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  1. Chris

    No, here are some recent examples of where they can improve:
    Flights of Passage, ECVs can’t be taken through the entire queue and they have no alternative seating where people can remain in their mobility device, even though both could have been accommodated without too much difficulty.

    No ADA vehicle on Navi River journey

    Can’t take an ECV through the queue of Tron.

    Can’t take an ECV into Story Time with Belle.

    At Disneyland, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was built from scratch and they know the width of the wheelchairs they need to use to evacuate the building and yet still built the doors to narrow to fit them through. Considering they though about accessibility in the rest.of the land, this is a poor oversight.

    They put most, if not all of the wheelchair the back and/or other poor locations.

    The list goes on and on.

    1. Pocho Villa

      I went to Walt Disney World for the first time solo in 2018 and was shocked of the lack of accessibility for those with an ECV. If I wanted to go on a ride, cast members had me move from my ECV to a manual wheelchair and expected me to maneuver the wheelchairv all by myself. I have arthritis with numbness in both my hands and I didn’t have gloves to spin the wheels, which you need to avoid blisters or damage to one’s hands. I told them that if I was to transfer they would need to push the manual wheelchair because if they didn’t then they are potentially in violation of ADA regs. This happened mostly at Magic Kingdom with the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbeans, and Space Mountain rides. I was given the same excuse at each ride that the Reedy Creek Fire Department fire codes doesn’t allow any ECV inside the ride building. I hope with Greedy Creek abolished that the new CFTOD board will change WDW’s ride policies to be more inclusive of the those with physical challenges.

  2. David kinsman

    There is a lack of wheelchair accessible rides in all four parks In this day an age to replace an accessible ride with one that is not accessible is poor planning.

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