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Harrison ford in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Credit: Disney


  1. Michael

    I am ok with a cooperate giant taking a dig at capitalism.
    I am certainly ok with capitalism.

    At least this movie isn’t pushing the woke message to accept that there are more than two sexes.
    To except the lie that more genders exist beyond male and female.

    Again , I can except a dig at what made America defender of freedom to the world – Capitalism.

    I am just thankful that my values and God’s word, the fixed truth, not be perverted.



    1. Abe Lincoln


      1. AH

        Might have something to do with autocorrect. I have had it happen to me a number of times.

        1. Ray

          As usual lately Disney wants to & does ruin any films whether it be animated or not. I am done with Disney and any other companies affiliated with them. The company seems hell bent on destroying itself and promoting the degenerate ideas like grooming and trans ideology despite the later needing mental help not affirmation of their derangement

          1. Chris s

            Nope ot going to support any film that’s supports woke mentality, will not let my children see them either. We are in a spiritual war in this world and it’s very important to not support this garbage

          2. Smitty

            People are far too sensitive these days. Don’t see anything wrong with this dialog.

          3. Bd

            Does the facility you are kept in allow you to write uncensored messages outside?
            How Woke!

            Just hearing something you think/dream up/ imagine is offensive doesn’t make it so.

          4. Eugene E. Burden

            There is nothing so convulsing as a self-righteous Twit thinking they’re God’s right-hand representative in the judgement sphere.

          5. Mike Orwell

            Now we are trying to do this in America. Only one way of living or thinking.

        2. Bd

          Maybe it’s his conscience just coming out!

    2. Nunya

      Get bent.

      1. AH

        Filled with hate you are.

    3. Jack

      Go touch grass

      1. AH

        Hate filled.

        1. J

          Wow are people ever fragile! Oh no! Not an opposing viewpoint!

          1. Arlo Alps

            Yep, they got the mad! Haha

        2. Synthia D LaFontaine

          Love what Disney is doing. It’s not easy to be realistic about how the world, and people, are changing. People resist change, it’s primal. Keep up the good work, Disney, people will evolve, there’s no stopping it, no matter how many Trumps and Desantis get elected, change happens. Good job staying ahead of it.

          1. FU

            America isnt the world.

          2. Dave

            Have you ever heard the term “Art imitates life”

            The WORLD is changing and our art simply reflects that change. From. Women, to minorities to people of varying backgrounds and sexuality the world is fundamentally a different place than it was 80 years ago. Our art is going to reflect that.

          3. Mike Orwell


          4. Tom

            From your point of view there will be no future for human bean.
            We have to stop all these sick ideologies to survive.
            Gender and LGBTQ movement is dying as punk rock, hippie style, heavy Metal, disco…etc
            Every generation wants their own 5 min.

          5. Mike Orwell

            People are so afraid they are going to lose their privilege.

      2. Damian

        Lmaoo you touch grass little mama. Go educate yourself

      3. Bridget

        Disney is Trash I won’t watch anything from Disney lest I vomit.

        1. Jp

          This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in ages. Now the crazy right is offended by digs at capitalism? Wow, you guys need to thicken up that skin! It’s just sad. As usual, the folks crying about cancel culture canceling people for the DUMBEST reasons, yet again.

          1. lmao

            Exactly what I was thinking! I half expected it to be something about race or gender but no. A small little dig aboit capitalism. Jesus christ.
            I honestly forget who’s suppose to be snowflakes or “woke” anymore. Everyone complains about something they easily could ignore but choose not to.

          2. Arlo Alps

            My thoughts exactly💯

        2. Bill

          But you will spend your time hanging out on Disney news sites.

          1. Mike

            My thought exactly

    4. Derek

      You do realize that God was made up? Before you decide to become an expert in biology maybe stop believing in fairy tales. There is a whole amazing world out there that didn’t need God to get here.

      1. Jamie

        God created Earth. Kinda hard to not know that. God wasn’t made up. Church needs to be your next place to visit.

        1. Pharmacide


        2. Shane

          Can you show me any proof? And I don’t count your book of bed time stories as proof any more than I count Spider Man’s comic books as proof that he exists.

