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Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Loki' TV show

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Rita

    We can’t wait for season two of Loki. The only things keeping Disney profitable are Star Wars and Marvel. Do they really want to mess with their biggest sources of income at the moment?!?

    1. Ev

      Lady Disney generates more income in residual profits from projects they funded between ’70-’00, than any other company like them make combined.

      Disney bought five studios in over the pandemic. If there is any American company that won’t ever NOT stay in the green it’s Disney.

      They can literally cash their own checks.

    2. WillSaxon1963

      Loki in the movies, was cunning and menacing. The TV Loki literally became a punching bag, by a character who he could best with a mere thought. And the big bad, Loki tells her “she runs rings around him”. This from a character who bested the Hulk and Thor. Loki is a cunning trickster, not of which was on display. Disney got away from the mission, Focus on the main character, and write/cast compelling Villians.

      1. Robert

        In the movies Loki had the powers of a God and still always lost. In the show he doesn’t have any of those powers, nor any of the gadgets (the tessaract) or support (Thanos) that made him briefly menacing.

      2. Metatron

        Great so they inundate us with garbage and push back one of the few good things they’ve got. Smart.

        1. Krsi

          Well that’s just great! Take the good stuff off and leave us with woke junk.

          1. Kaz

            What do you mean by woke junk?

            1. Seren

              Its pretty clear what they ment. And they were right. Woke B.S is the reason most of us stopped watching Disney.

        2. Jan

          I think it a bunch of crap teasing us with it and then backing out. I’m about through with Disney plus. They could do so much better with bring Lori back and doing Agatha, yet they want to bring us stuff like ms marvel that was not very good. I can’t believe they would do this to their fans.

  2. Sandra

    Love Loki. Can’t wait.

  3. CP

    Some of the things Bob iger has done i kind of agree but if you want to keep a little momentum and have the masses stay dont show a date and take it back its a bit in poor taste maybe move it a bit and work with that. Its one in poor taste and its another thing your losing the true geeks that have given you the money where the newbies are more into a bit of nothing tv. So you lose money anyway.

    1. We LOVE Loki. Changing the date is one thing leaving it. A mystery is something completely different. Playing with fire Eiger! be careful.

      1. Leenie


        1. Nunya

          Right?! Loki was t reason I even bought and pay for Disney + . Now they wanna pull this crap with pushing it back or not completely even do the show. Btw, I do watch Mando &grogu❣️

    2. Jerry

      I don’t believe it has anything to do with “Superhero fatigue” but instead very poor content.
      Quantumaninia is just a so-so movie and nearly all of the Disney/Marvel streaming shows were poor quality, poor acting. And poor effects.
      Fans notice this and are hesitant to invest their money in future content.

      1. Adrian

        You beat me to it. I would add poor writing as well.

        1. arian

          I’m dying for the return of Loki. Hope they don’t scrub it. Please

      2. WillSaxon1963

        Not just poor content, but partly due to making main character “weaker”, and promote female character, who is superior in EVERY way, No problem with that, except there is no journey for the female character to get there. The Ms Marvel teen, got the powers and BAM, she was battle ready. No mentor of any kind. Strong female characters not a problem, Ripley, Sarah Conners, VI Waschowski, WW1not WW84, Bionic Woman, Cagney &Lacey, SG1”s Sam Carter. To name a few were flawed, had a journey, persevered without having to tell us Girl power anthems. They just work hard, and did there jobs. The obstacles were obvious without having to remind us how bad men are. They also balanced the shows with men who respected them.

        1. No name

          Agree wholeheartedly, the inclusion of “Wokeness “themes are forced and out of place not adding anything to the plot and are gratuitous and pandering to an audience that probably doesn’t even watch super hero movies ( my opinion only)
          These movies are for escapism, not to be lectured or indoctrinated, if I want that I’ll watch a spike Lee movie

  4. Thomas

    Love the show. Really disappointed season 2 is being pushed back.☹️

  5. Michael Timko

    I think Disney is the best company to break away from the old guard model of movie theater distribution.

    In the most recent fiscal year, Disney spent $33 billion collectively across Disney (Disney, Marvel Studios & Lucasfilms), Hulu & ESPN. A no ads bundle brings in $20, so with 173,7 million subscribers, there making $3.474 billion a month or 41.688 billion a year.

    The only reason Disney+ is not profitable is because of the 60/40 revenue split between movie theaters & Disney.

    Could you imagine what Disney+ could become if Bob Iger gave Regal Cinemas, AMC & Cinemark the middle finger and cut them out of the equation? Just think of it Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny “exclusively” on Disney+ or see Marvel Studios, “The Marvels” in ‘Home Theaters’ only.

