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'The Little Mermaid'; Ariel closeup on the front and Ariel and Eric in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' (2023) on the left

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  1. Chris

    don’t understand these remakes.. one after the other and they are terrible compared to the originals…
    could tell from previews this movie would be sad.. and stupid and horrible..
    come up with something original… plus actors and actresses worst ever .

  2. Anonymous

    Get woke, go broke.

    1. Anonymous

      Hurrrrr, watch caveman bang own head with club hurrrr.

  3. The movie has a deary color palette which just to dark For a lively feeling to ensue. The “Part of Your World “song was simply destroyed by the vocal acrobatics at the end of the song. Most of all Disney wants to be inclusive but doesn’t want to put out the money for something original. Now we have two Ariels. This really makes it confusing for young children . Will the real Ariel please wag her tail ? Will the real Tinkerbell please stand up? Don’t you think that children know the difference when for years and years they have been read books with illustrations, mini videos with only one version of a character ,have multiple products representing the orIginal version..

  4. Dixie

    We saw this movie and loved it. I am surprised some are saying the colors are dull because I thought the underwater scenes looked great. Halle’s voice is beautiful and she as a mermaid is beautiful too. I enjoyed the extra scenes which gave more substance to Eric and Ariel’s attraction. Melissa M. Was awesome as Ursula.

  5. Mickey

    Scroll to the top of this story and look at Halle’s picture. She is far from cute.

  6. Andrea

    Me cago en la voz de la protagonista, es malisimo como actua, la quimica entre ella y el principe es desastrosa.
    Ursula parece una vieja que se quiere hacer la graciosa y encima el maquillaje no la acompaña.
    Disney tiene que aceptar que esto fue una poronga.

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