          1. Akuin

            Honestly, no one can prove god exists or doesn’t exist. I can say, well my proof of god is that the smallest building blocks of the universe had to come from somewhere and you’ll say they just spontaniously existed. Both that and god are equally absurd notions scientifically. Nothing has spontaniously appeared to our knowledge. However I choose to believe in God because it affects no one. Either I die and cease existing, in which case it doesn’t matter I believed, or god does exist in which I have secured a place with my family.

        3. Mikel

          You have not actual proof that that statement is correct. Faith is not proof.

          1. Dave

            Faith is required to believe in any Leftist Dogma. From communism to trans ideology none of it has any basis in facts, some just want it to be true so they twist Science.

          2. Mike Orwell

            Sounds like you don’t understand how science works. lol

        4. Mike

          The Christian God is a myth like all of the others. I am not saying that there isn’t a higher or all powerful being but it’s not any of the myths.

        5. Mike Orwell

          I know this is not true because God does not care about anything happening in this country currently.

        6. Arlo Alps

          So this is about God? I thought y’all were mad about capitalism? I wasn’t going to this but now… I think Disney DESERVES my money now. If it makes MAGA mad it must be a good thing!

    5. J Houston Brown

      Knock it off with referring to that stuff as woke. That is not what the expression means. Right-wing white people stole the expression from black people then Twisted the meaning to me the opposite of what it means. Sexually confused people are not woke. They are asleep. Asleep is the opposite of woke. We’ve been using that expression for 100 years and here you guys come. The expression simply describes a person who sees through schemes and the efforts to pull the wool over your eyes. The expression doesn’t mean anybody who doesn’t like white males. Knock it off and stop twisting our expressions.

      1. Mike

        Thank you!

      2. Arlo Alps

        Come on let’em have the culture war mongering! I see these people trying take rights away, from me, you & everyone else. They steam roll anything that gets in their or did until they lost most of the power. They just don’t know that part yet. The right thinks it makes up half of the US, but they only make up 30% of the population. Now stop telling people their misappropriating a word. LoL that’s silly, the right call us WOKE bc they are asleep!

    6. Devin Serpa

      God? Oh shut up.

    7. Echothecat

      Can’t you guys find real problems to be upset about. You keep getting your panties in a wad over nothing. It must be really horrible to be that f****** angry all the time about everything. Grow up.

      1. Mike Orwell

        This keeps the conservatives from doing something important.

      2. Arlo Alps

        I know, I KEEP em that way haha LoL

    8. Enew

      We don’t know yet. They probably most certainly have LGBTQ people in it.

    9. Cock

      You are excepted

    10. Joe musician

      Eh. It seems Disney wrecks everything it gets its hands on now. First Star Wars and now our iconic Indiana Jones. If I can stream a Disney for free I will but not running to the theater for anything they do anymore.

  2. Jeremy

    As an Indy fan from the very beginning I will definitely be seeing the movie but expectations are minimal I would love to be wowed and surprised but Lucasfilm has only done that with me one time recently and that’s the Mandalorian. I am hoping for a very good Indy send off but will have to see.

  3. Gloria

    Go woke Go broke.
    U want to be entertained not indoctrinated by Disney

    1. Key West

      Go back to sleep.

      1. AH

        Wake up and engage your brain.

    2. Tim

      Such brainwashed, entitle idiocy.

    3. Tim Howe

      You are one brainwashed dummy.

    4. The Sat Truth

      If only people understood how brainwashed they are.

      And I don’t mean Disney. I mean people like you. But that’s okay, you keep following the most corrupt political party in the history of the United States. You’re only destroying the country you claim to love in the process.

  4. Nick

    Yeah cause the nfl and Disney and other bug companies are still giants despite being “woke” lol

    1. Nick


    2. RickTR

      I didn’t know Disney was a bug company.


      Disney is having some serious cash problems and are canceling billion dollar projects they had planned. Layoffs are huge and there Disney channel is bleeding money and losing viewers.

      1. Arlo Alps

        Disney is Florida’s biggest tax payer & employer. They cancelled that billion dollar Florida project bc they might pull out of the state. All this fighting has done nothing to hurt sales for Disney! If anything putting their business on the line for inclusiveness has strengthened customer loyalty! I know you won’t believe me, but going WOKE isn’t hurting anybody’s bottom line. Being woke sure isn’t hurting us in elections either bc we’ve won the last 3 election cycles! Maybe being kind & compassionate is is good thing. Just try being that way for a lil while.

