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Bob Iger at the construction site for the new Frozen land

Credit: Disney


  1. Jon

    Two years.

    1. Kirby

      Iger has done a fantastic job running Disney ! Better than anyone since Walt!

      1. Steve

        Into the ground? Then, yes, he’s the best ever.

        1. ARTHUR J HYATT


          1. GM

            OK Boomer, did you see Disney’s last earnings report?

        2. Dom

          That is your opinion. Anyways, hush unless you actually have something value to share or contribute. Pathetic

          1. EMM

            😂you seriously just hushed somebody?😂 Now that’s pathetic.

      2. Steve

        You are no Disney fan. Crooked Bob is the worst thing to ever happen to Disney. Walt would’ve given his name to the HUAC and had him blacklisted from the entertainment industry. When I seize Disney in a hostile takeover, I will be erasing the entire Iger era to make Disney great again. That means no more Marvel, no more Star Wars, no more Pixar, no more reliance on IPs, no more political correctness, no more nothing. Disney is going to be broken up and lose all those IPs anyway. Disney under my rule will make all decisions by asking “What would Walt do?” like they did after he died even if that means WDW stays stuck in the 1970s and 80s.

        1. Bob

          …….and go broke.

          1. Steve

            Nope. I will be the hero who saved Disney and made it great again. I will be a combination of Card Walker, Ron Miller, and Michael Eisner before the loss of Frank Wells.

            1. J Tempesta

              You are the one who is not a fan. More like a paid troll. Iger is doing a tremendous job trying to clean up the mess Chapek left. If you don’t like how it is being run by Iger pass it by there’s always SeaWorld & Universal which are nothing as great as WDW. People like you are just looking for your 15 minutes of so called infamy. Really sick & pathetic. One other thing what sanitarium did you escape from. You sound like a complete in my honest opinion moron of the worst kind. Time to let your handlers at the sanitarium know where you are. They have a nice white jacket for you and I’m sure it will fit you to a tee. Plus the rubber room is still waiting for you also.

            2. J Tempesta

              It appears you have delusions of grandeur. You must be one of the dense red cone hat cult members. I really am afraid there’s really no cure for your total insanity.

              1. Steve

                You don’t speak to military members like that. I outrank you civvie and you take orders from me by law. I will be taking over Disney and making it great again by erasing all traces of Crooked Bob.

        2. Jimmy

          I agree!
          Recycles CEO’s are always a bad idea.
          Iger is a narcissist

        3. Tammy

          Make Disney great again…hmmm where have I heard something similar….lol

        4. Margaret Perry

          Oh please stop with “What would Walt do”. He may have had the ideas but Roy Disney kept the parks afloat financially and BTW Walt loved the money he made!

          1. Walt

            And besides the one on your head – what IS your point. Yes Roy was the financial guy but Walt did alot of politicking for finances as well. So if Walt had not been the idea guy – Roy would have been a drone in an accounting firm somewhere. Every Disney even the current grandchildren pukes owe their notoriety and wealth to Walt.

        5. Switch

          When you seize Disney?


          1. Steve

            Oh I will be seizing Disney like Saul Steinberg almost did. It’s called a hostile takeover sweetheart. When I get that 51% of the stock, it’s over. I won’t be CEO of Disney, but the Owner. I’m going to own Disney like a sports team and Disney will no longer be a publicly owned business.

        6. Dom

          Well that’s not going to happen and it’s a good thing you won’t be taking over disney. Go away, take a seat, and learn some common sense

          1. Steve

            Oh yes it is going to happen. I already own millions of Disney shares and when I get that 51% of the stock, it’s over. And you don’t speak to military members like that, civvie. I outrank you. You take orders from me. Now go away, stay out of my parks and answer “aye aye, sir.” Disney will be mine and I will make it great again.

        7. J Tempesta

          You are the one who is not a fan. More like a paid troll. Iger is doing a tremendous job trying to clean up the mess Chapek left. If you don’t like how it is being run by Iger pass it by there’s always SeaWorld & Universal which are nothing as great as WDW. People like you are just looking for your 15 minutes of so called infamy. Really sick & pathetic.

          1. Steve

            Crooked Bob is the worst thing to happen to Disney. You have no right to say who’s a fan of Disney and who isn’t. Were you going during Walt’s lifetime? Are you a descendant of those guests? Are you educated in the way Disney was ran before the loss of Frank Wells? Are you a Disney history scholar? Papers please. If you’re not any of those then you aren’t welcome at Disney theme parks. I will be taking over Disney and erasing his entire reign. I’m also currently writing a sequel to the book DisneyWar filled will libel about not just him, but his wife and his children too. Walt would’ve given his name to the HUAC and had him blacklisted.

