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The Bad Batch in the fight of their lives. Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Lynne

    Still feel there is more that The Bad Batch can interfere with.
    Are they saying that Hunter, Wrecker and Echo can’t retrieve Omega and Crosshairs?
    Could be interesting to see how they take Crosshairs’ chip out and finally let him see what the Empire has done to him and how they lost Tech!
    There’s so much more they could do with these characters.
    Seems likely there’s going to be a lot of cross overs in the future so why not start with The Bad Batch?

  2. Rob

    Sad to see this show end so soon. It’s fun to watch and a very good story.

  3. Michelle

    Of course I’m sad! I became one of the team. They could of at least let the team get together at least one last time before losing someone though, that makes me the saddest.

  4. Ty

    Most definitely sad to see it end so soon.

  5. Amber

    I wish they would have killed off Omega instead of Tech. I never liked Omega and I was in love with both Hunter and Tech. I also wish they would some how bring Tech back. Oh and by the way Crosshair had his chip taken out sometime during season 1.

  6. James

    I think they should divulge more into the every day life and survival of the clones after the empire is formed. Like what they have to do to hide out yet help ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. I’ve enjoyed Bad Batch just as much as most of the other shows, better than rebels. Hate to see it go.

  7. Joe

    Would love a few more seasons or maybe Bad Batch turns into a Clone show and shows us the stories of other clones like how Rex, Gregor and Wolff ended up Juppa hunting in that relic in Rebels or maybe that some did eventually fight with the Rebellion early on.

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