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Mickey Mouse and Fab 5 at Disney World inside of the Texas state outline with FBI employee


  1. Tim

    So exactly what are the charges from thr FBI

  2. Pedro

    So a guy was sent to prison for fraud by claiming that Disney planned to open a theme park just north of Dallas. This article also states that “currently there are no public plans” for disney to open a park in Texas despite invitations to do so. The part I’m confused about is where the article mentions that just last year, Disney announced that it’s opening a theme park in Frisco Texas. Wtf?

    So not only are there indeed public plans to build a disney park in Texas… It just so happens to be exactly where the guy in prison claimed it would be.

    1. BAS

      Read the article again, this time for comprehension. Universal is not Disney.

    2. The universal studios was thinking of opening in Frisco Texas not Disney

    3. Jim

      I believe Universal is opening a park in Frisco. Don’t know why Disney would think Texas would be more politically accommodating than Florida.

      1. Doug R

        This article went absolutely No Where!

      2. Teddy Gingerich

        I kind of wondered that too. On the one hand, Texas IS super business-friendly; they do their best to never enact legislation that could hinder getting a business to move there (you know, environmental laws, labor laws, etc.). On the other hand, it’s at least as right-wing socially as Florida.

    4. Mert

      It was universal

  3. Nan

    If someone, anyone, thinks that Disney is going to shut down WDW and built an entire new one in another state, they’re on some SERIOUS drugs…
    How many billions would it cost??!!!

    1. Jose


    2. Julie Korn

      They should move somewhere. Leave Disneyland vacant but unusable by anyone it Disney. Stuff desantis right where it hurts. The budget and unemployment for all involved. Sucks they’d lose their jobs but hopefully in the future he will be gone and they will have another useable area.

  4. Kate

    These articles are really grasping at straws to get attention. They are very inflammatory. The ones about the shooting gallery 50 years ago are crazy! insinuating that shots were fired recently.

  5. Rick S

    Woke Bud Lite anyone? Stocks holders take the hit for Leaders of these firms venturing into Woke Politics.

    Must be making massive lost on income statement to pivot to Woke Politics to win over new sets of audiences for profits.

    What happened to Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA Ch President pleading, I am a loyal American with Country Roots as well the company. Why was it needed to say such things?

    Blow back and similar tactics used by Woke Practices; “Boycott” on Bud Lite?

    Does staying in your own lane mean anything to Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA and Disney?

    1. MrsBat

      Thank you!! I was going to make a comment about pushing the “Don’t Say Gay” narrative because that bill does not contain those words. How about keeping politics out of this.

      What Gov. DeSantis is trying to do by abolishing Reedy Creek and putting together a team for Central Florida Tourism (sorry kids, Disney isn’t the only attraction in central Florida) is make Disney pay their fair share. All other parks in Florida abide by state and local ordinances. Disney has been exempt until now. It would cost Disney corporation billions of dollars to attempt to relocate. They would need to find a sucker, er, state, who would give them all kinds of perks to rebuild there and again, billions of dollars. I will say that if Disney packs up and leaves, Floridians will be thrilled. The House of Mouse has been a plague to the state. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out.

      1. Teddy Gingerich

        You clearly have no understanding of how RCID worked. Disney has always paid their fair share of ALL taxes; there was no “discount” or free ride there. In fact, RCID taxed Disney at a higher rate than local taxes to ensure that all infrastructure was taken care of. They also abide by all ordinances, safety regulations, etc. There was no deal to keep them from doing so. And finally, if you hate Disney so much, why are you on this site? Most Floridians (if the comments in articles from many sites are to be believed) seem to be happy to have Disney parks there. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO STATE INCOME TAX? Disney parks began the influx of major theme park building there, and tourism is the primary source of income for the state. Over a million residents are employed in the tourism industry. Again, if you hate Disney, stay off Disney sites.

        1. Michelle Mccann

          Disney is not responsible for Florida having no income tax. New Hampshire has no income, tax no sales tax and NO Disney, Tennessee, Alaska , Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming also has no income tax and no Disney. And last I checked this is still A free country and we are free to visit any site and any state that we wish. I am from Florida as well as many of my friends and neighbors and we all have no use for Disney in our politics!

      2. Maria

        I’m sure the hundreds of thousands of Floridians who’ve been employed by Disney over the past 50 years, not to mention the hotels, businesses and restaurants in the area surrounding the parks who’ve benefitted from the tourism brought in by Disney, would strongly disagree that the House of Mouse has been a plague to the state.

  6. Dee

    Just another political hit piece ….you can tell they are ” worried” about Desantis running…..No wonder people have so little faith in the press now…..basically a verbal word salad that led nowhere.

