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Guests riding Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge at Universal Studios Hollywood

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. TheSaltsmith

    The entitlement of fat people is palpable. Instead of losing weight and rectifying a lifetime of poor dietary choices, everything should be built bigger to accommodate their large unhealthy frame. Expecting a company design their rides to accommodate a lazy and unhealth lifestyle is asinine.

    1. Bt

      This…can’t fix yourself so expect everyone else to change so you’re accommodated.

    2. Seiena

      The fact you are using archaic information that even the medical community is finally leaving behind speaks volumes.

      1 in 3 Americans is overweight, 2 in 5 are obese. And we have found that stress, environmental factors, genetics, and availability of nutritious foods all have an effect more than people are just lazy and unhealthy.

      Also we have found that when people feel good about themselves they live healthier lives, so why SHOULDN’T we require places to be as accomodating of larger folks as we are of disabled people?

      1. Christopher

        Lmfao. No.

      2. Claire

        Being fat doesn’t mean your disabled…. Lose some weight

      3. Jeremiah

        Nope, if you are obese, it is 95% chance it is your own fault. Unless you have a glandular problem, then it is 100% your own fault that you are fat. Genetics have absolutely nothing to do with this situation
        It’s not like there is a country with 300 lb people running around for the last 10,000 years. Nope, it is due to their poor lifestyle choices.

    3. Stephen

      True in some cases and if your 2 big to fit in ride it’s a safety hazard but some people are fat becouse of depression eating disorders or they take pills that make the. Gain wight

      1. Jeremiah

        All self induced.

  2. Ash

    Can’t believe that’s everyone’s solution instead of addressing the obesity epidemic going on on this country. I myself have put on far too much weight, and I certainly don’t expect anyone to have to accommodate me. Instead I’m actively trying to *get healthy and lose weight!* 🤯

    1. Stephen

      What about the people who are too tall at 6.2? Let me guess! Your suggestion is they cut off there legs! U dumb FN sh**

      1. Serg

        As someone who fits this demo, and as a huge fan of the games, I couldn’t care less. There’s already a bunch of rides I can’t fit into across all theme parks (Knott’s Six Flags, Legoland, Disney). There’s always going to be a limitation, and as an adult, I can accept that. I’m not an immature whiney little b—ch that needs to be treated like a child for me to enjoy myself.

        You bet your butt off I’m going to try to fit in it, and I’m hoping I do. I’d rather be able to ride it in discomfort once simply for the experience, but if I can’t, I’ll enjoy it vicariously through my 9 year old. I’ll be renewing my season pass either way because I know I’ll still get my money’s worth.

        Stop making excuses to be pathetic.

      2. Goggles

        The new area at Universal Hollywood sucks. You have to spend $40 bucks to utilize the whole area. The ride isn’t worth the wait.

    2. Stephen

      What about those who are too tall at 6.2 or greater? Your suggestion they cut there legs off?!! ahole

      1. Jeremiah

        I don’t have any problems fitting into any ride at Disney, Universal, or 6 Flags etc, and I’m 6′ 2″ 200 lbs.

        Those fat people need to lose weight or stick to the rides and places thry can fit, due to their life choices.

  3. Christopher

    Don’t make the rides bigger. That’ll just make them more expensive for everyone. Make the people smaller.
    Rides have weight limits for a reason.

  4. Jeremiah

    I’m so tired of people not taking responsibility for their own actions, and expecting everyone else to bend over to accommodate them.

    We were just in Disney and Universal last week, and it was absolutely disgusting to see so many grotesquely obese people riding around on those scooters. What was even more sad were the Fat Families, where the children were already huge, riding on their own scooters because they couldn’t even walk ten feet without being out of breath or their little legs giving out.
    So no, keep the rides like they are. This will give those people an incentive to lose weight so they can fit in a simple amusement park ride.

  5. Pp

    I mean 40 inches is a little crazy when you realize the average waistline of an American woman is 35 inches and the average waistline of an American man is 40 inches.

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