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Actress Halle Bailey playing Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid' (2023)

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Dan

    Disney race-swapped a character. There is going to be controversy. I’d imagine if a white actor played Princess Tiana there would be controversy too. The Little Mermaid is inspired by a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, who is Danish. Mermaid folklore also originated from European countries.

    1. Elizabeth

      Her immaturity is showing. It’ was obviously a compliment , maybe an off handed one but still a sincere compliment. To run to executives to complain and demand better interviewers is so narcissistic and childish. Any princess would be embarrassed for her.

    2. Bren

      Incorrect information. Mermaid folklore did not originate in Europe. It originated thousands of years ago in Syria. Not Europe. So shush. Tiana being a black woman is intrinsic to the plot so, take your wrong-ness elsewhere.

  2. Reality

    Homegirl isn’t The Little Mermaid, and she NEVER will be!

    Truth hurts!

    1. Mizu

      Love that your name is reality and yet you’re out of touch

    2. Charles Lively

      Halle Bailey is her name. Not homegirl. And she IS Disney’s The Little Mermaid for 2023. Deal with that however way you can. I’m relishing it and celebrating her and Disney. That is the real truth 🙃

  3. P.C.Knott

    In other words, she doesn’t want to deal with the reality that she was cast as a white, fish-girl due to Disney’s “inclusiveness” even tho she made comments about the “haters” of her movie. Got it. Censorship still exists to those who get butt hurt when questions are uncomfortable.

  4. Barbara

    I can’t understand theses actors today wanting to be in the spotlight yet getting all upset about the attention they get. Hey guess what you can’t have it both ways!! You wanted this deal with it!!

    1. Charles Lively

      A young black woman should just deal with racism with a smile? How privileged, delusional and out of touch you sound.

      A celebrity has rights just like anyone else. Awkward, lazy comments like this are not needed. Even reading the comment, my stomach squirmed because it sounds out of place and forced.

  5. Ron Wilson

    Racism shouldn’t be part of “wanting the attention”. It’s pretty clear what your problem is, and you sound ridiculous.

  6. Fay Ingegneri

    I switched out Ariel on the new Lego set…the real Ariel is white with red hair per Hans Christian Anderson
    Disney needs to stop changing history and going woke

    1. Adam

      She is literally GREEN I’m Hans Christian Anderson’s version, not red-headed, or ever described as white.

    2. Bren

      Of course in the original, published in 1836, she was a white mermaid. Because it was 1836. Use your brain if you can. Don’t spout history as a point and still be glaringly wrong. It just sounds like a pathetic excuse for being racist.

  7. Mike d

    She is a great little diversity hire.

  8. Arial

    Black fragility

    1. FuckDisney

      Exactly, per usual. Just another shakaren.

  9. Malik

    I liked the African adaptation of the little mermaid. Can’t wait for the Asian adaptation .

  10. Ayeya

    I think she’s getting too much offended starting from interview in Mexico. I don’t think he was trying to be mean. He meant it as she was great that he didn’t look at her skin color. She’s being difficult and facts are facts. Little mermaid was white, red head and danish!!!! Sebastian was Jamaican!!! Scuttle was A danish seagull, are they gonna say racism there????

    1. RickTR

      What a diva! They should have picked someone who would have appreciated the chance. And her toys are going to end up in the dumpster right next to the Disney Star Wars and Lightyear toys.

  11. AJ

    No black kid will replace Ariel. No matter how much product or weave she adds to her nappy Maine.

    1. Jane Doe

      Who hurt you?

      1. Lester

        Your fragile ego breaks very easily, uh?

      2. Donna

        She posted a tik tok of herself strutting around to a filthy rap song called “Pound Town”. Disney should be ashamed for hiring this classless girl who is no role model for young girls. I hope she fails miserably.

    2. Lisa Thomas

      Halle is an exceptional actress and a wonderful singer and that is why she was picked for this role…She is smart to advocate for herself and their is nothing wrong with her discussing her concerns to the executives. So to call her narcissistic and childish just shows that you just want something to complain about, Stop being a hater!!

      1. Donna

        I didn’t say she is narcissistic, I said she’s a slob. Did you see the tik tok? Shes advocating for herself by dancing to a song that talks about her “pink c***hie”! She’s not worthy of being a Disney princess, msybe she could be a singing stripper.