      3. Allyria

        Exactly! People just have their blinders on bc they’ve been indoctrinated to hate all things Disney. Disney thrived under Igor & didn’t under Chapek. Now that Igor is back, he’s undoing a lot of the damage & making things better again.

      4. Dennis Cox jr

        Michael eisner was the best CEO Disney had since Walt. All over did to make Disney look good was buy competition that was kicking Disney’s butt then he was running those into the ground.

      5. Dick

        Iger has NOT done a good job! The worst thing he did was to close Pleasure Island and all the clubs therein. Our very favorites were the Adventurer’s Club and the Comedy Warehouse. While he was better than Chapek (Chapek was the absolute worst!), he was far worse that Michael Eisner. Eisner created Pleasure Island, and then Iger destroyed it.

      6. John

        No way – Disney should go back to entertaining not worrying about woke politics. They are a business and need to make profits and increase stock value!!! Nothing else

        1. Switch

          Honestly, watching Disney throttle a governor with a personal vendetta has been very entertaining.

          1. J Tempesta

            I agree. DeSantis needs to be taken down off his soap box and Shut up. Disney is the one to do it. DeSantis is running for President with the motto make America like Florida. Heaven forbid that ever happened America would be another combination of Russia & 1930’s Germany under the Nazis. Iger is doing a good job. What he has to clean up is like what the DEMS have to clean up after a Republican Administration and the last one was a horror show.

        2. Chari

          That’s why they care more about the money that the people YOU don’t like spend.

          And, those people have every right to visit a Disney Park.

          Disney includes, now, all little pirates and princesses; why shouldn’t they?

        3. J Tempesta

          Another red dense cone hat cult member who doesn’t know what Woke actually means. These dumb excuses of humanity are so gullible they believe whatever insanity they are told. WOKE MEANS AWAKE AND AWARE OF ALL SURROUNDINGS AND THE JUSTICES AND INJUSTICES BEING ENACTED AND INCURRED. I would rather be WOKE then brain dead like a red dense cone hat cult member who if having any brain it is the size of a gnat with a memory span to match it. BTW WHAT DISNEY DID THAT DESANTIS HATES is exercise their 1st Amendment right to peacefully disagree with DeSantis. They did nothing wrong. BTW there are 1999 more special areas the same as the Reedy Creek Improvement Area in the state of Florida The Villages is one and so is Daytona Speedway. Most of the special self governing areas are in Hillsborough County in Tampa or surrounding Tampa.

        4. Jean

          They should return to the way Walt Disney ran it. Stop being “woke”! Nothing Walt Disney made was ever repugnant to anyone ( until people were told to see everything that way. Disney World would not be having the problems they are currently having if they had stayed with pure entertainment for children and the entire family. Years ago I went to Disney World and it was fun and everyone around was enjoying it, but we went back a few years ago after these two people have bounced it back and fourth and it had some of the same rides , but it was terrible. The other guests were just as miserable as my family people were complaining and actually fussing. This is not what Walt Disney envisioned for his park. They are too busy trying to make new ways of increasing their profit and they have forgotten how to make it pleasant and fun!

    2. Anonymous

      That doesn’t mean anything. You forget? Chapek was assigned as CEO and had his contract extended for 3 additional years, but he was forced to step down. The same thing can to Iger (though in his situation, will happen to him). And you know it.

    3. Candy

      Disney needs to get rid of being WOKE and purge all the pedophilia!!!!!!!
      Knowing what I know I can’t even go to a Disney Park anymore and I’m Native Floridian and live near by. 😭

      1. Margaret Perry

        You have definitely drank the coo-aid. Disney is inclusive, believes in diversity and it’s a theme park for all. Their movies always champion the good and the kind. That being said the term “Woke” has become the most overused, misused and a rally call for hate. In all my 71 years I can’t believe how far back as a nation we have slipped. The men and women we will be honoring this weekend fought and died for our individual freedoms and every day they are being stripped away.

        1. Chari


        2. Bonnie


      2. Bonnie

        Disney in itself has NO pedophilia. They have had a couple former cast members arrested for being accused pedophiles. However, that had nothing to do with Disney. Those were people in the community like every other cast member. Disney had no way of knowing those people had that issue and they were fired when it was discovered.

    4. He’s doing a great job. The communist governor of Florida needs to be locked up. He hates America.

  2. NT

    If he does then whoever takes his place will probably be willing to bow down to DeSantis.

    1. Anonymous

      Wow I hope not desantis is the reason for a lot of problems . I hope he loses all the law suits , and they people who suit him win .

      1. DD

        Disney fired the first shot by wading into politics.

        1. Ella

          Agreed! What is Disney doing in politics? Corporations should remain neutral.

          1. Al

            Do you think this is a first time a corporation waded into politics? How do you think the corporations get all those cushy tax breaks.

            1. Allyria

              Exactly! Corporations wade into politics all the dang time lol.