    If they would cut out the middle man, then I could see one of two things happening. They could create a new tier of membership similar to the defunct Disney Premier Access that would give a subscriber willing to pay a little more an exclusive 45 day early release of all Disney productions or just bumping up all the tiers a few more bucks to account for the paradigm shift to the new model.

    I already pay $20 a month for Netflix, so with what Disney could deliver in a theater-less model, I could see the Disney bundle increasing its sale price to $25 to $30 a month and it would be an absolute steal for what you would gain.

    1. Nicholas kleiner

      Black Widow was a pay extra to watch now or wait 6 months and watch with your current subscription. They could do that again under your model.

  6. June OShields

    It’s a bad decision to not release Loki 2. I as well as many others have been looking forward to seeing it. I am canceling my Disney Bundle as protest of not releasing Loki 2 in June.

  7. Anne

    Loki was one of the reasons to keep Disney+. Very disappointed.

  8. Wendy

    Seriously mad about this… bad enough iron man died, Cap got old and Marvel only wants a bunch of little kids in their movies now. Thor’s last movie was garbage. Loki is the only thing we have left… 😞

  9. Ivan Jimenez

    Loki will be missed!!!! It’s was definitely fun to watch

    1. Alicia

      It seems that Disney is just into killing off most of the best money making heroes..They need new talented writers, bring back actors that brought in the money, and stop jerking loyal fans around before there’s no way home for real !!!

  10. disgustedfan

    Some of you need to grow up in this comment section…kr seek therapy whichever one comes first. Disney is a family oriented company first and foremost. If you’re suprised you see more younger folks in these movies maybe realize there are KID actresses/actors. I’d rather a 15 year old play a 15 year old and not some young 25 year old.
    This is why people clown on adults who like disney. Spoiled and entitled manchildren who refuse to grow up.
    Things happen if you’re that frustrated a release date is changed, once again, seek therapy.
    Begging you people to be mature and normal for your age.

    1. Tim

      Nah more like I wouldn’t let my kids watch that crap either

    2. Rick

      Really? It’s our fault Disney bought Marvel and diminishes the content with mediocre writing and changing characters personalities? Netflix was bold with the Marvel content they produced. I fear what Disney is going to do to Charlie Cox’s well-fleshed Daredevil series after Netflix made it must-see TV. I enjoyed Loki on Disney+ because of Tom Huddleston, even with the strange, sometimes non-coherent writing. No. Bringing in kids for the sake of a younger generation is going to alienate the paying viewers. Like Netflix, Disney+ will begin to lose viewers because if their greed and politics.

  11. Robert Holt

    You have got to be kidding me. How can they place that post credit scene on the tail end of quantumania and not expect there to be an uproar over the push back of Loki season 2?! We’ve got to know what happens!!

  12. Dina

    Fans aren’t losing interest due to “superhero fatigue” or “over-saturation.” We’re losing interest because you’re fighting off either our favorite characters or the actors associated with those characters. Want to pique our interest? Keep in like with Stan Lee’s legacy, bring back our favorite characters that we have grown to know and love, and keep to the promised release date. Too bad that Loki has been postponed. Many fans will just tend to give up. Hope the series isn’t completely cancelled when all is said and done.

    1. Andy

      100% agree. Super hero fatigue is just Disney not wanting to admit they have bad writers. Lol Disney is going to crash and burn thanks to woke activist writers

      1. Rick


  13. KH

    Don’t think it’s superhero fatigue, but woke fatigue. Make a good movie and people will come

    1. Andy


  14. ScoobySnax

    4 to 6 new shows a year…maybe? Plus old movies.
    Looks like something i would sign up once a year for a month and binge. Makes no financial sense.

    1. Skree

      This is where I’m at. There is very little draw for me to keep an ongoing $13 service when there isn’t anything I care to watch. If they’re spacing things out more and only having one or two things release per year, then I can absolutely sub for the time period my show is on and cancel after. Having a consistent flow is a good thing.

  15. Eddie Phillips

    I am definitely disappointed that look unlucky season two will not be playing this upsets me dearly. I always enjoyed all marvel contact.

  16. Wayne

    This is ridiculous – super hero fatigue? As a loyal fan of the genre, I feel like I’ve been totally disregarded in this equation. I’m done with Disney+ after Mandalorian season 3 is over (about 3 weeks). These cancellations smell more like executive ego than anything. Maybe the Marvel cheapened it’s catalogue by making too much non-theater content.

