel better, idk what else to say. I know that I’m a kind person with good intentions, and think it’s important to stand up for what I feel is right. Don’t you think it’s insanely offensive that they are giving you the bare minimum, and making it clear that they don’t care enough about POC to create more ORIGINAL black characters? They thought a quick color swap would be “good enough?” I swear, even my black friends don’t like what’s happened and think this whole thing lacks integrity.
    Them promoting the ILLUSION of real inclusion, is NOT real inclusion. Read that again. Some know better and choose to ignore it, or unfortunately are oblivious to how unscrupulous entertainment companies operate.😔
    The SAME people also love to complain when another character is changed. Like that girl in the live action Lilo and Stich not being “DARK ENOUGH!” The DOUBLE STANDARDS are wild.
    This push and pull struggle will NEVER end if we keep letting companies purposely create racial controversy. It’s sad most who are bending over backwards for this, don’t seem to care about the OG film. I’ve seen people GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to BASH it and the FANS. They taunt that “THEIR” black Ariel is BETTER, and how no one cares about the “old” Ariel because she’s “boring and brainless!” 👎
    ALSO somehow they’ve claimed this movie as their own. I saw a comment stating that someone’s opinion wasn’t “valid” because they were white!
    WTF? HOW is that helping anything? That reminds me of spiteful kids who bully others to make themselves feel better. Statements like that are SO ironically discriminatory, problematic, and classless, further DEEPENING open wounds.
    If you’re still here, thanks for at least hearing me out, no matter where your opinion stands. If you are similar to me and have genuinely ALWAYS had a strong, sentimental connection with TLM, I appreciate you! I care about and cherish it as a true TREASURE that needs to be treated with the utmost RESPECT no matter what.
    🌟If you find this funny or think I’m being too dramatic, TLM pulled me out of a DARK place when I was in a TERRIBLY domestically abusive relationship, and quite honestly helped SAVE my life. I remembered the sweet little version of myself, and how she admired Ariel for letting her curiosity lead her to places she never imagined she could go. I’m much like her, and although I ended up in a BAD situation, I refused to give up even though I didn’t think I’d make it out alive. I realized I had SO MUCH left to explore and accomplish, and that I AM worthy of being LOVED properly.
    That’s why ALL of the intentionally created chaos is saddening for a “washed up original fan” to witness.😔 With all of the continued hate, I just couldn’t help but speak up.
    🌟(I speak anywhere I can about abusive relationships. If you are in TROUBLE and need someone to talk to, please send me a message.🙏 And NO, this is NOT an advertisement or anything of the sort. I truly want to motivate others to GET OUT before it’s too late. NO ONE deserves to be abused.)
    To finally conclude, TLM should’ve NEVER been a source for such negativity and mockery, when it’s something that once simply brought endless joy and magic to all who loved it.

  56. Krysta

    So glad the movie flopped.

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