            2. Pete

              What cushy tax breaks? Or are you just saying?

          2. Wade

            I agree. These companies will never learn to stay out of politics. Go Woke go Broke.

            1. ARTHUR J HYATT

              Yeah they never learn,Disney,Bud lite and Target all lost billions with woke bs

          3. laughing

            protecting our first amendment rights is not being political you hack . look read a book get educated then post it works way better that way .

        2. JPC

          Disney should have stayed out of politics. Iger makes Eisner look really good.

          1. Gary

            While pandering to the minimal number of people represented in the world, Disney is releasing movies and shows the vast majority of people in the world have no interest in watching. Doesn’t make for a good business model. Yes, they are a business, that decided to enter a controversial subject which includes children. They apparently misread the Florida governor thinking he would knee to the mighty mouse.

            1. Allyria

              That’s not true whatsoever lol.Quite the opposite actually & the numbers show it.

            2. Gayle

              The mighty mouse will be around long after DeSantis self destructs!

        3. Andrew

          all companies are into politics, it’s called lobbying.

          1. Sni

            And that’s why they are in trouble. Budweiser still sinking Target tanking and just wait for the rest. You don’t cater to 0.3% of people and be damned to the majority!

            1. ncle

              What rubbish. Bigots are called out. The bigots like desantos will lose. Most people are against them.

              1. Dennis Cox jr

                Do you even know what a bigot is? You need to read what the bill that started this is all about. It prevents public educators from talking to children from k through grade 3 about sexual gender and sexual identity.

                Why are children that age being spoken to about that stuff from people other than their parents?

                Go desantis!!!!

            2. Allyria

              Except they cater to the majority lol. You might think that other side is the majority but it’s not lol

              1. Steve

                No they aren’t the majority and never will be. They are the minority and dropping.

        4. Sean

          WHAT? Disney made the first shot? Disney got involved in politics? What about Desantis bad policy to start with? So, just by commenting on a bad policy is getting into politics? I guess i missed that class in school. Companies comment and set pilicy every day, that is free to do so within the law. So, a governor can do whatever they want without ANY comment from business because it wiuld be perceived as political? If a corooration is your states largest employer, and spend billions of dollars, it has a right to voice an opinion. The one who made it political was a thin skinned governor who cant handle ANY kind of criticism.

          1. Linda Sue Terry

            He was trying to protect and stand up for his employees. Sometimes you have to take some steps back to get to the front.

            1. Ryu

              That Bill had nothing to do with his employees

          2. Penelope

            There’s a difference between commenting on proposed bills, it’s another to say they’re going to do everything in their power to undermine the state. Especially when the bill was in regards to parental rights so in other words they were saying he’ll do everything to undermine parental rights. That’s a huge part of their problem right now and they refuse to acknowledge it. And DeSantis is not a thin skinned governor. He doesn’t take crap and he stands up for parents who know what’s best for their kids. I’d rather have someone willing to fight for that and be blasted by the liberals than the complete chaos that is ruining so much of what America is because of liberal policies that pander to a small fraction of our country.

            1. Deb Travis

              I liked everything you had to say until you said “the liberals”, like they are an invisible force to be reckoned with> Oh my! How is this nation going to survive when we have “the Liberals” against everyone else who is “right”? No wonder they can’t get a budget done up there in Washington!

          3. Tw

            They do not pay. Universal,SeaWorld pay. Disney was given a different set of rules and its time to reassess those rules.

            1. Mipooh

              Disney paid over 1.146 BILLION DOLLARS in taxes to FL. Universal paid 135 MILLION DOLLARS to FL. Sea World paid 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS to FL. This is for last year. Disney is paying their fair share. If DeSantis gets his way with Disney you will find Floridians will see their taxes go even higher because of DeSants’s antics.

          4. Valerie

            Right on!

          5. RickTR

            You missed more than a class. Disney THREATENED to overturn the law by any means possible. That’s more than an opinion.

          6. Gayle

            Well said! Couldn’t agree more!!!

          7. Gayle

            The mighty mouse will be around long after DeSantis self destructs!

        5. Linda Sue Terry

          He was trying to protect and stand up for his employees. Sometimes you have to take some steps back to get to the front.

          1. Snicker

            By misinterpreting the bill?!

        6. Jen

          Exactly. They are an entertainment business and should keep their nose out of politics.

        7. Jack

          You’re against supporting gay people?

          1. RickTR


          2. Ef

            Iger and all his woke compatriots have ruined Disney marvel Pixar and everything else they have touched just annheiser Busch and target .03 percent of the population shouldn’t be 100% of your advertising movie themes etc.

        8. Mike

          Agree 100%

        9. GB

          I would agree that corporations should stay out of politics. However this was a case of a CEO that actually listened to his ppl and not his or the boards’ wallet.
          Wouldn’t you all want a CEO that looks out for their employees over politicians? They’re a rare commodity but it would be something.

