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Entrance to Six Flags Over Georgia with a roller coaster in the background

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  1. Marina

    Kids need to learn their place!!! They are on private property and are bound by the rules and regulation of six flags!!! No exceptions six flags is tired of the disrespect on the park grounds with all these fights and most are gang related!!! Or over females. Its just vile disrespect that they come where people come to have fun and they ruin it by fighting!!! I bet they wouldnt pull that crap at home? So maybe sittin in jail will teach them a valuable lesson….”RESPECT”

    1. Mars

      Totally agree. They’re heathens with complete disregard and respect for others. Laws should be passed to charge parents in addition to their minors and perhaps things would change.

  2. Kj

    Its funny to me that everytime someone’s child is violent or arrested for violence that they’re always athletes, rappers, or ” The best kid in the world but clearly its never the case I think that the police should start charging them all as adults and maybe be the time that they reach adulthood then they will have actually learned a thing or two so that their lives don’t end in prison this is only the beginning of a long career of crime and the parents are the worst enablers in these kids lives. Robbery charges for a grown man cost you like 10 to 20 years of your life but with kids they always have been told that they won’t get the same time because of their ages but we need to put a stop to this as a community and as parents if your child is breaking the law then common sense tell you that one day they’ll be arrested the thing is to stop it before they are to old and or serving 20 years to life.

  3. Mars

    Yep, it’s always the same routine with these parents…complete lack of awareness of what they’re good little darlings are really up to out here. Completely out of touch in denial, enabling their “good boys”.

  4. AG

    Sounds like bad parenting to me.

  5. We went a few times last year and it was ok until Fright Fest. Nothing scary around, but mobs of 50 or so teens were running back and forth or unruly congregating. They were scaring everyone around. It was insane.

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