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Bob Iger with Woody from 'Toy Story' and lightning

Foreground Image Credit: Thomas Hawk, Flickr


  1. Misty

    Do something New. Everything is #2 or # 3 the imagineeers have no imagination

  2. Callum Precious

    I hope future articles should mention the “Coronavirus” word because its better than the other name?

  3. Daryl-Rhys

    You don’t remember the 70s do you.

  4. Edward

    Disney is trying so hard to kill EVERY GOLDEN GOOSE that made them $$$, that’s why you see #2, #3, #4’s. Wait until the try and reinvent their #1 and #2 stars(aka…Mickey and Minnie) is some sordid weird movie!!!!

  5. Tim Lewis

    In my opinion they should not have any woke or LGPT in the films at all.
    Go to the basic story telling that made them great.

  6. Honestly, he’s a go woke go broke

  7. Just Cid

    Bring back John Lassiter.

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