          1. Allyria

            They only care if the CEO stands up for their enployees when it’s something that crowd wants to believe in. The “freedom of speech” & “small government” crowd only want free speech when it’s their side & small gov’t when it’s not their side. Otherwise they’re ok with cancel culture & gov’t overreach

        10. Dennis

          So true! Just run your damn business and provide the service! Stop taking stands on political issues that alienate half your customers no matter which stand you take!

        11. Switch

          Disney stood for their employees, guests and others in the state that are being targeted by these insane, invasive, intrusive laws.

          Corporations have rights – Hobby Lobby made that clear. Y’all made that bed, so lie in it.

        12. Chari

          By exercising their right to free expression?
          That kind of politics?

          You forgot the time Dee Snider and John Denver entered politics long enough to keep free expression.

        13. Bonnie

          All Disney did was to withdraw their financial support of the Republican party/
          DeSantis, which is their right to do. DeSantis got pissed that Disney wouldn’t give him their money so he decided to “get even”. Child like! Why in the world would DeSantis even think Disney would support something that so blatantly attacked Disney cast members. How ridiculous on DeSantis’s part.

      2. Keith

        Go Woke, Go Broke!

        1. Andrew B

          Florida will be paying Disney billions of dollars when the lawsuit settles.

          1. Steve

            Doubt it. What legal standing does Disney think they have in any of this anyways? They are playing most of this for a win in court of public opinion, the Florida legislature pretty much has them beat otherwise.

            1. Mipooh

              Sorry but they don’t . DeSantis has made this personal & he will lose & FL will be paying DeSantis court fees to the tune of over 16 MILLION DOLLARS.

        2. Haters are gonna hate.

        3. Ion Gambezi

          Then Fox News must be the wokest. Have you seen how broke they’re going after the Dominion lawsuit?

        4. Dee

          I would really like to see the tik tok of this parrot typing. Must be hilarious! Anyone got the link?

      3. Kirby

        Desantis is a cretin and those supporting him are morons. Desantis & company are killing Florida businesses and the future of Florida for nothing but personal greed wrapped in bigotry.

        1. Tw

          Hahhaha.. nevermind we have a surplus. Let’s not look at facts

          1. Chari

            Then why do you guys ask FEMA to bail you out every single year?

      4. Kirby

        Desantis was/is/will-always-be a thin skinned self serving bigot who isn’t fit to govern. Desantis has ruined, no devastated Florida.

        1. Steve

          Somehow I doubt that given the population influx from other states in recent years.

      5. Gilda

        We better hope DeSantis does get elected President!

        1. Kat B.

          Good thing the US has this thing called the electoral college, if he even makes it through the primaries.

          It would be absolutely HILARIOUS if EVERY DeSantis fan in America moved to Florida and he only wins one state! 🤣

      6. valerie

        Agree. It didn’t take long for DeSantis to show his scary side. He will destroy many people in his sad life.

      7. Dennis Cox jr

        Disney was against a bill that prevents CHILDREN from being talked to about sexual gender and sexual identity. That is disgusting. Why are children from k through 3 being talked to about that from educators? Good for desantis punishing a company who’s leaders obviously support grooming children.

        1. ARTHUR J HYATT

          Ikr? Seems there’s alot of groomers on here

    2. Kitty

      Hopefully DeS will be gone by then. A flash in the pan.

    3. valerie

      DeSantis is not really a leader. He’s a ruler. Oh, and a control freak. He scares the snot out of me.

      1. Dennis Cox jr

        Leaders are rulers and control freaks. That’s what makes them leaders. Desantis is doing great things to protect children and Floridians in general. We will be lucky to get the chance to have him run this country for 4+ years

        1. ARTHUR J HYATT

          Yes he is ,also added 300,000 to the workforce,had a 22 billion surplus ,fired a day for not doing hid job,and is fighting Biden on illegals ,he’s a great leader



  3. Mary

    I totally agree with anonymous. We need Iger NOW!
    DeSantis will hurt Disney any way he can.

    1. Denny

      Disney is destroying Disney. Walt would never agree with the direction and focus of the corporation today. Children are no longer the focus. Greed is.

      1. ML

        Folks….let’s be clear here….the only way to settle this is everyone votes with their $ and votes.

        Say whatever the heck you want….but at the moment, the people of Florida, generally speaking, are voting with….get the heck out of decisions that belong in the hands of parents.

        The employees of Disney aren’t being attacked…they folks from Disney animation didn’t even WANT to come to Florida…so fine, stay where you are, and deal with the California problems.

        If I get goes or stays it doesn’t matter. What matters is if the INVESTORS in Disney want their company to remain viable…they need to “release the genie” and those who think there isn’t representation of our diversity to go where they feel they can do more to make themselves feel better.

