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Alexandra Daniels (L) and Brie Larson as Captain Marvel (R)

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  1. Me

    I think Brie Larson as captain Marvel was great I don’t get what the problem is with her playing the character but to each his/her own.

    1. NVDan

      I agree. I have no idea where this hatred of Brie Larson comes from. I thought Captain Marvel was one of the better MCU movies and Brie Larson is a large part of why I liked it. As in everything I’ve seen her in her performance was good. For some, talent just doesn’t seem to be enough.

      1. You guys are a bunch of simps just like Kevin Feige lusting over her. With the men heroes, you go through their pains and agony dealing with the characters as they mature in the process. In the end, you root for them to be succeed because of their growth to take that stage. Also, they get the girl as a reward. For the Marvels, it doesn’t work because she gains power and does not feel like she deserves it not having gone through the life’s challenges. That’s why we don’t feel for her. The acting could be better to see her suffer first, but they can’t show this because it would destroy the strong and independent narratives displayed in modern movies. They had to make the men seem weak to make the woman look strong. I rather see the woman getting beating up but then using her wit to win out in the end. This makes for a more realistic scenario. Also, for women heroine, she doesn’t get the guy because she needs the guy to ask her first. See the issue here. This is why the female heroine movies failed. Guys are the ones primarily watching and they need aspirations.

        1. It’s absolutely hilarious 😂 to see people like this comment on Brie’s acting ability as if they are experts since her first movie as Captain Marvel earned over a billion dollars worldwide.

          It’s only a biased reason that he doesn’t like Brie Larson. As for the guys who go to these movies because they need aspirations… they should stick to the movies that makes them feel like real men.

          And we’ll watch the female led movies without them.

          1. Tyler

            Oof, that wasn’t the way to handle that. People don’t dislike her for her acting (she’s actually really good), they dislike her because she’s mean, belittling, and self-absorbed. Captain Marvel wasn’t the worst movie ever (and I was super excited for it), but it just wasn’t written well and the main character has no flaws. If a character has no flaws, then they can’t develop or change, which can make the story unengaging. Don’t be like Brie and lump all her critics into one group of people

          2. The fact that this fabricated narrative exists in the first place is astounding. The fact that people like you keep unironically repeating it is beyond mystifying.

          3. Tyler

            “Fabricated narrative” huh? Do tell, to what narrative do you refer and how is said narrative fabricated? Being vague doesn’t help your argument

          4. Bill M

            Well, as far as ‘fabricated narrative’ goes, there’s the whole ‘the main character has no flaws’ bit. ‘Vers’ as we meet her has a *lot* of flaws. They’re just spackled-over heavily by the whole ‘We’re a race of noble warrior poet heroes’ nonsense. She doesn’t know herself, doesn’t trust herself… she’s a big bag of insecurities and low self-image relying on the manipulations of her ‘It’d be Stockholm Syndrome except she doesn’t know better’ abductor/handler Yon-Rogg. Any sense of herself as an individual is purely incidental, which is why the direction she got was to ‘go small’: Vers isn’t emoting much *on purpose*, because she’s suppressing her emotions. And all she’s got when she’s like that is some energy blasts that can’t even crack her hands out of cuffs an ice princess could shatter at the end of Frozen. 😛

            Once she’s on Earth, that slowly begins to crack a little. It accelerates some (but not much) with Fury and Goose, but it really becomes apparent once she reunites with Maria and Monica Rambeau. That’s the first time we see the smiles, laughter, and even the pain that we *have* seen previously only in her fragmented memories.

            Carol, in her memories, laughs freely, gives us broad smiles and deep scowls, and yet for the first 2/3 of the movie, ‘Vers’ is suppressing all of those reactions and trying to live in denial. And when push comes to shove… it gets her caught, bound, and basically tossed into ‘Supreme Intelligence Time-Out’.

            Her journey here isn’t one of big external-facing flaws, it’s one of overcoming introverted flaws, like trying to deny your own being, low self-esteem, and living for the expectations of others, all moving toward self-acceptance. And once she does accept herself, and embrace the totality of who she is, rather than who she’s believes she needs to be, who she’s been *told* to be, the power is at her fingertips.