  17. Tim

    It’s not marvel fatigue it’s crappy characters and wokeness is the problem

  18. David

    K.E.V.I.N. is making weird decisions. This was a great show and had great viewership, and this gets canceled while silly movies like Love and Thunder and Ant Man get released? Why does it feel like Marvel is trying way too hard to prove it wasn’t successful because of the great characters in the first 3 Phases? You can’t just throw any character from any Marvel comic onto the screen, it takes both the character and the actors who brought them to life to bring audiences back. Stop treating your audience like DC has been doing for ages, as though you can put any garbage out there and we’ll come running because it’s Marvel. I’m hugely disappointed at this delay, Loki was and is a great character played by one of the best actors in the MCU.

  19. Mari

    Well this sucks. We were looking forward to seeing Loki this year. I thought we were going to have several Marvel series available this year. Now I’m considering canceling Disney + after Mandalorian. Last year was great because we got to see great Marvel series. After Endgame, I thought at least we get to see the characters in other series. But this article is disappointing for us Marvel fans. If they’re going to make me wait, I might lose interest.

  20. Sarge

    If you read the links included in this article, Loki season 2 has been moved to later in the Summer of this year. A quote from The Direct article they link to:

    “The latest update on the release came with a report that claimed its premiere will come “much later” in the summer, although showed no indication of a push beyond that into the fall.”

    This website doesn’t report, it just sensationalizes and reprints stories the ‘authors’ find elsewhere for page clicks for advertising (my ad blockers show 36 ads blocked on this page alone) so please don’t take anything you read here as factual, as it usually isn’t.

  21. Me, I think?

    A24 Director, Daniels’ is working on it. I’ll wait, rush free. Those guys are geniuses in terms of new media and I’m overly excited that Disney came them the opportunity for Loki season 2.

  22. Richard B

    “Super hero fatigue” isn’t real. “Woke fatigue” DEFINITELY is. I’m sick of everyone scrambling to avoid eggshells just to avoid offending snowflakes!! Ya know what we used to do when we were offended or upset about things? We’d either get over it and move on, or throw a fit and STILL move on. Either way, we got over it and MOVED ON. We didn’t go on some personalized quest to cancel something we didn’t like, we just learned that if we didn’t like it, we just didn’t partake or participate in said event or action anymore. Problem solved!! As far as pushing back anticipated shows or movies goes, if it’s your money maker (the way Loki or Spiderman are) QUIT SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT!! From a business standpoint, this is incredibly ignorant and just seems like Iger is flexing his new power in the business. Yes, yes we all get it dude; you’re the effin’ man. We all see you. Now watch your wallet get lighter as everyone is getting wiser and realizing that we don’t have to stay subscribed to your streaming service year round, in order to enjoy the content we actually want. Star Wars (actually mainly The Mandolorian) and Marvel are your two largest contributors to your company. Why would you disrupt or interfere with their release schedule. Even if it’s only by a couple of months, why would you place that seed of doubt or displeasure into your customer’s minds about how to feel about your consistency or reliability? Just saying… You’re likely going to cause people to lose interest entirely, or just cause them to not stick around to find out if you’re going to keep jacking around with their interests.

    1. Alan

      And yet here you are, not moving on….

  23. Ari


  24. Prof

    There is no super hero fatigue, just poor concepts and bad writing. We liked Quantumania. Loki, Wandavision, Hawkeye, Falcon & Winter Soldier. These are the foundations to introduce new characters.. Giving new characters their own series and calling it a phase is not working.

  25. Jennifer Fung

    I don’t watch Marvel stuff on Disney+, but I felt sad that the second season of Loki had left out. Yep, we are all sad. I am still watching The Simpsons on the platform.

  26. Gail

    There is no such thing as too much Loki! I could listen to Tom Hiddleston read the dictionary! Disney needs to scale back on minor characters like Ant Man.and double down on Loki. IMHO!

  27. Shari

    No…we’ve already been waiting so long for this next season. One of the only reasons we’ve kept Disney Plus this long. Very disappointing to say the least

  28. Me

    Why stop Loki? They should cancel She Hulk instead!!!

  29. S

    Disney is buying up profitable IP, because they know in 2036, despite fighting to stop it, many of it’s core characters are passing into public domain.

  30. LongTimeLokiFan

    I’m so disappointed that Disney+ is doing this. As a long time fan of Tom Hiddleston playing Loki this is sad news. A lot of us fans have been waiting for Season 2 now I feel this is a slap in the face to us. It’s no wonder that I’m not a fan of Disney because of things like this. Looks like I’ll be canceling my subscription. Bye. Bye Disney+

  31. Ashlee

    My husband and I were very much looking forward to the new Loki season. Very disappointed that it’s not coming as scheduled!!!

