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Don't say gay protest

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  1. Gary

    Good I hope they all go!

    1. Donald Task

      Groomer HQ? Wtf.

    2. Sue

      Same here goodbye they need there own county to live bc if you don’t know if you r a boy or girl you need help let them All leave

      1. Jamie Cardoza

        Gross comments. People deserve rights!

      2. Trixie

        Amen! I will wave goodbye to all of them!

        1. Anita

          People and companies are permitted to have opinions: a basic right in America. We are allowed to disagree except in the Kingdom of DUHSANTIS
          Sure, drive out the largest employer in the state, lose a billion in taxes! Because Duhsantis is thin skinned. Going Back north where people aren’t such whining babies and adults can agree to disagree.

    3. Stephanie

      I hope u go to hell!

  2. Flo Reel

    Take the gender neutrals and trans people with you when you leave!

    1. Donald Task

      👍 100%!

      1. There are not thousands of Disney employees in that group. Hundreds maybe.

        1. Eddie

          That’s right, just like child services will if you chemically castrated or double mastectomy your child or an other form of abuse to score social points.

  3. Chris

    Looking at the comments, so may hate filled people

    As a Christian, we are taught everyone, even if we don’t agree with everything they do.

    It doesn’t mean we have to live the same lifestyle they do, but that it isn’t up to us to judge them for how they live, that is between them and whatever they may believe in.

    We should be there to support them and encourage them to live to whatever morals they may have.

    Now, of course there are certain things we all should be able to agree on, such as stealing and murder is wrong and the like, but how does it affect me if someone a friend like someone of the same gender, etc.? The answer is it doesn’t and we need to be more charitable to those who have different viewpoints than us.

    Now if they point blank ask if I think it is right or wrong, I will tell them my opinion, but make it clear that I will still love and support them no matter what.

    Yes, Christ judged various people, but he was also one of the very few that was qualified to do so, we aren’t perfect and as such cannot judge righteously.

    So, please let’s grow up and start acting more like we should and stop judging others.

    1. peterparker22

      Uh…the very word “Christian” means “little Christ”. Jesus himself said “…no person comes to God the Father, except by me.” He also said to prostitutes, tax collectors, etc “…dont sin anymore.”

      People can believe whatever they want, its a free country. But Jesus had a very specific moral standard of right and wrong that he lived and preached. Saying you are a Christian and also saying Christians have to support the morals of anyone they encounter means you dont know your Bible.

      As a sidenote, anyone who does truly understand the Bible knows that based on Jesus’ own statements, he was either outrageously crazy and insane, or he is God and the savior needed by all people everywhere.

    2. Cyndi

      Judge not lest you be judged.
      What’s next, a bill against those 50 and older?

    3. Rick TR

      It sounds like you are the one judging people.

    4. Debi

      Only thing I ask is if you were born a boy you use the boy bathroom if you were a girl born please use the girl bathroom that’s all I ask otherwise let people live their own life

      1. Gj

        I agree! I think I have a right to go to the bathroom without worrying about someone of the opposite sex (by birth) being in the same bathroom while I am in there! I should have rights too or are they the only ones with rights now!

      2. faackanders2

        Provide family and individual bathrooms.

  4. A M George

    As a retired Cast Member, with 4 children who all worked for the Mouse, I would have no problem if Disney said you want to exile our CMs, well then, we’re out of FL. Disney is the best thing to happen in this state. Most people have no idea what Disney does for the local communities and residents..
    And if Walt was intelligent enough to buy all the land secretly and create Reedy Creek to protect it, he should be honored as a grest business man. Ron DeS is just sorry he didn’t think of something like that.
    And if Disney left FL, I’d follow them anywhere

    1. Donald Task

      Reed Creek was in place because they intended to build a city, which never happened. In what world should a Multi-Billion Dollar Entertainment Company have it’s own government???

    2. peterparker22

      Dis isnt leaving FL. A massive amount of their business as a company is specifically based on the WDW location. Replacing what is there would take generations.

      They COULD begin building in a state with pro-Dis laws, and I’m sure that would add to the overall Dis parks portfolio.

      If Dis did try to move out of FL, they would have to sell the parks, and 4 giant well-run entertainment companies would come in and buy those properties, turning them into beautiful high-class (but less expensive to attend) parks that FL residents and visitors would enjoy. That would be a HUGE win for the state of FL.

      1. faackanders2

        Disney should treat WDW as a cash cow till DeSantis is out of office. Expand in CA and other states where Disney is wanted.

    3. Kelly Connerton

      Disney bought the land separately because by the time people were sure it was Disney buying the land, it went from roughly 100 dollars or less an acre to 1000 dollars and acre. Disney had 90% of the land bought before this happened. If you read the actual legislation that sparked this, it doesnt say teachers cant talk about gays, it says they cant discuss ANY sexual content. straight or gay.

    4. Linda

      The laws he passed basically said don’t molest children. If that has them so upset that they would pay a high price for doing that then they need to leave

  5. DeSantis needs to be replaced he has no right to judge anyone he not God. Anyone who thinks like him needs to find God no room in this world for hate.

  6. Dave 62

    I don’t want people’s life choices shoved in my face by disney, I’m not paying for that ! When’s the straight days gonna happen, I want special merchandise and treats!

    1. Rick TR

      Amen! If they can have special days, straight families should have special days where they don’t have to see men kissing and be run over by blue haired land whales in scooters.

      1. Jayne

        You are disgusting. Remember unless you’re killed by your lose gun laws, you will be a blue or bald hair in a scooter. What goes around comes around, bigot! Desantis has destroyed Florida. What a pit for angry hateful people

  7. Dave 62

    I need a lawyer to sue disney for not having straight peoples day, and we’ll protest, raise hail, and break stuff…

  8. Dave 62

    God loves all things and I don’t, live your life the way you want, don’t do it around me because I’ll tell you what I think ! Careful I’ll sue you …it’s the American way

  9. Rick TR

    This would cause me to move to Florida.

    1. CindyD

      My thoughts exactly!

  10. If Disney moves out I want to buy one of the 2 bedroom DVC resort rooms. I could live there happy as long as I can bring my dogs.
    Walt built the Magic Kingdom and on his deathbed asked his brother to build Epcot. EPCOT, the way Walt wanted it not as an amusement park.
    If they built the city then yes have more power, but all they built was amusement parks which puts money in the pockets of the “suits”.
    The cast members get paid crap and they deal with more angry visitors than they deserve.

  11. Steve

    When you get your news from a meme and TikTok, you become ignorant to facts. The law is not “Don’t say gay” it is “don’t have sex ed for kids before 3ed grade” though in my day it was never talked about until the 6th grade and the teachers were required to get parental permission; the way it should be.

    1. faackanders2

      They expanded it to 12th grade (and possibly colleges).

  12. faackanders2

    Disney should treat WDW as a cash cow till DeSantis is out of office. Expand in CA and other states where Disney is wanted.

  13. Dianna

    Take Ron oboy out back and show him a thing or two. He is not God, he is a dumb man who thinks everyone has to follow his way. Even if it’s wrong. Really grow up and use the brain God gave you to do great things not stupid ones. Your laws are out of this century. We are not back in the 1800.Where no one has a right to choose.

  14. Tony

    Florida is oppressive!?!
    Lmao we are one of the most free states their is!

    So sorry you want kids to watch drag shows and have men watch them in the bathroom with what ever made up gender they have in their heads that say

    You people are F’ing insane!!

    Good riddance I say

    1. Tony


  15. Rotonda

    We don’t need Disney can I volunteer to help move them?

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