            It may not be a story that resonates with everyone, and it’s definitely one where the storytelling and writing was a bit flawed, and the choices made undersold that in favor of Marvel Spectacle (and let’s face it, not all genres are well-suited to all stories), but there’s definitely flaws and character development there.

            It reminded me a lot of things my mom used to say about how hard it was for her to decide that she wanted to go into STEM in the 1960s instead of being a homemaker the way everyone told her she should. Growing up in the 40s and 50s, she was raised to think of herself one way, but it wasn’t until she overcame that to embrace the truth of who she was and what she wanted that she was ever really happy.

          5. Joh

            Nope. I DO dislike her for her acting. I think she sucks frankly and I love most, if not all of the actresses. In the MCU. I simply don’t believe her in this role.

          6. Andres

            It only made billions because it was the preamble for end game. There was an incentive to follow the story. The movie overall was ok.. for the time. Let’s not try to pretend people went to see it because of Captain Marvel. The actress is a bit off putting and that’s why they don’t like her

          7. Dan Johnston

            I personally thought it was terrible and I got to see it for free. The MCU has some of the best comic book movies ever created but it has its fair share of hot garbage also. Captain marvel is towards the bottom but by no means the worst ever. Personally I give love and thunder that title. I still cant believe they allowed that movie to be viewed by the public, they had to of known how nonsensical it was. As soon as feige saw the final cut he should have ordered them to burn every copy in existence and rewrite/reshoot the entire film.

          8. Women and girls turned out by the millions for this movie. Only nerds in the know even had any idea it was connected to Endgame.

          9. LokiLoki

            That is false…women were NOT out in droves for a superhero movie si ply because the character was female…it was the same audience that has seen all of the other movies

          10. Backcountry164

            Source?? No pictures of your backside please…

          11. Loki

            The ONLY reason people watched Captin Marvel was because they made it seem like gou had to in order to understand Endgame….but you didn’t and it was a steaming pile of dung….oh, and everyone that Brie Larson has worked with has made it pretty clear that they don’t like her as a person…

        2. Phil Linz

          What does that have to do with the actress?

          1. So glad Larsen is replaced. Can’t even look at that stone cold face. Even an attempted smile seems fake. No affect. Might be a decent Avatar. I have never said this about another actress and I went to this movie with excited and with an open mind.

          2. Joshua

            Watched the movies, acting was ok. Watched interviews. In live and recorded interviews she appeared to have an attitude. Other actors and production staff indicate she was difficult to work with.

            Don Chedle, and and mark ruffulo both replaced actors who were said to be difficult to work with. No one is irreplaceable.

        3. luca

          we can all tell you’ve never felt the touch of a woman

        4. Nonya

          Your complaints seem to be more with the character than the actor/ actress… just saying…

        5. Eileen

          Well. No. Totally disagree. I have been into heroines since I was 8. Faborite is Wonder Eomsn because she’s not a pss add le imitstionbof a man. And she was one of the most popular superheroes. I think men just resent women who don’t need them to be heroes. Doesn’t mean I don’t adore men. Just don’t need em to save me.

          1. Joe

            Love to hear you say that if a man had you backed into a corner and was looking to hurt you. You’d be praying for a man to save you. These movies like Black Widow where woman are physically overpowering men are just too unrealistic and silly. At least give them a super power or be smarter to make it possible or more realistic, not stronger or tougher. Why do women today want to be men?

          2. FVPSA

            Encourage you to look up Julija Pajić.

            I also encourage you to take a deep look inside yourself as well. Being that you are talking about a movie universe, where there exists talking alien racoons, 90 year old chrogenically frozen soldiers, merpeople, timetravel, multipule universes, and as you have stated people have various superpowers and your mind hangs-up at a women being able to physically combat a man says way more about you then what is on the screen. Guessing your ex’s, if you have gotten that far, would say much the same.

          3. DeadDeadMayhem

            Lmfao man second incel I seen on here. Have you seen women in mma they would make short work of you.

