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Entrance to Walt Disney World

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  1. Steph

    They stop the expansion because they can’t afford it. Disney is having major financial issues right now. This is one of the things I had to cut from the budget. They are not going anywhere you leftwing morons.

    1. Joknows

      It wasn’t an expansion. It was a relocation. Now Florida is losing out on all the construction jobs, the increased tax base, the corporate shift toward Florida. Floridians can enjoy their increasing taxes to pay for all of the governor’s lawsuits without any extra money coming from Disney investments.

      1. Polydvcfan

        Florida is a 1.4 trillion economy. They’ll be just fine. More room for Universal to continue taking over. Stop supporting Corporatocracy over Democracy.

      2. Amelia

        Got that right!!!!

    2. Angus

      Well, maybe if they ever get their financial house in order, it will be back on the calendar.

  2. Laurie

    The imagineers were up in arms about moving to Florida. They did not want to leave California and were threatening to leave Disney. So if they want to spin it that they’re not doing it because of DiSantis whatever.

  3. Steve

    Disney’s share price has been hovering around the mid $90’s for quite some time. The Lake Nona project was part of the Chapek era and wouldn’t have brought in a dime of revenue and it would have cost Disney money to execute, money they don’t have right now. This is a business decision based on financials, with a little pile of Eeyore poop thrown in at the end to imply DeSantis had something to do with the decision 🙂

    1. Jarell

      The Disney corporation has plenty of money coming in. Their stock problems have been a combination of the weak stock market and their streaming service not doing well currently. They will recover over time, unlike Florida that is falling into all the sink holes that DeSantis is creating.

      1. Polydvcfan

        Florida is a 1.4 trillion economy. For every inch of ground Disney loses because they want to play politician, universal gains two fold. Disney is creating massive issues for themselves.

        1. Pamela McKenney

          Best news I heard all day!!😀

        2. Jc

          That’s a nice story you’re telling yourself.

      2. Angus

        Yeah, that surplus they have is a real downer

  4. The Truth

    hahahaha They aren’t “leaving Florida” they couldn’t afford that. The law suit flrodia could bring for tax dollar breaks let alone attorney fees could go into the hundreds of billions. Their stock would crater. Here’s the deal, Disney has officially “come out of the closet” and said we are an ultra liberal anti christian anti family radical left company. The stock will continue to crater, they won’t care, China will continue to bail them out until it sells itself off to the highest bidder. The dream of Walt is dead, died when Iger took over. He has always planned to kill the company, along with Disney’s last heir, the crazy hate-filled gay girl.

  5. Jlkeller

    I KNEW this would be reported here with a leftist twist. Lol. Disney isn’t “leaving Florida”, they’re continuing to invest in Florida! Perhaps reporting the whole truth would be helpful. Geez.

  6. Carol

    To even discuss Disney leaving Florida is pure lunacy. Frankly, as a Floridian, I would be more than happy to let the door hit them in the a$$ on their way out but it would cost untold billions to tear everything down and relocate … and to where? Disney Corp is like a little brat not getting its own way. Making threats to hold their breath until they turn blue until they get their way. Sorry, Charlie. Homey don’t play that. I’m not happy with how DeSantis is working this however, it is bringing out Disney Corp’s true colors and they aren’t pretty. I stopped going and have no intention of returning, even though I am a huge Star Wars fan (before they ruined that, too). I give my money to Universal and can’t wait for the Epic park. Minions VillianCon opens this summer and I am so psyched about that! The Mouse House can go pound sand.

    1. Jarell

      No one thinks that Disney is “leaving” Florida, but they won’t be investing any more money there until DeSantis’s childish tirades are history. You do do a good job of parroting the governor’s chirping points though.

      1. Polydvcfan

        Jarell, you say this while they build a new hotel, and new rides. Make it make sense.

        1. Brad

          And the fact That’s a chairperson of Walt Disney World parks and Resorts said just days ago they were investing $17 billion in the next 10 years in Florida with 13,000 new jobs.

          1. Phil

            Don’t throw the true facts out there the left can’t handle it

  7. Gary

    Disney has been making alot of errors and they are self inflected with the help of some groups with their agenda. Disney needs to go back to its roots ” Walt’s & Roy’s roots” along with the imagineers who helped to make Disney. Right now Disney has lost its way and needs the right people in leadership to keep Walt’s dream alive. And this is from a Cousin to the Disney Family on 4 different lines. So do the right and only thing soon!

    1. Gary

      Oh I want to add, Disney on Company matters should not listen to people as high as the President of the U.S.A. (whoever was in at the time ) to the lowest of the low like the Woke folks. They should only think what would Walt & Roy do then listen to their GUT! Thats what I would do!

  8. Stephanie

    They are going back to California with the project. Good luck. People are leaving California in droves. Disney isn’t going anywhere. They just have to compete in a market that is fair for everyone. Boo hoo.