        If people REALLY think Disney hasn’t demonstrated diversity enough to recognize if HOW they are demonstrating IS NOT resonating with their customers then this cycle of loss of value will continue.

        Respond to the market Disney….the market is telling you that what you’re doing is not the way forward for you.

        1. valerie

          I’m a parent and think your responses presumptuous.

          Please don’t think you can speak for all parents. BTW, SCOTUS and “Clarence” who accepts expensive stuff from rich people have said, via Citizens United, that corporations are considered “people” – and the DeSantis lobbyists will do whatever he wants.

          1. Deb

            !!!!!! I am with you Valerie!

      2. Dennis Cox jr

        Oh no children are still their focus, but not entertaining them like it was once upon a time. Now it’s all about grooming the children.

    2. Steve

      I agree with Denny. Disney is destroying Disney. If you ignore the DeSantis spat and it’s impacts altogether, Disney is still a financially faltering business that’s throwing good money after bad and no longer represents Walt’s vision.

      1. oliver

        Disney had it’s most profitable year of all time last year. What are you even talking about “financially faltering” do you know a literal single thing about corporate finances?

        1. Dennis Cox jr

          Genie plus is hemorrhaging cash. Their movies are flops. The cruise line is bleeding cash. The only thing propping the company up is the theme park business but the 50th and 100th celebrations won’t last forever and when they are done the profits are likely to start shrinking.


      Then Disney shouldn’t have tried to fight him on protecting our underage children

  4. Marcus

    He’s not stepping down. To suggest it is rediculous..

  5. Dhammer

    There’s no saving Disney

  6. Tabitha

    The ONLY reason Disney got pulled into political nonsense was because they were forced into addressing DESANTIS and his hatred against a group that forms part of the Disney cast member family and like anyone else who dares to oppose DeSantis, Disney got attacked PLUS the MAIN purpose is to show a nation that he is bold enough to go against the Mouse and he thinks that will build him politically. I am not on any political side, but this should not be a part of a political plan for popularity and that’s ALL this really is. As for Iger, give the guy a break. He still is trying to clean up 2 years of Chapeks’s screw ups.

    1. Andy

      BRAVO!! I agree with you 100%

    2. Dennis Cox jr

      You are Soo far off it’s not even funny. First off the bill Disney spoke against prohibits children from k to 3rd grade from being spoken to about sexual gender or sexual identity. Why is that bill being fought by anyone? If I found out you spoke to my son about that stuff when he was in elementary school I would likely put you into the hospital. There is no reason children are being spoken to about that.

      Now as to your claim I get is fixing chapels mistakes, those mistakes are iger mistakes. Not chapek. Disney’s profits are through the roof because of chapeks decisions. Chapek was fixing the company which would destroy igers legacy which is a huge reason he wanted to come back. Chapek was starting to really turn things around.

  7. Mark Somen

    Instead of critisizing Mr. Igor, why don’t you back him up against that fascist DeSantis or are you afraid of him too.

    He’s a thief and a coward. Put hi. In his place and kick his ass out of Florida before he runs the Walt Disney Corporation into the ground !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amity

    Disney is not the only target for DeSantis. Does everyone forget that he denied the Tampa Bay Rays money for a new training facility only because they spoke out about gun violence? No one in Florida is allowed to speak out for anything!!! I can’t understand why people are complaining about what Disney does or says. If you don’t like them then just don’t watch their shows and stay away from the parks and websites!!!

    1. Trazy

      100% agree!

    2. Raven

      Oh he’s done worse recently.
      He has denied mental health care to Pulse survivors and their families.
      Tell me how that’s the sign of a good leader.

    3. Steve

      Tax money should not be used to pay for sports arenas to host teams owned by billionaires.

  9. Jon

    Disney should only be Disney. Sell off the other companies like ESPN etc and focus on your own products.

  10. Well before DeSantis became governor, I saw Disney losing its magic.

    I went in September 2021 and was shocked at how things changed over the pandemic.

    Going in October and not looking forward to having to plan every second of the trip.

    1. Glenn

      Kate, the entire world changed after Covid. Yes amusement parks, athletic events, concerts, and every group event changed. I love going to Disney Parks and will change with the times. Today is not like the 60s, 70s, or and year leading up to now. Change with the times. Enjoy it as it is and stop trying to make it as it was.

  11. Susan Northcutt

    Alot of their problems are their own. Violence in the park. Finding that of some of their employees had been human trafficking acouple of years ago. Tickets being sky high. It’s not Walt Disney’s Disney anymore.

  12. Tom Mariner

    Bring back “Zip a dee do dah” as we walk into the Magic Kingdom — my kids and grandkids deserve that happiest song ever.