          4. LokiLoki

            Wonder woman was a Chris Pine movie…Gal Gadot is smoking hot but cannot act which is why Pone had to carry the movie and they even brought his character back from the dead so he could carry the sequel. For all of the commentary about it being a female friendly movie, she was very one dimensional with only a single minded focus to fight Ares…he did EVERYTHING to progress the plot…

        6. Gabe

          Huh. I think you might enjoy the final episodes of She-Hulk.

          1. Loki

            No one enjoyed She Hulk…

          2. DeadDeadMayhem

            Everyone I know does.

        7. Carol Danvers

          You’ve apparently never read the comic books
          So I think you’re opinion is non-valid and incorrect so kindly remove yourself from this conversation ☺️

        8. Hman

          NONSENSE!! Everyone you just said ia nonsense! Proof: Spiderman gained his powers too. He got three movies and she only got one to show her story arc.

          1. LokiLoki

            Captain Marvel is not so much a character as a plot device….hence the lack if being in any movie except to do some random impossible thing and then disappear again…

          2. Backcountry164

            Fail. Spidermans arc wasn’t getting the powers, it was learning to use them responsibly. Still starts as a flawed character. Still a hero’s journey. Try harder next time…

        9. Duke


        10. Troy

          Sense when have gaining powers been about deserving? Superman was from another planet, Flash was struck by lightning lightning and chemicals at the same time, green lantern was just given a power ring, and mutants are just born with powers. If you don’t like Bree Larson just say it and stop making it about Captain Marvel being a undeserving woman.

          1. LokiLoki

            DC is one dimensional…dont EVER use that latest as an good example…

          2. Backcountry164

            ?? Are we pretending that these are all popular characters??

        11. Dan Johnston

          You come out swinging by calling everyone simps and then you go on to deliver that trash? U don’t just have diarrhea of the mouth, you’ve got diarrhea of the brain. And ur breath no doubt has a sort of rotten eggs with a dash of used baby diaper scent to it.

        12. TC

          Way too many words to say you don’t like her.
          Besides, @ $1B gross, someone like it.

        13. The fact that you think girls are reward explains everything about you. None of it good.

          1. Loki

            What do you call something you get through successful effort…a reward….not many GOOD women are interested in a guy that makes no effort…

        14. Morgan

          I agree with everything in This statement.

        15. TheRealHellcat

          Oh be quiet you don’t see the men heroes suffering going through pain when they gain their powers with all due respect please shut thee hell up

        16. CRG

          Blah, blah, blah. There is no cap marvel controversy. Stop trying to make one.

        17. DeadMayhem

          Well we dound the Incel on here lol

        18. Mee3

          That’s exactly how I feel. To add to that, Brie’s acting is not that great. She didn’t really show much emotion so it was hard to get invested into her character. I for one can’t stand her acting. But hey to each their own. I just don’t like the way they pushed her as the strongest character just because.
          My personal favorite part of Infiniti war was when she was punched off screen.

        19. Dale

          From what you wrote it looks more like you hate women than anything else

        20. Melody

          This sounds like you just have a problem with strong women.

        21. J10

          You need to use the other 99 percent of your pea brain. It was a movie not your fantasy world

      2. John

        It stems from some comments she made and has nothing to do with her as an actress or her acting

      3. Robert

        Why on earth would you replace Brie Larson? She did great in her movie and in Endgame. Keep her for the next phase and see her too the end like you did with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

      4. Pauly

        It’s probably more about what she says rather than her talent. She does well as Captain Marvel but she attacked a lot of people based off the race and sex they were born. Doesn’t look good for the Mcu.

      5. Joh

        I think it is more an issue of her not having enough talent. To my tastes she is easily the most wooden of all the top tier heroes.

    2. Lars

      Brie Larson is reportedly not ok with the movie being titled the marvels she would rather have it valled captain marvel 2 +she doesn´t like the story and had some serious arguments with the monica rambeau actress

      1. Que

        Where did she say this?

      2. Keith

        I’ve seen the article you’ve referred to or at least that tidbit of news buts also hearsay.

    3. Trey long

      She’s brilliant. Made a billion. What backlash? I’d bet it’s some Woketopian garbage. Disney has more trannys than the ladies room at Grand Central Station. already canceled Disney plus.

