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J. K. Rowling on the left and Daniel Radcliffe on the right. Harry Potter Reboot

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  1. Steve

    Cue the “we accept everyone’s personal fantasies and are the most accepting people of all..except we do not accept those with a different opinion from us because they are mean, ignorant ist-phobes and unaccepting of our opinions” people. Born a male? Get that prostate checked at 40 because that cancer is serious and only men can get it.

    1. Chris Wood

      I’m glad the creator of the world of Harry Potter will have a say in how the series is made. Who knows how much damage HBO can do with the series. These characters are already established . But HBO and Warner are licking their lips to change the sex or race of these characters. That is why it is good JK is involved. So that doesn’t happen.

      1. Hermoninny

        It’s her creation, she should have the final say in her characters casting! Its gunna be weird with a new cast, but if it’s done right, this is an opportunity to tell the stories even more authentically than the films.

        1. dave_jcole@hotmail.com

          Any one who can write books like that certainly knows what they should look like

    2. Trixie

      Exactly right!

    3. Adam

      Keep pushing the lie that JK Rowling is “controversial” and “transphobic” when the fact is that her comments were not only common sense, but overwhelmingly supported by the vast majority of respondents, apart from a MINORITY of left wing extremists. You lying miscreants in the media are a disgrace and the enemy of the people.

      1. Glinmer

        Pardon? Did mumsnet tell you to come on here to say that?

      2. MLL

        Spot on!

    4. Dylan

      You don’t have to use all those fancy words, you could just say you’re a transphobe mate. It’s not hard, why hide it? Clearly the media and the government loves your sort at the moment.

  2. Kayla

    I won’t be watching 😡

    1. It won’t be harry potter without the old cast, do they honestly think this is gonna turn out.

      1. Bd chris

        You people are stupid and selfish. I love jk and if she needs a body guard I will be happy to do it!!

        1. Dylan

          How cringe

          1. MLL

            And your gross.

      2. Kevin Morton

        It’s her story, her movie and her casting. 100%
        And it will be successful. Goodbye snowflakes!

        1. Dylan

          Snowflakes? Aren’t your ilk the ones who had a baby fit over a beer brand lately? 😂😂

      3. Harry Potter No more 🥹


    2. Trixie

      They won’t miss your intolerance & bigotry.

    3. Dylan

      I shall not be either. It’s not the same, and never will be. The films defined an entire era of childhood. The new ‘retakes’ are just a corny attempt for the author to stay relevant.

  3. Casey

    I think it’s stupid that people won’t stop obsessing about JK having her opinions about this incredibly controversial gender issue. She’s still the creator of Harry Potter and this is her baby. Plus she has every right to participate in growing her world. I’m so tired of these activists trying to force their opinions down everyone’s throats. I also don’t get how a self made millionaire woman isn’t a feminist? Finally, I’m tired of these articles constantly trying to make Rowling look like some sort of phobe instead of the artist and brilliant woman that she is.

  4. Colette

    Of course, Rowling will have the final say. It’s her creation. People really need to get over themselves. No one’s forced to watch.

    1. lisabelle brofas

      I’m looking forward to the new production especially after the backlash experienced by JK Rowling. I’ll be supporting her !!!!!

      1. Grumpy wolf

        No one cares what the pervert community thinks. All their crying resulted in the Harry Potter game being one of the best selling games in recent times. It’s about time a company ignored the woke crowd and actually listened to paying customers.

        1. Bry

          No one cares what the a**hole community thinks either, yet here you are. I am, in fact, a paying customer. I don’t think calling someone out on their inhumanity makes me a pervert. If you’re referring to trans people, they are living their own lives & standing up for what they believe in. Stay out of what you so obviously know nothing about. Oh, and maybe erase your browser history before you call someone else a pervert.

          1. Drew

            You can call yourself whatever you want, we live in a free country. However you can’t make others participate in your delusions. You can pretend and play a part, like any actor, but you can’t change your gender. It’s not hate it’s just fact. Unless you believe like Biden who said, “We choose truth over facts.” You’re welcome to your own “truths,” the earth is flat, AOC is a genius, or a man can become a woman. Facts however can’t be changed to fit your truths. For a group that tells us to follow the science, they are awfully quick to abandon it when it doesn’t suit their purpose.

            1. Give your head a wobble

              ‘Deulsions’ are the ones you listen to and tell yourself in church. Or that your country (founded on genocide and slavery) is god ‘blessed’. Delusions are not a medical condition that’s been peer reviewed and in the DSM-5.

        2. Donald R Barber

          Pervert community? You mean like grown-ass adults too old to be watching Harry Potter but watch it just to piss off the queers?

          1. Heather Graham

            I’m queer and support JK all the way – I just don’t see the necessity for a reboot

            1. Glinner

              Pretending to be a lesbian to be part of the ‘LGB Alliance’ doesn’t make you queer, sweetheart.

        3. DeSatan

          The last time I checked, it was republicans and Christian’s who were being exposed as child molesters. Give your head a wobble.

    2. Jay

      If it gets made, I’ll watch it just to annoy the crybabies.

    3. I agree Collete, she dis great picking the first characters. It is her creation. I have been a potterhead, since the first book was sold in the United States and have only become more of a potterhead with each book.

