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Katee Sackhoff (on the right) as Bo-Katan Kryze (on the left)

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  1. Me

    I find it annoying these articles have you read 10 minutes of nonsense rather than getting straight to the point. Journalists these days are air heads.

    1. Simpson Powers Jonez


    2. Dina

      Replace journalists with AI

    3. Steve

      I prefer the real thing. Not imitations.

    4. DisneyWorldGayDays

      They add fluff, because the stories are really not much substance to begin with.

      1. Nick

        It’s about ad revenue. It’s an open secret in digital publishing that they fill the first few paragraphs with fluff so you have to scroll past ads, a requirement for them to make money.

  2. Huai Lang

    What is to prevent AI being used scrupulously? Surely I’m not the only one who can see politicians using AI against opponents. “We have video evidence of so-and-so accepting bribes!” or “We found this video of so-and-so partying with under age children.” And how would the AI video be proven false?

    1. Hi… No I would not like AI,, replacement actors,, .

    2. Ray

      They already have this, called Deepfakes.

  3. Huai Lang

    What is to prevent AI being used unscrupulously? Surely I’m not the only one who can see politicians using AI against opponents. “We have video evidence of so-and-so accepting bribes!” or “We found this video of so-and-so partying with under age children.” And how would the AI video be proven false?

  4. Dan Hunter

    A seasoned actor brings more than just their face, voice, and body to a performance. How many times have we heard directors say that the actor brought a completely new insight into the character?

    An AI driven recreation can’t do that. The AI will do exactly what the director says. Some directors will love that level of control. The smarter directors will know, and regret, what has been left out.

  5. I predict that one day, “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” actor Harrison Ford will give permission for his performance as Han Solo to be captured and recreated using the power of AI. It’s something fans would really appreciate, with continuity across the vocal delivery and, in Ford’s case, it would be easy to recreate Han’s looks due to his fully costumed appearance.

    1. Zoey

      Um, plagiarism?
      I get it was supposed to be a joke but what

  6. Steve

    She was a wooden actor on Longmire (and the series finale was crap). She brings the same emotion to Mandalorian, but being wooden “is the way”

    1. Jie

      Did anyone say, “April Fool’s” yet??

  7. Kevin Ordahl

    I would hate it ! People wanting to work in todays world. Let them. AI is not going to do this world any good.

  8. T.C.

    Gee, thanks for the unexpected bit of Ant-Man Quantumania spoiler there, in an article that’s supposed to be about The Mandalorian… really should remove that for people that haven’t got to see the movie yet.

    1. Zesty

      Thank you!

  9. Danny

    I’m all for it. I think AI replacing actors in Hollywood is fantastic. In fact they shouldn’t stop there, they should even replace directors and producers. Especially JJ abrams. If we had this technology sooner, and we had an AI JJ abrams, I think we would have had a much better version of the recent Star Wars trilogy.

  10. Setnakt Spears

    They made a movie about this exact thing in the early 80’s called Looker. Only they also killed off the now unneeded actors…

  11. Mike

    Sooner or later (and honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already) studios are going to realize they can replace actors with plausibly realistic CGI characters, and so a future Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica movie won’t cost them $200-$300 million but perhaps rather $20-$30 million (or less), and the only place left for actors will strictly be live performance. I don’t see why this couldn’t also happen to sports.

    People want to watch TV and movies. People want to watch sports games. Do you honestly think people would stop simply because the performers or players aren’t real people?

  12. James

    While consistency is a good thing. Making it so others can’t get work on something new is not a good thing at all. We are already seeing this with lower wage jobs being replaced by automation and soon with AI. So elite families stay rich while everyone else has to slave? Sounds more of tyranny than actual capitalism of hard work paying off if estates and industries only make the money. Not a rabbit hole that should be abused. Characters, like real life counterparts, should find peace in dying if they live long enough in a series or find retirement. It’s unnatural to keep things living forever.

  13. Thank you very much

  14. Amy

    Why is there a Quantumania spoiler in this article? That was no unnecessary.

  15. Benjamin Villeponteaux

    I hate when producers and show runners replace actors and actresses. You’re better off killing the character or finding a new character to fill their hole. Dying in life? Sure, use AI if it’s warranted. However, for instance, imagine seeing a television show where one of the main characters is Orlando Bloom and suddenly after a few seasons (even 1) you’re like “Hey, why tf did Daniel (Orlando Bloom) turn into Johnny Depp?” X-Men was horrible with doing this and it’s one of many things that mutilated and raped a potentially extraordinary franchise series.

  16. Nick

    Did you really just imply that JEJ was in the Vader costume. As if David Prowse wasn’t already screwed enough when Lucas never told him he was going to be dubbed, now you’re replacing him with the voice actor too?

  17. Ed

    This has been a pet peeve of mine for many years. They artist, the artists. I won’t debate if this acting is a art, or a learned skill like all other professions. What I will stay as where would they be without the writers, producers, and directors. Even more direct where would they be without the production assistance, and all they other numerous people in set. Then last person is there engineers from video, broadcast, and electrical. To answer they’d be in dome town plying their job like everyone else. Under their logic anyone that works on a television, movie or pay that is not live should get paid for their work, kinda absurd. Having done work on such things and still seeing them on television, sometimes they later, late night am I to think they owe me a check? Reality is I get paid for my job I was doing then and there, so should they. If its the artists call who pays Rembrandt when his painting gets sold? Reality check hollywood is an over indulgent, short sighted,ego driven want a bed that think they deserve special treatment. In may humble opinion they should make their millions, kinda wonder about that also- John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor name any that were super when they started out, how hard is it when somebody writes your lines, directs your actions, and even tells you where to stand, c’mon- no insults here just questions. Having been on set, attended their parties I feel they don’t know how lucky they are. Sorry, for the length after 20 years I get so tired of the whining, grand ideas of their an artist, they deserve adulation for anything/everything. I believe they need two wake up and greet a real life.

  18. Ann

    I agree
    I think they should bring back the Kara Dune character. The repor that her and Mando had was dynamic, strong and fun to watch. I don’t like the character, Boka tan. I know spelling is wrong, don’t care. They need to get rid of her.
    Whatever her name is.

    1. Kel

      Well Ann,
      They fired Cara Dune because the actress says very hateful things about Jews, transpeople and I don’t know who else…on her social media sites.
      I would just want to like or dislike an actor for the performance.
      But I’m not gonna line the pocket of an a******.
      P.S. I like Cara Dune better than Bo Katan as well, but she’s starting to lighten up..we’ll see. 😊

  19. Kel

    I want to see and hear the feelings and emotions a human actor puts into the role. Not AI.😡
    But if this IS the coming thing, movie ticket prices should drop dramatically… Since we won’t have to pay 20 or 30 million to an actor, like….say Tom Cruise?👺
    Unless AI will have lawyers and agents to negotiate their prices. 😈😖🙄

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