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Indiana Jones Adventure, iconic Disney ride finally restored at Disneyland Park

Credit: Disney


  1. Walt

    The dirt wasn’t the problem, the problem was all the broken effects… sadly, Disney most likely missed the mark with this one.

    1. P. Reed

      Most likely?? So you don’t know, and yet you are just ASSuming the worst??

  2. h

    The new projections are cool, and having the boulder and snake working again really added so much back to the ride! Glad I got to see it yesterday, even through a video my friend took on the ride… I’ll be there soon though!

  3. Michael Faussett

    Nice of them to fixed everything in Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland I never rode the it let planning on getting out there to Disneyland one day. I wish they would fixed everything on Dinosaurs ride at Animal Kingdom to because i like the ride just as much as you Indiana Jones fans like your ride at Disneyland. I am just not a big fan of Indiana Jones I am a dinosaur fan.

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