  12. Teddy Gingerich

    Well, the ugly racists are out in force here. Y’all need to go back to your moonshine and sister-wives.

    1. Lester

      Look at the brainwashed activist clapping its flipper wildly! Go out and kick rocks, snowflake.

      1. Bren

        I don’t know why you’re out here commenting racist things with a name like Lester. Are you writing this from a nursing home? You know, assisted euthanasia is legal some places, right? Maybe you should look into it for the rest of the world’s sake.

  13. Kiki Rodgers

    The second he said he and his wife were mesmerized by her beautiful eyes she knew they were lying. Hammerhead knew he was taking a jab at her.

  14. jeremy g

    She is nothing more than a weak, out-of-touch nothing who will be forgotten soon with all the rest of the nauseating wokesters saturating the media right now. What a joke she is.

  15. Steve K

    You guys tell me how the movie goes since I’ll never see it. This is such a great country. When doing a remake, Disney has the right to change whatever they need to so they can be meekly obediant the to the woke voice/agenda and I have the right to not go see it. Wonderful how things worked for me. Not sure if it works out for Disney though. Will it be the next flop??

  16. Steve K

    You guys tell me how the movie goes since I’ll never see it. This is such a great country. When doing a remake, Disney has the right to change whatever they need to so they can be meekly obediant the to the woke voice/agenda and I have the right to not go see it. Wonderful how things worked for me. Not sure if it works out for Disney though. Will it be the next flop??

  17. Jack

    Sounds like another Shakaren

  18. Lester

    I love seeing actors and actresses with fragile egos crack and meltdown.
    She’s just so eager to be offended even after being complimented. What a single digit IQ of a “Disney Princess”

  19. MarMar

    This just shows she’s insecure about being black

    1. Lisa Thomas

      Halle is not insecure about being a Black Woman at all!! She is the epitome of a successful beautiful Black Woman…..Stop hating on her!!!!

  20. Shani

    Sister in Christ U GOT COMPLIMENTED how out of touch celebrity mindset do u have to have to act like an offended aristocrat that got “oppressed” by plebs not praising u for the way u were born. Good grief, she an embarassment to all black girls out there.

    1. Charles Lively

      It was not a compliment. It was a little cringy and very awkward. I’ve had a lot of comments in a similar vein. Fortunately, I’m older and wiser enough to accept the awkward compliment and kindly let them know that it can be perceived negatively.

      That’s called emotional intelligence, which I’ve only gained with age. Miss Bailey is young so she’s entitled to feel that way….no matter if she is a celebrity or not.

  21. D. Katzroy

    How is this offensive exactly? These liberal activists are constantly crying about how their skin shouldn’t matter, how you should look beyond and now when someone actually says it to their face it’s racism?

  22. Chris

    Dang, I get that she’s a delicate Little snowflake but that’s insane. You can tell he was trying to be sweet. I swear you could time travel back to the 50s and tell all the actual racist people ( not the libtard version) don’t worry in a couple decades we’ll segregate and divide ourselves. All in the name of ” diversity”of course.

  23. Jojomama

    Would she have been okay if the interviewer were to say, “all I could see was your black ass appropriating European culture”?

  24. equloprtnity

    Tone Deaf is going to another Country, and demanding they pander to your own experience in the United States.

  25. Sandy

    Wow. I saw the clip, and the guy was trying to sincerely be nice. There’s probably some cultural differences in how they are said – like in my culture, strangers will be very frank in offering advice or criticism – but you would think of all people, someone pushing for inclusivity would understand that. He literally just told her that she was amazing and beautiful and her talent was what he and his family were drawn to…and she threw a fit? Diva behavior is bad enough on its own, but Diva behavior from someone who hasn’t earned the clout to wield it is even more distasteful.

  26. Lisa Thomas

    Halle Is a Beautiful Black woman who was chosen for this role and she does an remarkable job in her portrayal of the Disney character Ariel!!!
    some people have tasteless comments and are jealous of her success.

  27. Western Africana

    She is making mountain out of molehill. The Mexican interviewer was showering her with praise. American black culture is too sensitive and fragile.

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