  5. D

    It’s her character. So yes. Even if I don’t agree, she is entitled to her opinion. She created this world, i am so grateful she did. Can’t wait for more.

    1. Harry Potter No more 🥹

      Cool and it’s our eyes and we choose not to set them upon what we don’t want to set them on and it’s this.

  6. JJM

    If I am alive when it comes out, I’ll watch it. I don’t by the transphobic stuff. I am not an abuse survivor so I can’t judge a person who is. She has a perspective that most people don’t want to get. She does nothing against anyone just speaks out her opinion. You don’t have to like her opinion but she has a right to have it.

    1. Harry Potter No more 🥹

      And if I’m alive when it comes out I and many others that prefer Dan will not watch it. Good day.

      1. Glinner

        You have common sense!

    2. Glinner

      Let’s hope you’re not. Toodles!

      1. Person

        That was so wrong. To wish someone dead is WRONG! And just because their opinion is different than yours is even worse. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      2. MLL

        Absolutely JK must be involved. Otherwise, Warner and HBO will make the show some bad kind of woke trans and gender ideology propoganda vehicle and torpedo the series. Remember BUD Ligt beer catastrophe. HBO doesnt want to lose billions $ like BUD. 🤣

  7. Bridget

    She absolutely should have the last say. I thought it was slimy that Daniel redclif shat on her condemning her n turning his back on the woman who gave him his start. I’m very happy to see jk rawlings still going strong!!

  8. N.R.R.

    Yea good riddance Daniel Radcliffe. Was genuinely interested in his career until he chose the side of mental illness and turned against the person directly responsible for his wealth and fame. Same with that self righteous brat Emma Watson and I heard Rupert Grint took the snowflake route as well. Rowling spoke nothing but scientific fact in her comments and these freaks couldn’t handle it and have been gunning for her since. The original movies were great but Im one of the older fans and after these three bit the hand that fed them it’s time for a refresh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine if you don’t agree with someone but to be so open and ignorant about it is another matter. No one cares what your viewpoints are on this mental illness fringe and how dare you try to ‘cancel’ who gave you everything you have simply because you can’t handle the truth. I can’t wait for the new series. With Rowling as executive producer the woke sickness should be held at a minimum..

  9. Harry Potter No more 🥹

    Can’t wait to see the empty seats in theatre for I am and many others will ignore this travisty that’s about to be presented to the dilsuonal people that believe this will turn out like the originals. No one can ever replace the original actors which is stand changes the whole energy in the upcoming films.

  10. Susan

    Do I agree with what JK said about trans? Yes. But I don’t agree with any of this. JK created a great book series, but it was the movies and the original cast that made Harry Potter an iconic franchise. One of the biggest franchises ever. There are certain roles that are for certain people. The original HP cast is that. Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter. Any new cast will greatly pale in comparison. Most of us want prequels and sequels….not a reboot. This will fail. It is going to be extremely woke. They pretty much confirmed this already. Just like there’s no HOGWARTS without Hagrid….there’s no Hogwarts without the original cast.

  11. G-46

    JK has her opinions and they are correct as simple as that. You cannot deny the truth of biology.
    I also don’t care if anyone wants to change their gender. It’s their choice. BUT ….what is wrong is that this conversation is being held with children who are too bloody young to understand and it confuses them. No options or discussion about change until the child becomes an adult
    ( 21) because 18 is STILL too young.

    1. Glinner

      The ‘truth’ of biology. What truth might that be?

  12. EM

    JK Rowling all the way. Who cares about her opinions on transgender when it comes to Harry Potter? Two different subjects..

    1. Glimmer

      Maybe trans gender people and their friends? Who cares about any other minority? Do you care about Gary glitter? He had some excellent music, would you still play it out loud in public?

  13. Lori

    Harry Potter would not exist without Rowling in the first place. She is entitled to her opinion like everyone else. I am a huge fan but Radcliffe is Harry Potter. The movies should not be made. Do not ruin perfection. Do not touch the books.

  14. Poop

    LMAO…half of these comments! SMH

  15. Michelle

    She should have a choice, but it’s really a no brainer – bring back the original 3 if possible. I If not all 3, definitely the original Harry(if he’ll do it). I hate when they switch out the main characters in already great movies or shows like they do in soap operas. I personally won’t be watching if they replace Harry with someone else. I already don’t know how they’re going to do it without the original Hagrid 😞

    1. Jason

      JK does have copyrights to the material and any money made on this does go to her. If she believes she can’t work with them anymore then she wont work with them. Emma won’t work with her anymore if she asked. Daniel and Rupert had the same experience with her that she is hard to work with. Then it won’t happen.

  16. Gavin Wise

    It seems most people are spot on already. It’s nice to see that the media are wrong and most people can actually think rationally, for themselves! Like it or not, JK Rowling is the god of the Harry Potter universe. And that cannot be undone.

  17. Kristine

    Everyone needs to listen to the podcast called “burn the witch”
    I’m super excited to see how they recreate the books into an actual series! It’s going to have all the characters that weren’t in the movie.

  18. MLL

    Absolutely JK must be involved. Otherwise, Warner and HBO will make the show some bad kind of woke trans and gender ideology propoganda vehicle and torpedo the series. Remember BUD Ligt beer catastrophe. HBO doesnt want to lose billions $ like BUD. 🤣

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