  13. Chad

    A lot of you care about the constitution when it allows you to hoard weapons, but think the first amendment doesn’t apply to Disney. And please save it with the parents rights BS bc you’re jumping for joy when they took parents rights away for gender affirming care and lose your minds if parents take their kids to see entertainment you disapprove of. You only want parents rights to oppress marginalized minority groups and expand your Christian agenda. Hypocrites.

  14. Abel

    The thing I think about all of this, is disney is having to do a deep reset of everything. Sadly lay offs and cutting certain things is part of that reset. You can’t really fix something if too much mess is on top, I do think he could do a better job but I can’t say I’m expert enough to say what that job is.

  15. Florida just dodged an unemployment nightmare. Fights, broken rides and wokeness killed Disney. Sadly Igur is the fall boy. Perhaps he should run for California govenor.

  16. Shannon

    I love Bob Iger. He should run for President!

    1. Anonymous

      Not going to happen.

  17. Dan

    I don’t know who writes all the continued crap showing off thier right to criticize but most of them should take a good look in the mirror. I’m sure they would find a very selfcenter face looking back at them as they look for notoriety. To bad most of the criticizion wasn’t worth the time to read. It seems like a handful of people become the”ALL” IN THE REPORTING?

  18. Seth Knight

    Bob Iger is the 2nd best thing to happen to Disney, with Eisner being the best. Nothing happens overnight! You can’t expect decisions made today to take immediate effect tomorrow. I believe Iger will bring Disney back to where it belongs financially!! And in the mean time, buy up all the low stocks while you can. We as consumers can also do OUR part for Disney instead of sitting around complaining to each other.

    1. Steve

      Ew. Crooked Bob is the worst thing to ever happen to Disney. I look forward to seizing Disney in a hostile takeover and undoing his entire reign through De-Igerfication. I will Make Disney Great Again and bring back the “What would Walt do?” mantra.

  19. JP

    Terrible reporting. It implies that park hopping at WDW was rolled back from 2PM to 11AM, when no such thing has happened there. Park hopping was only rolled back to 11AM at DLR, it’s still 2PM for WDW.

  20. Stanley Rowe

    I think he is doing a great it is not his fault the governor is the way he is plus he is trying to get the visiting rate down

  21. Cleo Claffey

    Bob Iger haters are part of the same DeSantos loving gang who want to take Disney down. No doubt DeSantos is scared to death of what Iger might do to take DeSantos down. Bob isn’t that type of guy but don’t piss him off. He has more strength and savy than DeSantos ever will.
    Iger seems laid back and unconcerned because he is. He knows DeSantos will bury himself with all his anti-Disney rhetoric. He might plan to be President but Goofy could jump on the ticket and destroy DeSantos.
    The Disney Corp. isn’t perfect but when it comes to people they are miles ahead of most Co.’s. Bob Iger keeps them there by just being Bob Iger !~!~!

  22. Mike

    Disney should concentrate on their business, and that is being Disney.
    Raising prices to counter over-priced acquisitions, is not always a good strategy.
    Second, in business when a product, a company’s image to the masses is as important as being favored by small groups, as that’s where the money comes from. The public as a whole would most likely react more positively if Disney would get back to their roots and be what made them in the first place, fantasy and magical. Placing themselves in the forefront of the world consumers are trying to escape when they utilize the Disney products (Parks, Resorts, Movies, TV, etc.) is a very poor recipe for success. We are a “Disney Family” having spent tens of thousands in the Disney world just to have that escape from the every day life. Sticking to their purpose for their existence would be the best way to go about regaining their success. Finding a new leader that has the corporate/financial savvy AND the understanding of Walt’s original mission is also crucial.

  23. WJT

    What better person to whether the DeSantis attack on Disney?

  24. Russ

    He should know better than to get involved with politics!! Look at what has happened with Bud Light and Target. Stick to entertaining people and concentrate on what your customers want!!!!

  25. Loui

    Not sure where this story came from. Think he is doing what he has to and very glad that he is taking on DeSantis who is clearly acting like a spoiled bully that needs to be taught a lesson

  26. Concerned

    So desantis got married at world Disney, does he have a beef about Disney because it cost him too much? Did the mouse not provide to his entitlement?

  27. Mary G

    I met and liked Mr. Iger very much while we Mouseketeers had a reunion at Disneyland during his first gig. Amazing though that he makes that much $ annually (if it’s even true) while paying so little to the employees at Disneyland!! Mary Espinosa

  28. Alan

    We live in a very impatient society. I think we need to give him the full 2 years. Chapek, on the other hand, had his two years, proved he couldn’t handle it.