    4. I thought she was fine too but my brother hated her. 🤔

  2. Seb

    This is the most horribly written article I’ve ever read. 0/10.

    1. Jeremy

      Ant-Man and the Wasp was not widely panned. It did pretty decent in the general audience’s reviews. This article is terrible.

    2. Backcountry164

      And yet it still got both your click and your comment…

  3. Brenda

    What kind of article is this? Brie was never replaced as Captain Marvel. This is about the animated series What If…?, which, as the article states, had several characters voiced by someone else.

  4. jks

    the meeteo dudes needs a hug. you dont need to hate women to not be a “simp” brie larson was good as captain marvel a charcter noncomic fans didnt know until she played her

  5. Should of been Katheryn Winick to begin with I say do it

  6. Actually, Brie Larson was the perfect person cast in the role of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

    A lot of people don’t know enough about Brie’s career to know that she’s an Academy Award winning actress and a Golden Globe winner as well.

    As for Katheryn Winnock being a better choice… that’s only an opinion. She would not have made a billion dollar movie.

    1. LokiLoki

      And yet, we ALL see that she cannot act…

  7. Maltourus

    Most men don’t like feminists. She’s a vocal feminist. I like her but I think her talents are wasted on a crap hero. If she’s replaced it’s their loss, not hers. Captain Marvel has the same issue as Superman. OP heros are boring, and she’s top tier actor. Wtf was the point. DC does female characters better. Give her Megan Dietrich and finally make 100 bullets. MCU is fading fast.

  8. Daniel Falkenrath

    Brie was perfect in her role as Captain Marvel l love that movie

  9. Marlon Sanchez

    I click here for a article but somehow all I see is the comments section??

  10. Who are the ‘Russ brothers’?

  11. Ehy

    Yawn…baf…Captain Marvel was a man…

  12. Joshua

    It made billion dollars are rhe strength of the previous movies and anticipating the hype. I’m a huge Marvel fan Not just for the movies but comics as well. The movie was boring with all the big names it just didn’t do it for me. Ms. Larsonmight be a fine actress but she needs to be in a supporting role. She was bland in her debut movie. I will wait for the movie to hit Disney +. Not excited at all about upcoming movie.

    1. Loki

      This 100%….people watched Captain Marvel so they didn’t miss some part of the larger story…NOT because they were interested on the actress or the character…

  13. Wozza

    Sad to hear about this change, I don’t know if i can contemplate this when watching a different actor

  14. Babu

    Look. Brie is more of a supporting actress at best.

    Captain Marvel is more recognized as supporting character in the comics & cartoons.

    Charisma = Not a top movie star level.

    What do you expect her to be?

  15. Aaron

    Keep Queen Brie 👑 or will boycott.Oh ps stop making woke marvel too and start making comic book worthy action marvel . If ya wanna read my lil pony that’s in the other section like DC ha ha 😂.

    1. LokiLoki

      No one cares if you boycott…

  16. Edward D Porter

    My whole issue is the Captain Marvel origin story. They completely forgot Monica Rambeau was captain marvel before carol danvers. Watching it and then reading captain marvel I was annoyed. If it would have been done correctly then the marvels would have made sense. Even in the comics there was beef between the two because carol never spoke to Monica before she self promoted herself from Ms Marvel to captain marvel

  17. Sampson

    100% support Brie and enjoy her acting… #BrieLarson Even got her music….

  18. Drew

    They are replacing Brie Larson because she is a pain in the ass to work with, nobody that worked with her in the marvel projects liked her offset. It has nothing to do with how she did or did not perform as Captain Marvel.

  19. Brad wiehn

    See you still believe that everyone hates her.Her and Scarlett Johansson are friends and Samuel l.Jackson say’s they’re soulmates.Don Cheadle said the whole thing was bull****.

    1. LokiLoki

      Of course they said that when the studio said “hey, you guys need to make it look like you dont hate her…do it for the MCU money”

  20. Please Kevin Feige, Don’t Fired Brie Larson!!! Please Don’t!!!

  21. Erik

    Feel free to blame the Marvel ‘fanboys’ that are easily triggered by women with strong personalities. Can’t stand the childish tantrums over things being woke, when it’s just them projecting their biases on some freaking fictional characters. It’s just embarassing at this point.

