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A Disneyland Cast Member stands by a COVID health and safety sign, wearing a face mask and showing off the Disneyland rules.

Credit: Official Disneyland Instagram


  1. Stephen

    My wife and I were on our 20 year anniversary from Australia when we were at DLR when it closed. Best day was the Thursday when it was announced as the park was empty after everyone bailed for cars and exits.

    It meant that the evening was free to reign the park. I had to wait till 9 for the Stars Wars Galaxy ride but 3 hours of just no queues on Splash Mountains. Blob sleds. INDY ride etc was just the best.

    We had time to go to Vegas where it shut-down on us and we had to exit the US in haste to return home as limited flights.

    Most magical trip ever and only just beats with my 15 and 9 year old 10 years before.

  2. Chris

    And we are still feeling the after effects of shutting everything down and beginning to understand that it caused way more damage than it prevented (which many of us said at the time would be the case).

    Countless people died because of the shutdowns, due to not being able to get proper medical care for things like cancer, etc. that were time sensitive, but not considered immediately life threatening.

    Many businesses closed and never were able to reopen due to the financial hits.

    An increase of suicides due to depression.

    The list goes on and on, may we always remember that this was NOT the right way to handle this situation, so that if we are ever in a similar situation again, we do a better job.

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