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Joanne Rowling and Harry Potter characters

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Reynaldo b concepcion

    She created her own fears. Those are real people not Death Eaters. She created those Death Eaters. She is lost.between reality and fiction.

  2. Billie Hanson

    She is so sad and pathetic. It is such a shame that these characters came from the mind of someone so completely devoid of humanity. She may have wealth, but has lost her soul.

  3. Rowling Fan

    She is absolutely right. Trans activism is a cult that seeks to destroy any opposing opinion holders. People need to stop coddling and enabling the mentally ill.

    1. Rowling Antifan

      Pretty sure the movement is still in the “please don’t kill us” and “we aren’t subhuman” phase, haven’t branched out into the destroy all opposition phase yet like the TERFs have

      1. Kucic

        Depends where you look. The normal trans ppl just want to live and let live. But the most vocal minorities are set to attack and destroy all who doesn’t agree with them. The attacks on Hogwarts Legacy streamers is pretty much proof of that. These are one who hurt trans community the most.

        1. dreamingvertebrate

          Every accusation from you Not-Sees is a confession.
          Goebbels BIG LIES yet again?
          EPIC FAIL.

    2. dreamingvertebrate

      Rowling Fan–Hard to decide if you’re merely brain-dead or actually mentally ill. You show every sign of both pathologies.

  4. dreamingvertebrate

    Joke Terfling is a vile, soulless hack who stole her first ‘Harry Potter’ book from the brilliant Ursula K. LeGuin’s “A Wizard of Earthsea.”

    Terfling’s recent overt fascism and hysterical hatemongering is no surprise to anyone who has followed her malevolent ‘career.’ This was always ALL she was and is.


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