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  1. Wendy rigotti

    Do the people of Florida know who will pay to make up lost revenue? Won’t be desantis. He will screw Florida, step on its corpse and leave it to suffer while he tries to move on .

    1. Tori

      Disney isn’t going to loose money. They’re still worth billions. They’ve been above the law since day 1. The gravy train was bound to end sooner or later

      1. Sue

        You do realize all the perks. They were given is pretty common practice especially over the last many decades. Cities are desperate to bring in the big guns when it comes to employment taxes et cetera. You think that places? Like. Costco. Nike Google Microsoft. Large Manufacturing companies ….any Big business that’s going to bring in jobs. People that will buy housing pay taxes Put their kids in the schools et cetera. They’re all given big huge giant perks. Many of them don’t even pay any taxes.Cities are always desperate to bring in the big guns .Florida decided in the past to give all that to Disney …disney and universal helped make Florida the resort state it is today. Too bad many people are just fine with the governor grooming kids grooming citizens. He talks about liberals grooming the kids. It’s actually him that’s doing that by taking. Control and only allowing what he approves of.

  2. Gay Whitney

    Desantis is becoming like Hitler, no free speech, banning books, targeting groups of people. It’s happening just like it did to the Jewish people. In world war 2.

  3. Christina W

    I am heartbroken, I loved visiting Florida as a child. Now I will take my son to California to go to on a Disney vacation, because Florida is no longer the welcoming place from my childhood. My only vote to change Florida back to the wonderful place from my childhood is by taking my money to California.

    1. Rob

      Lol! People are flocking out of California and moving to Florida. Yeah that Newsome is a real crackerjack! We Floridians are very happy with our governor. Californians are miserable. Enjoy!

      1. Of course toothless, uneducated Floridians are happy with their governor. They love self harm.

      2. Linda Marie Gonzalez

        Rob, usually extreme left wing people post on this site so you and I preach to the wall. Sometimes I post though because I can’t help but address their lunacy! Keep the
        Florida faith going!

        1. Margaret

          Protecting Disney’s 1st amendment right to air their grievances against the government is lunacy to you???

          1. Jb

            Love florida, Disney not so much

        2. Pete

          The left makes it sound like we are torturing LGBTQ folks Lol. Try living in Saudia Arabia or the Middle East. Lol. You have freedom of speech but not the freedom to indoctrinate or sexualize our kids in our schools.

      3. JohnB

        Not even close to the truth!!! Californians are moving to Nevada and Arizona in droves! It is cheaper AZ and NV than Floriduh!

  4. Corey

    Desantis is more a threat to democracy than Trump

    1. Tori

      Yes because everything being affordable under Trump was so terrible. What rights did you loose under Trump?

      1. Sane

        Trump didn’t make anything affordable. Wake up.

    2. Evil leaders use their power to abuse their fellow creatures. Their wickedness have no boundaries. Prayers fellow Americans will remove him from office before he takes away all our freedoms.

  5. Rich

    I support Governor DeSantis defending families 100%. I also like Disney . I’m a bit conflicted about supporting Disney , wish they would stop trying to brainwash my kids with Leftist indoctrination. Still plan on vacationing there though. The bit comparing the DeSantis to Hitler is insane. The operant definition of fascism is anyone who disagrees with wokeness. Please.

  6. Glenn

    I am not a left-winger. I am a moderate and a veteran. I feel that DeSantis has been very devisive and has hurt Florida in numerous ways without addressing key problems that need to be solved like exploding insurance rates and the dumbing down of our state education system. He may have won the governorship in a land-slide but Floridians are now seeing his true colors as is the rest of the country.

  7. Choir Hobby

    Evil leaders use their power to abuse their fellow creatures. Their wickedness have no boundaries. Prayers fellow Americans will remove him from office before he takes away all our freedoms.

  8. Desh

    Poor little Bunch of left nut retarded groomers have their egos hurt. Thanks DeSantis!

  9. Steven

    I work for Universal and rest assured, many of us are concerned about Florida and DeSantis. No guests have outwardly asked me about this, but I can attest that team members are chattering amongst ourselves and most of us stand firmly against Ron DeSantis. He thinks he is just harming Disney and the truth is Universal and SeaWorld is also in the line of fire. I fully and entirely support Disney. As far as I am concerned, I am an extension of Disney. Both Universal and SeaWorld stood alongside Disney when the debate started on the whole “Don’t say gay” trope. At the end of the day, DeSantis has made a fool of himself. He is going to try to run for president and ultimately fail. He will go for VP and even if he should win the nomination and get selected, he will fail. DeSantis will be term limited in 2026 and will be gone. Hopefully he will not cause any more harm to the tourism or theme park industry. Being that everything he has done was merely political and the only advancement he will see is to challenge Rick Scott or Marco Rubio in the primaries for Senate, DeSantis may even pull back on certain legislation he saw enacted. At the end of the day, I think DeSantis will leave office, disgraced and humilated at the losses he has suffered by 2026. He has gone on paths that are rather concerning and Florida will need to mend bridges with the tourism industry. DeSantis has taken the tourism industry, as a whole, for granted. If it was not for hotels, theme parks, and clean and pristine beaches, Florida would just be another backwater swamp state with nothing to show for it.

  10. MarMar

    Good. Hopefully it keeps these STD super spreaders out for good. The less cringy LGBTQIA people we have to put up with while enjoying Disney the better.

  11. Bill

    Good job DeSantis
    Put Disney in there place

  12. Nancy

    We just returned from Disney (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studio), which is still the “Happiest Place on Earth.” I will continue to support a company that primary focuses on family fun and kids. I don’t agree with the Governor’s actions and I will not vote for his Presidency campaign. Personally, I believe Floridians are making a big mistake!

  13. JohnB

    I will not visit or spend any money for any Florida business. The right wing commenters are so full of themselves, it is disgusting! This “woke” BS is political scam, nothing more. DeSantis used you! He does not care about FL, and never did! His landslide victory with 10% less people voting in 2022, is a farce!

    I am a stockholder in Disney. Disney should make zero investments in FL.

    I used to visit FL almost every year. Usually visiting friends or doing a cruise. Not any more!

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