    1. Michelle Mccann


  7. Tony

    It doesn’t matter if Disney world moves or not. DeSantos is going to get massacred in the primary. He’ll never make it to the general. There’s no way any Republicans are gonna win the general.

    1. Joe

      Wait and see who gets swamped. Someone who likes donkeys.

      1. Michelle Mccann


  8. Rteker

    First of all, Disney World can’t move because it’s an established park in Florida and Disneyland is an established park in California so the only thing that Disney can do is to open a brand new park in Texas and it would probably be called Disney Midwest or something along the lines of the location because decades ago Disney tried to get a new park put into Northern Virginia but that fell through. But I think that Disney should establish a new park in the states as to help ease the park capacity issues

  9. Bueler

    Please Disney get out of Florida!! We don’t need you! Take your b***h slappers with you!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Disney is not responsible for Florida having no income tax. New Hampshire has no income, tax no sales tax and NO Disney, Tennessee, Alaska , Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming also has no income tax and no Disney. And last I checked this is still A free country and we are free to visit any site and any state that we wish. I am from Florida as well as many of my friends and neighbors and we all have no use for Disney in our politics!

  10. Pete G

    It was a huge mistake for Disney to get involved on either side of a major, controversial political issue like DeSantis’ bill. It doesn’t matter which side of the issue they were on. Imagine if Disney had publicly come out against abortion and promised to put their entire lobbying effort into electing anti-abortion candidates and driving pro-choice politicians out of office. They’d have lost half their customer base. This way they lost the other half. Every Business 101 class teaches you that unless your business is political lobbying, it’s critical to steer clear of politics to the point that your customer base shouldn’t know where you stand. That was true fifty years ago and is even more true now, when the political sides are so polarized that each camp deems the other not merely mistaken but evil. Taking a side against half your customer base is never good business, even without the backlash they’re getting from the state government.

    1. Michelle Mccann

      Exactly and thank you!

  11. BlueCollarCritic

    If you think that Disney World would EVER relocate you’re a fool. The costs alone to try and move a resort will always prevent it from moving. Things can get far worse between Disney and Florida and WDW would still not relocate. Separate from the costs to do such a thing, there is no other state than can provide year round weather to allow for a year round park like WDW save for California and CA already has a Disney park. North Carolina is a terrible state for Disney to even build a park let alone relocate WDW to it. There is a Kings Dominion and a Busch Gardens park in Virginia and they aren’t open year round because on the mid Atlantic states it’s cold almost as many months as it’s warm.

  12. Moving to Texas? That’s insane. Texas is just as bad as Florida, when it comes to the LGBT community. If not worst. I wouldn’t believe Texas’ tall tale of acceptance. Everyone knows is that, Texas will lie about everything to get Disney to move there. Anyway, Texas’ power grid wouldn’t be able to handle the needs of Disney. Texas is not a good fit. Texas’ political ambitions are just as bad as Florida. Disney, you would be jumping out of the frying pan (Florida), and into the fire (Texas). Moving to Texas is a real bad idea. Just look at Texas’ treatment of minorities. Out of state visitors, would be at risk. Illinois tourist would be targets. Because, in Illinois, we despise your republican false god, Texans.

  13. Tim

    Ok , people, I don’t think anyone got this right completely. The one thing that everyone is wrong about is straight from the title and its making it appear to be involving Disney itself. The guy in jail for this is what is commonly called a Con Man. The only thing connected to Disney with this guy is the name. He could have used any major theme park name, except Disney was in a Brue ha with Florida and was an easy convince that Disney wanted to build outside of Florida. The plans drawn up were of his own doing my guess is that it was based off of some older concept drawings he was able to obtain off the internet and then modify them for the scam.
    Now for those that think Disney is going to pull up stakes and move WDW out of Central Florida. Wrong again. The amount of money needed to do that the time to do it would be beyond anything that the company could afford. They have roughly somewhere over a 100 billion dollars tied up in two of the more recent additions, Star Wars Land and Tron. I wouldn’t be surprised that if they chose to move out in order to construct the Resort you are looking at over a couple of Trillion dollars. On top of that the park has never closed for snow where Disneyland actually closed in 1987 due to snow.

  14. Jenn

    OMG this article was a hot mess and horrible.

  15. Biggs

    Would be interesting. Guess Desantis would be proud that he cost tens of thousands lost jobs in Florida. Central Florida cannot survive without Disney. Airlines, restaurants , hotels and on.

  16. Reading all of these I just laughed.

  17. Mike Hock

    There is no such thing as a don’t say gay bill. In Floroda at least. Libtards…

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