    1. Loki

      Brie Larsons problem isn’t a strong personality…its a LACK of personality…

  22. Henry

    I think they should leave things the way they are.

  23. Chris

    I like brie Larson as captain marvel why so much hate

  24. Siarrah

    Msheu make everyone female and just leave it at that Erase the men that way all the women are happy little bees Excluding me why would i be happy seeing only women dominate the mcu when comics the source material of these movies dictates otherwise 🤔

  25. Trey long

    She’s brilliant. Made a billion. What backlash? I’d bet it’s some Woketopian garbage. Disney has more trannys than the ladies room at Grand Central Station. already canceled Disney plus.

  26. Mike

    As long as Captain Marvel oesnt get a well written bavkstory and isn’t portrayed by a male actor, who’s also carefully casted, the character will always be a laughing stock.

    1. Loki

      No one has a problem with any other female characters…its just Brie Larson….

  27. Corey

    There was nothing wrong with Brie Larson’s performance, in Capt. Marvel, or anything else she’s been a part of.
    I also seriously doubt anyone’s opinion on the subject could be any more, or less, on point, than a “professional movie critic”. You can make it be about anything you want to make it be about. The reality is that ANYONE who doesn’t tow the Hollywood corporate agenda and narrative, ends up on the $h** end of that stick.
    Kevin Feige is as bad as James Gunn, in that they both feel the need to “reinvent the wheel”, trying to make everything be about them. Let’s be honest here; movies don’t turn a profit, based on who is in charge of the studio. They turn a profit based on their popularity with the fans, and moviegoers. Give the fans what they WANT, and the product will sell.

  28. Soul

    Apparently Marvel doesn’t mind losing parts of their audience. Brie was a great Capt. Marvel. Disney and DuhSantis’s anti-woke agenda strikes again. How DARE anyone be enlightened, WHICH IS WHAT WOKE REALLY MEANS.

  29. Adam

    I too cannot understand why there is so much negativity to Brie Larson. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Guess we can’t please everyone though

  30. Evan

    I enjoyed her as captain Marcel. Replacing her is like teplacing terrance Howard in iron man. He was a much better fit. But whatever. Still better than any DC movie

  31. Benji Pangelinan

    The Captain Marvel movie was “meh” at best, it was poorly written and they retconned Carol’s origin story again ( remember when she used to be a mutant?) And Brie Larson was basically wooden in her performance.
    It was neither the best nor worst MCU film.
    The reason it made so much money was because we were all told it was necessary to see it before Infinity War and there was no way we weren’t going to watch Infinity War do we all watched Captain Marvel.
    The main reason Brie gets so much hate has little to do with her lack luster performance and more to do with the way she alienates the fans and can’t seem to get along with her co-stars.
    Watch any interview with her and the other MCU actors… Don Cheadle couldn’t stand to even be touched by her and RDJ outright refused to be in the same room/interview with her.
    That overwhelming lack of chemistry is why she needs to b replaced not just her mediocre acting and plane Jane looks.
    And the saddest part is there are easily a half dozen actresses that could replace and do a 100% better job of it as long as the script doesn’t suck.

  32. No one

    This is incredibly shoddy reporting.

    Raise your standards

  33. DeDude

    Changing actors sure won’t fix the problems with Captain Marvel. If the studios changed from “lets write a strong female lead” to “lets write a strong character” we would have so many more interesting movies and female characters instead of so many boring female characters. Brie did what she could with her role, but it is woefully poorly written. Any new actress will find themselves lambasted if they are associated with such a flat character.

  34. Chris Wood

    Nothing wrong with Bri Larson, the problem is with the writing and terrible story plots they gave her. Again this should be a sequel to Capt Marvel and not some female mash up nonsense. An Oscar winning actress can only work with what she is given. Can’t have good female hero’s, if they are given crappy story lines or female hero’s nobody wants to see. Maybe it’s better they killed off black widow, before these writers do it for us

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