    4. Mike Orwell

      They are big companies because they are woke.

  5. Not Sure

    Yeah totally, and all the people from red states will keep moving to blue states….oh wait.

    1. Tim Howe

      Move to Moscow where you really belong, Commie.

    2. Arlo Alps

      Yeah! All those people who couldn’t afford California moved here to Arizona! Now we got a Democratic Governor & a bunch of the state is turning blue! They already killed Kari Lake’s career! Desantis is next! Trump is choo-chooing his way to prison! Where does it stop? They indoctrinated almost the entire Generation of Gen Z’s to vote blue! The boomers are dying off! What’s gonna happen to the Grand QANON Party? Bwa-bwahaha hehe

  6. Andrew

    Tell me you have never read the bills in Florida and are incredibly partisan without telling me you never read the bills and are incredibly partisan. Damn dude, this screams “I get my news from TikTok and MSNBC.”

  7. Marie

    I don’t think I’ll be going to see this movie. I have long cease to be a Disney fan.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Then why are you here?

  8. Lcc

    It’s clear that people have absolutely no idea what “woke” really means. I’d be willing to bet that the writers never even in their wildest dreams would have considered that line to be political, It was probably just meant to be funny.

    Seems like every little thing look trigger conservatives looking for a fight.

    1. Echothecat

      I agree. It must be horrible to live your life looking to be angry at any little thing. These people must be miserable. I think they need some mental health help.

  9. Lisa

    Marie, Why are you on a Disney site? SMH

  10. Jon Smith

    A person that is “WOKE ” is a person who watched the murder of the innocent man George Floyd . “WOKE ” is the belief that a person should not have to give up their happiness because it makes me uncomfortable… “WOKE ” is the new belief..

    1. RickTR

      Woke is diversity hires. Woke is blaming everything on white males. Woke is promoting deviant life styles in schools and kids’ programs. Woke is inserting. Woke is doing the same stupid things over and over and expecting a different outcome. Woke is Disney, Bud Light, Sports Illustrated, Nike and any other companies that put the propaganda over profit.

      1. Mike Orwell

        The word Woke is conservative cancel culture. That is all. For everyone else, woke is modern America.

    2. Mike Orwell

      Woke is being a human in 2023.

  11. Have you always been this dense or did it happen after you were tossed to the ground as a baby?

  12. Was he innocent though?

  13. Marie

    So, I am no DeSanctamonius fan, but sweetie….you’re either not paying attention or just plain dense as to the facts of what’s going on. Stop whining and acting like a toddler having a tantrum in the middle of the store and look at what’s actually happening instead of spreading lies.

    1. Pat

      The lie is that disney is moving because of florida standing up against them. This eas chapek’s idea. The imagineers in California didn’t want to move here and the economy is tanking so Disney shelved the idea. It had nothing to do with De Santis. There was never going to be 2000 new jobs just as the bill never even included the word gay. The woke media has been pushing their ideas and the lefties swallow it like the are jim jones followers. Walt is rolling in his grave.

    2. Mike Orwell

      Thank you for your important comment. lol
      He only cares about his anti-woke agenda. He doesn’t care about jobs or anything else.

  14. AH

    Just for your info, it would take about a trillion dollars to move wdw to another state. Also expand dusney land will take hundreds of millions if not tens of billions because of land prices around it as well as construction costs.

  15. Kim

    Completely political attack without validity.

    1. Mike Orwell

      This is actually a joke.

  16. Mac


  17. Scarlett

    PLEASE… anti-wokes, haters and “MY version of God should be YOUR laws” people…
    Accept this invitation to stay home from any and all things Disney.

  18. P.C.Knott

    This movie, like so many other recent Disney movies, will fail simply for the lack of creativity.
    This series can pass down star “legacy” by introducing a son/daughter who takes over for dear old dad (Indy). Hell, they can even cast a person of color to take over the lead. Indy has been in places where people of color habituate and I’m sure Indy had urges.
    It will still suck just cuz it’s a sequel and sequels are rarely as good as the original.

