What Kinds Of Lessons Are Drag Queens Teaching Our Children?

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  1. Baba

    The pushback has little to do with not “honoring other people’s journey”. Much more to do with scantily class men gyrating sexually and mocking women in front of kids. There’s enough confusion inherent in childhood, without adding this disturbing trend to the mix.

    1. Chris

      Not all “drag shows” are that, sorry, but while I am not into the whole drag scene, one thing I have to hand them is they act far more Christian than many Christians are right now. Most drag queens not only say that we should love and respect one another, but they actually do so.

      If this was just as you are claiming, then by all means pass legislation that says something to the effect that ALL shows intended for adult audiences should not allow children, but there is no need to call out drag queens.

    2. Melanie Weir

      I encourage you to look at the pictures of the drag queen in this article and tell me where she’s scantily clad. Not all drag shows are inherently sexual, and the ones where children are invited are certainly not. They’re just fun performances.

      Additionally, trans people are not a trend. They’ve been around for thousands of years, and their are records of them existing in harmony with everyone else in many, many cultures.

    3. Let’s also ban alcohol, guns, and anything else that might need a warning label so your poor children can grow up in the safe space that you want them to live in. Snowflake.

  2. Wil

    Lovely article. I know far too many adults who could use a refresher in the lessons you describe. The world would be a much kinder and more interesting place if the first reaction people had when meeting someone unlike them was curiosity and love rather than fear.

  3. Charles Henry Allen IV

    So. . . perform whatever drag shows you want and keep the kids out of it. Why do grown men need to dress up as women and act overtly sexual towards children??? Can’t the children be excluded from attending??? Can’t the parents keep their kids out of situations that are the very definition of child abuse??? This entire narrative is about one thing. . . grooming children. Congrats to the writer of this piece for your virtue signaling, and before anyone responds to tell me just how wrong I am on this, let me respond to you. . . OK Groomer!

    1. Your entire narrative is a made up boogyman, nobody is grooming children, moron. You’re just afraid of your own shadow, how sad.

  4. sirald66

    Article is very well thought and explained.

  5. SHEILA A Quirk

    I think this is great for the LGBT community, but as a 72 year old great grandma, this kind of entertainment is not enjoyable. I prefer to watch nature programs

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