Disney Annual Passholders, DVC Members Slammed for Nasty Behavior, Calling Guests ‘Peasants’, Universal ‘Ghetto’

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Disney Annual Passholders, DVC Members Slammed for Nasty Behavior, Calling Guests 'Peasants', Universal 'Ghetto'

I guess it’s true what you hear about Disney Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members; they’re nasty folks who feel the need to constantly remind the rest of us just how “poor” and “ghetto” we are for enjoying another theme Park or not having access to the particular DVC lounge. A few new TikToks were released demonstrating this horrible behavior, leading to Twitter blowing up and calling out these people for their disrespectful and hateful attitude.

Disney annual passholders
Credit: Disney

Disney Annual Passholders and DVC Members Called Out on Twitter

A few TikTok videos are being called out on social media for calling Disney Guests who aren’t DVC Members “peasants,” and another video calling folks who enjoy Universal Orlando Resort “ghetto.”

The videos in question had been circulating TikTok for a while before one brave soul decided enough was enough and called them out on Twitter.


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♬ The Ghetto – Reality Tv City

The first video above shows how a Disney Passholder is holding nothing back by including a song in their video hinting at calling Universal Orlando Resort Guests “ghetto.”

Disney annual passholders
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

As a fellow UOAP, I have come to love and enjoy Disney, besides Universal being my number one place to vacation when wanting that theme Park vibes.


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♬ original sound – 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐯𝐬 – shoko

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The next video is from @designerdisneybro on TikTok, who never fails to let his fanbase know that he’s better than them by explicitly reminding them just how rich and glamorous he is since he’s a DVC (Disney Vacation Club Member).

In the video above, he shows his entry to a DVC lounge that overlooks one of the WDW Parks, with a sound clip calling out poor people, leading to the assumption and logical conclusion that anyone else who is not him or a DVC member is poor.

Both videos are horrible as both seem to point towards Universal Guests and non-DVC members as poor and ghetto, which is upsetting for those who either enjoy Universal Orlando Resort or are not DVC members.

The tweet that called out these videos came from @GratThemeParks on Twitter. To directly quote his tweet, he showed the two videos above and wrote the following:

Can we please stop with this elitist bullsh*t?

He went on to mention the following as well in a subtweet:

Like, you’re not even being creative. These have both been done to death.

The idea of a Disney Passholder and DVC member calling out everyone else for being poor or ghetto is distasteful and should be addressed on social media.

What do you think about these people calling Universal Ghetto and regular Disney Guests poor? 

Sound off in the comments below! We’d love to hear your opinion.

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