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Concept art for the interior of Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Credit: Disney


  1. H

    Nah, Disneyland has a pizza planet and it is terrible. They made the right choice going in a different direction.

  2. The family menu concept is also at Garden Grill and Liberty Tree Tavern. Nothing new. Disney uses the magic of atmosphere to get us to buy overpriced meh food. Be Our Guest is not as good as it was pre-covid.

  3. Abigail

    Maybe it’s because in Toy Story Land you’re the size of a toy, and in keeping with the “Andy’s playspace” vibe, an in-universe real restaurant for normal-sized people didn’t fit?

  4. Marcus

    Pizza Planet is in Disneyland.

  5. Chris

    Disneyland has Pizza Planet and honestly Disney’s pizzas are all terrible, so it is a good thing they didn’t do it.

    Also, it wouldn’t fit in thematically, Pizza Planet is a restaurant in the human world, so it would have to be built way larger than life and would likely exceed maximum building height. Think about how huge the restaurant looked to the toys and how big Andy’s foot prints look in the land, the restaurant would have to be built to that scale.

  6. Darlene

    No no no. Pizza Planet was not good or fun. The pizzas and salads were just ok. But the upstairs arcade was loud, full of screaming kids, cost so much money for any game, and not themed well.
    BBQ sit down Toy Story themed restaurant is way better and I already have 2 reservations!! So excited!
    If they did Pizza Planet it would be like AK pizzafari. It’s basically the same thing as the old Pizza Planet. Blah and basic.

  7. Sirya

    Nope not a mistake. The Pizza Planet wouldn’t be a “toy” in Andy’s backyard. The Rodeo Roundup is going to be themed as a shoebox covered in Andy’s art. That fits better with the land. And most importantly Disney couldn’t do a crappy pizza, nevermind a sit-down restaurant level pizza. At least Disney is capable of decent and good BBQ. Hopefully this will be Flame-Tree BBQ level quality.

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