Disney World’s Sickening Ride Loses All Control

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Kids pushing a giant moon in the World Discovery neighborhood.

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One of the most divisive and sickening attractions at Walt Disney World lost control, with Guests capturing the incident on video.

World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT at Disney World
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A trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, can be a magical experience. From thrilling rides and attractions like Space Mountain to delicious snacks and treats like a Dole Whip, there’s magic around every corner.

However, some experiences are more of an “acquired taste,” meaning you may want to think some decisions through a little more than others.

The attraction of EPCOT - Mission 'SPACE'. Main sign on the left side and imitation of the attraction (crested by parkmania.pl)
Credit: Disney

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This is exceptionally true with Mission: SPACE at EPCOT. For some, this is a thrilling experience that makes them feel like a true NASA pilot. For others, well, let’s just say it can ruin their entire day.

For those who may not know, Mission: SPACE is a space simulator attraction that puts Guests in the cockpit of an advanced training vehicle. It’s a tight ride, with restraints coming down over Guests’ heads and shoulders, meaning those with claustrophobia should stay away.

One of the more unique elements of the ride involves the buttons and control sticks in the actual ride vehicle. These light up and move, allowing Guests to have a more immersive experience. In a bizarre video, these control buttons started to freak out on a recent adventure on Mission: SPACE, with one Guest capturing the incident on video:

As you can see, the control stick is freaking out, turning what would be a smooth mission into a loud and somewhat funny situation. Usually, if you don’t hold the sticks, they just vibrate, but we’ve never seen one do this.

Guests looking for more space-themed activities in Walt Disney World should head over to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This ultra-immersive land is a Star Wars fan’s dream, featuring exhilarating rides, unique food, and an atmosphere that can’t be beaten.

Do you enjoy Mission: SPACE at EPCOT? What’s your favorite ride at Walt Disney World?

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