  9. Rob

    Disney needs to apologize to Desantis and publicly agree to keep sexual predators out of the schools. They should also agree to keep them out of Disney. Anyone discussing sex with a child that is not theirs is a sexual predator. And should be arrested. Disney, start putting families and children first.

    1. Gator Girl

      Stop watching only fox news. I was alive and well in the 70’s and 80’s when sex ed was the big topic. “Oh we can’t talk about sex in schools!” And yet we did, and for the most part we are all grown and OK. Don’t think for one moment that the kids today are not already talking/texting/sexting about themselves and among themselves in school.

      And if you are so worried about sexual predators, will you also stop watching all major sports events in the USA? Will you help stop human trafficking along our southern borders? Will you stop the exportation of innocent lives to areas all around the world in our modern day slavery? Disney is being used as a talking point.

  10. Jarvis

    Florida is their cash cow. Taxes are low because it is a red state and we have an excellent governor. I dare Disney to leave!!

    1. Jarell

      Taxes aren’t low in Florida. They are spiraling out of control. Add to that that residents can’t get reliable homeowners’ insurance, that taxpayers are footing enormous legal costs as DeSantis stumbles into lawsuit after lawsuit, and that the state is being overdeveloped because it benefits DeSantis’s campaign war-chest.

      1. Darryl

        Jarell – we get it that you don’t like DeSantis, but your pull up your shorts, your ignorance is showing. Regurgitating the the fabricated fantasy’s of the anti-DeSantis crowd does not make them factual. Maybe you would have preferred Andrew Gillum? Google the name, never mind, it’s obvious you never do your own research.

      2. CRT

        You clearly don’t know anything about Florida. We have lived here for over a decade. This is a great state in which to live and do business. Do your research next time before you post.

  11. The Right Wing Mega Nut Jobs, DeButthead lost your state tax and employment Dollars. 2000 jobs lost. As far as Disney not having money. take a look at their Market Cap. Florida Home of DeButthead and nut jobs.

    1. AH

      boy are you nuts. Florida has so many people moving into the state that builders cannot keep up with them. they will not miss the 2,000. And no they do not have the money. they went from having billions in cash to billions in debt.

    2. Brad

      Nothing has been lost. The residents in the area didn’t want it. The Californians that were supposed to transfer didn’t want to and the project was put on hold long before DeSantis ever signed the law. Did you notice that Disney is laying off 7000 people, that they were cutting other projects outside of Florida, that they were merging divisions, that their stock price is down to half of what it was 2 years ago?

  12. AH

    glad for once they used the “parental rights…” tag instead of the thing it is not. However, Disney is not going anywhere. It would take about one trillion to replicate WDW in another state.

    1. PT

      I agree with you, and another 50 years of construction (not to mention that Walt Disney chose Florida for a reason. No other state has the amenities Florida has to offer to a tourism business like Disney.) Everyone is excited about the DisneyForward plan in California. This is a 30-year plan. Based on Disney’s record, most of this plan will likely never come to fruition.

  13. Gooze

    Probably more like Disney knew the optics would look bad, spending a billion on a new facility, while at the same time laying off thousands of workers in the name of cost savings.

  14. Steve

    For those who get your new from TikTok and memes, thisbis the last paragraph of this over sensationalized “story:”: “At the end of his email, D’Amaro said that he remains optimistic about the direction of the Walt Disney World business. “We have plans to invest $17 billion and create 13,000 jobs over the next ten years. I hope we’re able to do so.”

  15. Brad

    The Lake Nona project was put on hold back in June of 2022, just months after it was first announced. It was yet another failure of fired former CEO Bob Chapek. Disney stock is nearly half of what it was in 2021. It was time for some major cost-cutting. And the Lake Nona residents are actually thrilled about the fact that the now-cancelled project won’t add more traffic to an already-congested area.

  16. Kevin

    Deciding not to build a campus exclusively geared to employees is just virtue signaling nonsense. They are still going to invest $17 BILLION to WDW and create a ton of new jobs in areas that will cater to paying costumers. They would make no profit from an employee campus and now they can dedicate that land to projects that will generate revenue instead. Don’t be fooled that Disney’s decision is altruistic in any way shape or form

  17. Bert

    Maybe Disney is running away from Florida to avoid paying taxes and debts to the Statd and various businesses.

  18. TjValion

    Reading and comprehension isn’t a strong point for liberals. The article CLEARLY STATES that Disney still plans to invest “MILLIONS OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS” into WDW. That doesn’t sound much like they are packing up and leaving Florida all together. Melting little delusional snowflakes. SMH

  19. TjValion

    Reading and comprehension isn’t a strong point for liberals. The article CLEARLY STATES that Disney still plans to invest “MILLIONS OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS” into WDW. That doesn’t sound much like they are packing up and leaving Florida all together. Melting little delusional snowflakes. SMH

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