  19. Dan

    I’ve always been a massive Indiana Jones fan. Seen the movies millions of times growing up. I will not be seeing this one. Disney is ruining everything!

  20. Glubber

    No other recreational company has the SAME deal as Disney. And considering you are a liberal, you obviously don’t know the history and shenanigans Disney did to get that much land. BTW, there is NO way Disney can get that much land and develop it, without going broke.
    That’s reality. Disney World isn’t going anywhere.

  21. Whatever

    No bigger crybabies than conservative, religious, capitalist crybabies

  22. Thugster

    Look, this is more about these hollywhacks hating this country. If you support people that hate the country, give them your money and go see it, if you have any morals and principles then skip it. That simple

    1. Mike Orwell

      It is not hating the country to include everyone that lives in the country in movies. lol

  23. Mason

    Chris Pratt is the only guy that can be a replacement for Indiana Jones. Not Metro Harry Styles. I love the Indiana Jones franchise so I’m going to see it.

  24. Rox

    I still love the parks but. Pretty funny, Disney taking virtue signaling potshots at capitalism. Do they think they can identify as a nonprofit organization?

  25. Ed Ploog

    Loved Disney all my life, but no more. I ‘m tired of billion dollar corporations trying to force their political, and cultural beliefs down America’s throat! Our country is divided enough. Please stick to entertaining, and making money

    1. Brother Bear

      Ohhh nooo a little joke about capitalism! This will truly divide the country more than crony capitalists and their identitarian conservative puppets have been doing for decades!

    2. Mike Orwell

      Stick with Fox News. No agenda there. lol

  26. Kevin

    It was a joke. When did everyone lose their sense of humor? It is not Woke, it is a joke, and it is ok to joke about anything. If you do enjoy the joke, that is ok, too. Not every joke lands for every member of the audience. Does not mean it is a bad movie or that they went woke. Who cares? It is a movie to have fun, joke, and enjoy no brainer fun. All 5 Indy films are make believe with make believe stories about make believe relics with They are fantasy fun.


    Another movie ruined by the god awful woke culture. Thanks for ruining my loved childhood hero.

  28. Sharon

    I can’t wait to see it!! The world can’t be woke enough, as woke=empathy and caring. Too bad so many want to cling to their narrow minds. Hope Disney keeps going in this direction, Lightyear and Strange World were terrific as Disney and Pixar always are. And if you are going to respond to this with some of your narrow, bigoted views, don’t bother because I dismiss that thinking.

    1. Akuin

      Ehhhhhh if I say something is woke it is usually pandering, which is insulting AF. Too many people these days think pandering is good.

      Everyone is like whoo Ariel is black now, but to me that is pandering. It is, meh make her black and call it ‘diversity’ that’ll be good enough.

      Anyone from my generation, which grew up with Gabriella, should have been loudly decrying this move and demanding Gabriella get her chance to shine and a movie all her own. And believe it or not I saw a lot of people complain about this.

      Instead we get discount diversity where they take a character typically depicted as another race or gender and swap them so they get their diversity points without having to do anything truely creative to win swoon points.

  29. mfmoo8

    I am so sick of the word ” woke”. A phrase for those with no facts or imagination.

    1. Elizabeth

      I agree, fact is modern capitalism is reliant on stolen labor and resources. Labor theft is rampant and immanent domain has been used to steal land from black and brown people at hugely disproportionate rates. So the joke isn’t like someone woke up and said it would be cute to tell a capitalisms joke, those are just the facts.

    2. Mike Orwell

      it is the right’s cancel culture.

  30. CJA

    Sheez – I can’t believe there are so many snowflakes who cannot handle a joke! Capitalism has been made fun of since movies began, and no one understands it better than Hollywood.

    I wish we’d get off this ‘woke’ trope and wake up to the fact there always have been and always will be those different than ourselves.

  31. Elizabeth

    When it comes to the way most capitalist/colonizing countries have obtained art that’s a pretty accurate description of the process. I don’t see the issue.

  32. lmao

    People are complaining about capitalism being talked about? I’m sorry who’s the snowflakes again? Did I miss something because this has got to be as stupid as people getting upset over starbucks saying happy holidays instead of merry christmas.

