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Promotional art for Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure

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As its 30th Anniversary celebration comes to a close, Disneyland Paris is stepping up its entertainment game.

Disneyland Paris - Disney Theme Park Successfully Crosses $2.5 Billion
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In 2022, Disneyland Paris Resort celebrated its 30th Anniversary, and the party was full of exciting new offerings and attractions, including the continuation of a €2 billion transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park opening in phases from 2021 to 2025. Recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger even visited the Park to survey the construction on the new Frozen-themed land. Another highlight of the celebration was a stunning drone show, the first of its kind at any Disney Park worldwide, that featured the world of Marvel.

When 2023 began, Disneyland Paris announced the celebration would reach its “Grand Finale,” complete with additional offerings to celebrate it. Several exciting experiences were announced for the Grand Finale, including the return of the beloved Disney Dreams fireworks show, which re-premieres on April 12. This will replace the Disney Illuminations Nighttime Spectacular, which debuted as part of the Anniversary celebration but was not widely liked by Guests. Interestingly, Disney fans on the other side of the Atlantic have had a similar experience with the Disney Enchantment anniversary fireworks, which were not nearly as well-received as its predecessor, Happily Ever After, which then went on to return this month.

The logo for Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

However, Disneyland Paris isn’t done yet. Disney announced that this summer TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure would premiere at the Studio Theater in Walt Disney Studios Park. Although a Pixar-themed stage show was previously announced for the celebration, details had not been released, and it went by the name Pixar: We Belong Together. Along with the name change came a new logo featuring the iconic Pixar Luxo Ball.

According to Disney, the show “will combine state-of-the-art stage technology, lighting effects, choreography, and iconic songs” and throughout it, “Guests will find out how music and friendship bring us together.” The show is an entirely original creation for Disneyland Paris.

Concept art for Together: A Pixar Musical Adventure at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

A premiere date has not been set yet, but Guests can anticipate the show arriving at Walt Disney Studios Park in Summer 2023.



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