Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Overshadowed By Disney

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Mickey and Bugs Bunny in Disney Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney Company isn’t the only major studio celebrating its 100th birthday this year, but with all the glitz and glamour from the House of Mouse, it’s hard to notice.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park with Disney100 celebration decorations
Credit: Disneyland Resort

Known then as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, the company officially started on October 16, 1923. However, six months prior, four brothers established an American film company known as Warner Brothers Studios on April 4. It didn’t take long for the two companies to become rivals.  

Both companies are highlighting their history, films, and beloved characters this year. Disney has Mickey Mouse. Warner Brothers have Bugs Bunny. Disney has Marvel. Warner Bros. has DC. Disney has Star Wars. Warner Bros. has Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Disney has over twelve theme parks, a significant presence in merchandising, and its cruise line. Warner Bros. has, well, a tour.


Warner brothers discovery 100th logo

Disney’s over-the-top centenary celebration is outshining Warner Bros. with its massive rollout at their Parks. It was announced this week that Warner Bros. will pay homage to its classic films with a block of programming on Turner Classic Movies as a tribute to the 100th anniversary. While it isn’t much to get excited about, it does remind fans that their celebration is more about the movies and less about the glitter and sparkles.

Warner Bros released the “100th” merchandise a few weeks ago, and none of the products featured the 100th logo. The products are less about the anniversary and more about the Looney Tunes dressed as Harry Potter characters, which look fantastic. The studio’s 100th-anniversary logo is simplistic, unlike the new animated intro Disney created for their 100th.

Warner Bros 100th merch
Credit: Cinereplicas

This isn’t to say Warner Bros. isn’t doing anything to celebrate its centenary. They did partner with McDonald’s to release a line of Happy Meal toys, but they were made out of literal cardboard. Once again, they seem to be treating their anniversary as a more disposable event than Disney. Which, in the long run, makes sense. Imagine what will happen when Disney has all that “100th” merchandise remaining after the celebration. What will they do with it, then?

Warner Bros. is doing its best to represent its history in the industry this year for its 100th birthday, as it’s also having several concerts inspired by its film’s music. Still, they aren’t trying to spend as much money as Disney is when it comes to the flashiness of it all. After all, the studio has a long list of classic and iconic films that can do all the talking for them.

Are you more excited for Disney’s or Warner Bros.’s 100th celebration? Let us know in the comments. 

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