Universal Is Secretly Removing HHN Merchandise and No One Knows Why

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Universal Is Secretly Removing HHN Merchandise and No One Knows Why

Universal Orlando Resort is secretly removing its Halloween Horror Nights merchandise, and no one knows why.

Let’s speculate on what this could mean for HHN 32, as we are just under 115 days left until the massive Universal event.

The entrance archway for Universal Studios Florida, lit up for Halloween Horror Nights.
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Why Is Universal Removing Its Halloween Horror Nights Merchandise?

Over the last few days, I have been following reports that Universal Orlando Resort has secretly removed its Halloween Horror Nights merchandise from its website and stores within the Universal Parks.

Recent tweets from various sources report that the HHN 32 merchandise, “See You In The Fog,” has been quietly removed from CityWalk and Universal Parks stores.

A Twitter user, @HHNstagram, is also reporting on the removal of the HHN merchandise, this time from the Universal official website.

This removal of HHN 32 merch makes absolutely zero sense, as just a month ago, @ParkTwister on Twitter reported that “plenty” of Halloween Horror Nights merchandise was left.

For those wondering why, I join you in this confusing moment as no one seems to know why the HHN 32 merch is being removed quietly from the online store and the Parks.

Although I might have some idea as to a possibility.

Hear me out.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
Credit: Universal

Did Universal Steal Their Tagline for Their HHN 32 Merchandise?

I reported on a TikTok video in late March claiming Universal “stole” the tagline for their upcoming Halloween Horror Nights event.

Here is the TikTok video where the allegations were brought forth:


Replying to @universaldude The jury is still out on this one. We’ll see what the court of public opinions thinks. Knotts Scary Farm seems to have at least a two year track record of using this, but this may be in reference to the 1980’s movie The Fog starring John Carpenter & Jeamie Lee Curtis which was remade in 2005. What do you think? . . . #hhn32 #hhn2023 #knottsscaryfarm #knottsscaryfarm2023 #hhnorlando #halloweenhorrornights2023 #halloweenhorrornightsorlando #themeparknews #seeyouinthefog #hhnmerch #hhnmerchandise

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According to @theuniversaleye on TikTok, the tagline, “See You In The Fog,” was reportedly “stolen” from another great theme Park, Knotts Scary Farm, which has at least two years of track record using this tagline.

But we have yet to confirm this allegation from the actual theme Parks themselves. Until now, neither Universal nor Knotts Farm has stepped forward to deny or confirm the allegations.

But with the recent removal of the Halloween Horror Nights merchandise from shelves, stores, and the online website, one can only speculate why this is taking place, leading many to believe it could be due to the above allegations.

Remember, kids, this is purely speculation, but as always, I like to back up my claims with resources and information for you to decide on your own.

So what do you think about Universal removing its HHN 32 merchandise? 

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