  33. Aqua

    If Disney and Lucasfilms continue down the woke path they will find that their international or more specifically asian market to fall significantly if they hand’t begun already.

  34. Chris Wood

    People have nothing better to do then complain about anything and nothing. The movie isn’t even out yet. And they are complaining. Harrison Ford is done with Indiana Jones. Let the next generation of Jones take over, be it his son or his God daughter.

  35. David

    Seriously, a one off joke about capitalism is now considered “woke”? My god, people really need to relax. It’s like they’re going to movies LOOKING for a reason to be outraged.

    I thought it was a funny little line

    Everyone needs to calm the *bleep* down and stop overusing a term 99% of you could not define anyway.

    1. JesseM


  36. Justsomedude

    So they’re just slapping the word “woke” on anything they don’t like?

    1. JesseM


  37. La

    Kudos to Disney! Personally I would be thrilled if they are “Woke” – so are 64% of the citizens in the country.

    1. JesseM


  38. Nick

    Not only no, but HELL NO! You can see Disney is destroying another IP, just like it did Star Wars.
    This movie is gonna BOMB HORRIBLY.
    All I can say is GOOD! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.

    Go woke, go broke. Disney is bleeding money all over the place and I’m loving it.
    This is what they get for wading into politics and pushing a perverse agenda on children.

    I hope the company loses 100 billion dollars and more.

  39. Brother Bear

    Homosexuality exists in nature. Love and reproduction are not the same. Schizophrenia is using fairy tales to justify compelx aspects of nature and human societies.

  40. Chris

    I’ll wait for it to go on Disney+. I have a big azz TV with a killer Surround sound system. For the price of one movie ticket I can watch dozens of movies/shows every month and without the rudeness of others disrupting the vibe. As to certain content, well streaming also allows me to just turn it off and move on if I don’t like it with less guilt that I’ve wasted over $40 (2 tickets for wife and I with shared drink and snack included) on something we don’t like. So unless someone else is buying I’m never stepping into a movie theater ever again.

  41. Cosmic Mate

    It will be fun to watch this crap fail at the box office!

  42. JesseM

    Oh, please! That’s what movies do. They are a form of art and artists have forever been adding hints of beliefs and morals since time began. Now that two of Disney’s movies have been discovered doing it (I’m pretty for sure there’s more), NOW there’s a huge backlash. Give me a break. The only reason Disney is getting heat now – as opposed to many who have done this – is because of the political war it’s in right now. I am no fan of Disney for a few reasons but as long as they are dealing with DeSantis, I’ll take the mouse’s side!

  43. Screamin' Eamon

    Lol, remember when the right would laugh and point and complain about people on the left being sensitive snowflakes? It’s the north pole on the right now. Frozen in fear for a perceived “woke”-ness that that truly won’t impact their lives. But if their idolized figure heads say something is bad, must be time to burn it up.

    1. Mike Orwell

      Fear is the way to control.

  44. Ak

    More people hiding behind screen names to spout their nonsense. Woke is just being aware of social injustices and equality for all. No one’s knocking Bible thumper’s for their beliefs or practices.

  45. Christy

    Wow lots of vitriol on this thread. I want to go see it now more than ever, just because some of these people hate it. Renewed my subscription to Disney Plus, too.

  46. Neon Duck

    Imagine being so fragile that this ruins your whole week.

  47. Ion


  48. Shannon Routh

    Of course I will see it!

  49. Dan

    That was a funny joke. Shame it got completely ruined by a everyone here turning it into a political statement. It doesn’t matter which side of this you are on because you are all narcissts. Not one of you can just look at this joke without trying to push some greater agenda. I swear, we wouldn’t have half of the problems we do if people weren’t triggered by everything. Get a sense of humor, for everyone’s sake.

  50. Mike Orwell

    Thank you Disney for updating and making movies and TV relevant to 2023. Finally, making movies for all Americans!

  51. Mike Orwell

    You believe in a powerful alien creating humans and you want people to be better critical thinkers? lol Start over.

  52. Mike Orwell

    Florida’s social agenda and cultural revolution is pretty crazy!

  53. Really? A little dog at capitalism is what has people in a tizzy. You do realize it’s a joke, right? When did people get so darn sensitive?

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