  29. Andy

    Yes, Bob Iger did make some mistakes, but also did a lot of great things during his 15 year tenure as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. As we all know; nobody is perfect. I think that within the first year of Bob Chapek’s taking over as CEO, Mr. Iger realized that he had made a big mistake in that decision. But instead of declining the invitation by the board to return as CEO, Mr. Iger took responsibility for his actions. He, no doubt, made a lot of money for himself and the company during that 15 years and could have walked away from their offer; but he didn’t. His returning to the helm as CEO, if even for only a short time, shows his loyalty to the brand as well as his determination to right a wrong. How many CEO’s would do that?
    I have seen changes since his return, some good and some bad; in my opinion,and announcements of future changes as well. Since he has only been back for approximately 5 months it’s going to take time for this restructuring to come to fruition. The “Chapek Catastrophe” is not going to go away over night. Unfortunately, Mr. Iger cannot put on the Sorcerer Mickey hat and wave a magic wand to fix everything. So we all have to be patient.
    Believe me, as a Disney stockholder, it is very frustrating to see the stock price continue to decline. But I was very excited about the return of Mr. Iger and look forward to seeing the company get back on the right path.
    Looking forward, what company would commit to $17 billion dollars in future investments in a company expansion over the next 10 years if they were in financial trouble? By killing the Lake Nona Park project, that’s $1 billion dollars saved that can be used for other projects. Disney has never been one to blurt out future plans. They keep many projects secret and time the release of new developments to keep their guests excited about the future of what’s to come. As with Walt Disney World, the thousands of acres of land were purchased secretly as to not be landlocked like he was in California.
    In closing, I believe in the Disney brand and Mr. Iger’s commitment to restoring the “Disney Magic” that was lost during the Chapek years. I look forward to coming changes and announcements of future changes in bringing back the guest experience that we had known and loved for years.

  30. Chris

    The place started its downhill journey in 2001.

  31. Jim C

    If Bob Igor can stand up to mushead idiot De Santos then he has to be OK—give him a chance

  32. Bridget

    After taking the reins again, Iger stated Disney was going to get out of politics. Than they file for the King Charles III rule. Sounds to me like that statement was just a rouse to mislead his full intentions, As long as Disney has special and different rules than every other amusement park they will be viewed as privileged. Do they really want that? Just another big corporation trying to fool the people.

  33. MariOh

    Hell yeah! No sir, don’t go anywhere, you can’t leave Disney. You know what Bob, don’t you see that’s what DeSantis wants? You have been doing an outstanding job and if you leave now we all lose. Instead, do as the good soldier, stay, stand up and fight, fight for the people, fight for the truth, fight for the freedom, for your rights and for your honor. The whole wide world is with you and if somebody have to go home, that somebody is DeSantis. For sure he’ll be a lot more happy in Russia with Putin. You know by now, this clown will lose with Disney, will lose the presidency and will lose with the people. So Bob, stand up and fight, let us feel proud of you.

  34. gmk2311

    Igor is just a symptom of the problem. But it doesn’t hurt to start at the top.
    Now do the FBI!!!

  35. gmk2311

    I’m sure they can manage to find a new CEO that can take D+sney WOKE further and faster to accelerate their demise .
    Maybe I can buy one of those coasters cheap at the bankruptcy auction. 😂😂

  36. G

    Disney has been overpriced for the last 15-20 years. Pay to wait in line! Also Companies should not get involved in politics as you are going to alienate someone! So I sold my stock and will choose elsewhere to spend my hard earned money.

  37. Brett

    Is the far right that wants this because they don’t like the”woke” stuff.

  38. Pete

    Why do people not know when it is time to get out? Politicians, business executives, coaches – too many stay too long! Let the younger people take over when you hit late 60’s! Look at how well Satya Nadella is doing at 55.

  39. David

    Disney won’t recover as long as it is catering to one sided politics, or any politics to that matter. I’m not supporting Woke or non-Woke personally, but recognize the key to success is embracing people of all walks and not making mention of anyone in particular to alienate others. Disney will lose a large conservative base because of this which is. A lot of revenue.

  40. Gregory Pech

    Bob is doing a great job! Don’t believe the bs!

  41. Connie

    I am very happy that my family got to enjoy Walt Disney World when it was fun and exciting place to go. So much has changed and with the woke stupidness! we have no desire to ever go back again. SO SAD!!

  42. Michael Holland

    Desantis started this crap. People need to wake up, woke is the opposite of willfull ignorance. Progress will happen with or with out you!

    1. Walt

      um you are just FLAT WRONG. But hey live in your fantasy world

  43. Seem as though those who are speaking so negatively against Bob Iger have a strong dislike of him, personally. And most likely than not, these are the politically ‘die-hards’ who oppose his stance regarding Ron DeSantis. Nevertheless, Mr. Iger’s stance against DeSantis’ narcissistic behavior is warranted. Thank you Bob Iger for standing up for what is right. It’s impossible to please everybody. Those that are campaigning against you are not the majority. Truth always prevail!