  32. Dennis

    If a show is a success, why not keep going? It does not seem like good business. What special group of officials makes this kind of decision?

  33. Henry

    Awww, come on!!!!! No teasing!!!! We want the Loki!!!!!!!
    Pay up Disney!!!!!

  34. Terry

    Why is it that they think by spreading out a longer time in between shows will make Dana happier in the long ru ? All it makes us is forgetting what and when it was. Shows used to be season 1. Summer. Season 2. And we we very happy with that

  35. Corey

    Very disappointing, not sure on the logic here. Waiting causes some anticipation (it’s already there) denying causes frustration and increased likelihood that I’ll just go elsewhere for my entertainment and forget about Disney streaming, eventually to decide its not worth the $$$

  36. Morton

    This series must stink on ice, since they keep delaying it. It’s will be a bigger mess than She-Hulk. Loki is the only reason I’m into the MCU and getting tired of being jacked-around by these millionaire executives.

    1. NikiBGC


  37. Newhouse75

    Meanwhile The Little Turdmaid is getting ready to premiere. Disney will always back their own projects first. Everyone of those 2D animated movies gone live action with the exception of Beauty &The Beast have been garbage.

  38. Nicholas kleiner

    It’s not “super hero fatigue” it’s the woke agenda, bad writing, dishonest content release and not following the base content and a little bad acting (capt marvel) that is making everyone mad. Disney, if you are reading these comments, listen to people who are complaining. Parents are getting tired of the woke stuff getting shoved down their throats and will not let there kids watch things that are pushing the agenda that they don’t care for. Am I saddened by the moves you just made? Yes. But is it worth canceling until shows I love return and sports that I watch come back…maybe. please read these comments Disney and don’t shove us off because you know best and don’t listen to the fan bases.

  39. KWM


  40. Please Put it back on I love loki

  41. DeepRed

    Looks like I’m going to cancel Disney+ until they get their acts together

  42. NikiBGC

    A big thing too with us wanting to watch Loki is that he is HOT sexy… he always looked great in the movies & his hair was actually styled- in the series it looks like they just threw some cheap mop of a messy wig on his head & it definetly took away from his appeal. He’s a prince who always took pride in his royal appearance- so the messy gloppy hair in the series just threw me off. Bring his original character & personality back- & the views & profits will return.

    1. Lorin

      LMAO! That “cheap, messy mop” was Tom’s own hair dyed black!

  43. Jara

    Given Loki was the most watched D+ Marvel series, the character (and Hiddleston´s popularity), it is a bit confusing what are they trying to do. Loki S2 and Secret Invasion are now basically the only two projects people were the most excited for because despite them introducing new heroes, fans still love the old ones…Loki more than most now, since there are not many characters from first phases left. I don´t really know who asked for a show for Echo…they should consider what to make and for whom. And it is not fatigue. I am a big fan and I still like it and watch everthing and I will happily watch new series every two months…but it is the quality of content that matters. Whoever said that “Thor: Love and Thunder” is the best Thor movie must have been high.

  44. Jesse

    We’ll, I guess it’s time to cancel my Disney plus subscription. Why do ceos think the first thing to do to make money is to cut, cut ,cut, isn’t the saying you gotta spend money to make money still hold true. Ask Musk, he’ll tell you.

  45. Shinimegami23

    Loki was the whole reason I got Disney+ in the first place…Although I have enjoyed the platform, this pushback of shows I’ve been wanting, ESPECIALLY Loki, makes me super cranky. It also makes me worry about them trying to limit content to squeeze the most out of streaming revenue…

  46. SJ

    This doesn’t seem like a good way to keep people on D+. At this point just cancel and resub in a couple years when all this comes out?

    The point of having some shows spaced out is that you keep people subscribed since the next thing is just a little bit away.

  47. Debbie

    Movie Loki only used a fraction of what his powers were supposed to be as listed in the Marvel Wiki. They kept depowering him, probably because he would’ve outshone Thor.

    And then, they depowered him even more for the series and he barely stars in his own show. They should’ve called the show Sylvie. I truly hope they’re postponing release to make changes that will make it the Loki show. They’ve done a great disservice to his fans so far.

  48. Former lifelong fan

    Bottom line: you can’t trust the Disney brand unconditionally anymore. If you have young kids, or even impressionable teens, you have to screen everything first. Maybe half of the audience doesn’t care, but a huge portion does. And that’s the difference between a so-so box office return and a big hit. P.S. Trust is hard to earn back, once lost!

  49. Former lifelong fan

    Also, the whole Metaverse thing just seems like an excuse to replace our fan-favorites with whatever new “diverse” person they want to throw at us.

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