    Get rid of the LGBTQ xylophone group I want to have sex with what ever I want group, hate group ohhhhh so sensitive feelings group….. I’m sorry did I hurt your feelings 😔 do you need a tissue 🤧 I don’t feel right in my body 🤧 nobody cares!!! 🤧 Johnny wants to be a elephant 🐘 let’s just change the whole park so Johnny can be a elephant 🐘 😉 🤣🤣🤣🤣🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🫂🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🍌🍌🍌🍌🍍🍍🍍🍍🥭🥭🍇🍎🍏🍐🍑🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

  45. Bonnie

    Iger has done so much more for Disney than Chapek did. There are still some things that need a change but he’s getting there. At least he’s willing to stand up against vindictive DeSantis.

  46. Bonnie

    Of course Disney is for the woke community and good for them. It’s all inclusive. Do these strick conservatives not realize a large portion of Disney cast members are of the LGBTQ+ community?They’re part of what makes Disney a great experience.

  47. Bob needs to get away from the woke take Disney back to the majority of the people so the stocks can increase not everyone wants Disney to to be pushing political left agenda in the parks and films

  48. James King

    Wasn’t Iger The Big Guy’s ambassador to China? And doesn’t Red China have a major influence on our sports and entertainment culture? Bob Igar’s no Pinnochio..there ARE strings on he😉

  49. P. Allen

    Leave Bob alone! Is this what happens when you do the right thing

    1. Steve

      No we will not leave Crooked Bob alone. I’m writing a book filled with slander against him and his wife and his children. When I take over Disney, it’ll be like he was never there.

  50. John Wayne

    First off would somebody PLEASE censor that idiot Steve! He’s clearly as clueless as that senile old fool in the White House! Second something at Disney had to be done fast to stop the woke bleeding. Maybe you haven’t noticed but Anheuser Busch, Harley Davidson and now Target are finding out the American public are sick and tired of this nonsense! Bob Iger walked in to a nightmare. That he’s doing something about it by making the parks more accessible is a start. It will only get better. If you want to complain about him Steve you probably liked that moron he replaced? I am a veteran and I doubt you are just because of how you present yourself and I most likely DO outrank you so please shut up!

    1. William

      If you’re a veteran then I’m the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. He’s the ideal Disney guest and likely saw Disney in its golden age pre-Iger. Nothing wrong with undoing that whole era and bringing back amenities like Magical Express, free hotel parking, not having all attractions tied to IPs, bringing back classic attractions, and the whole Disney company being split up under antitrust like Teddy Roosevelt did to Rockefeller and Standard Oil sending Disney back to the 1980s.

  51. Ryu

    This thread is a trip man. Iger never should have come back in the first place. Everything bad happening to Disney everything bad happening to Disney now is happening on his watch everything is on his head. I’m no fan of Chapek, but with him Disney had a slight chance of course correcting itself. Now to those who say he was sticking up at his employees there’s a difference between sticking up for them and keeping them in check. He should have been keeping them in check being a boss he would stand up for them yes but if they step out of line that in turn makes him and the company itself look bad. then they got to go that’s just the way the workforce works. I’m also not a fan of Ron DeSantis I hate all politicians They never should have said anything about that stupid bill but had nothing to do with them. Iger has shown to be proven to be more politician than business man. Even if he does step down voluntarily who’s to say someone worse won’t take his place. Like Kennedy for example oh boy she’s ruined Lucasfilm. Still as long as Iger caters to the wrong people who want that woke BS content who continue to play politics Disney will continue to suffer.

  52. Mike

    Please, do not copy the CCP strategy to brainwash our children on purpose!!!
    Please, turn Disney back as a good fun place for our children!!!
    Thank you!

  53. I think bob Eiger did a fantastic job, and he should keep on doing a better job while understanding that Disney is a great place

  54. Donna

    He is doing an awesome job. I wish he would stay permanently!

    1. Steve

      No he’s not. He’s the worst thing to ever happen to Disney we’d rather have Trump running Disney. I look forward to implementing De-Igerfication of Disney when I take over. Look forward to the return of classic attractions like Horizons, Maelstrom, the Great Movie Ride, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and especially Alien Encounter.

  55. A major business like Disney should have known better to get political today is definitely a new day business should just stay out of politics and make sure to keep your opinions to yourself.. a lot of investors are now seeing the effect.

  56. Roggie Williams

    I’d be willing to bet a dollar against a donut that all these negative comments are coming from DeSantis supporters. I was born and raised in this state and I am saddened by what I have seen happen to this state that I love. Welcome to Florida, owned and operated by the Republican communist party.

    1. James king

      Please move to Calizuela, then opine informatively. And send the IRS double since you love government largess.

  57. Michael Holland

    Iger should stay! Desantis caused so many issues for all of us, he wont be here forever, disney will! Hold tight!

  58. David

    Step down. This WOKE madness must end. I refuse to have a social agenda shoved down my throat.

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