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  1. Mickeymouse3

    Anyone associated with theater or stage productions will tell you how messy a backstage area can be. It’s the stage/show that the audience sees that matters. Why would Disney be any different for their venues?

    1. I agree. I had a hands on experience in shows as a volunteer for Christmas. And it’s a all night for 4-10 week set up. And it’s hard work and dangerous for set up.and actor’s. Safety is most important for those to be the audience

  2. Backstage Life

    As a person who works in the entertainment industry, this is hardly surprising. Backstage areas are often messy and disorganized. The number of people working back there adds to the chaos. Personally, I never understand why anyone cares to see what’s back there. The show is out front. Why ruin it and see the inner workings? If people knew all the craziness behind the scenes, with colorful language, arguing, stressed out performers, etc., they would be sorry they ever cared about it.

    1. Marc

      Exquisitely well said.

  3. AP est 2018

    Articles like this are very tiresome. You click it because you think you’re going to get some quality insight but it’s going off a comment from a Reddit post. The only one out of all the other comments to say that. Saying behind the scenes pictures revealed instead of saying it’s janky and dirty because one person thought so. I loved the article the other day when the writer suggested that space mountain was going get the splash mountain treatment all because they painted a wall a different color… Quality over quantity

  4. Doug Yeager

    As a former Disney Cast Member I can tell you truthfully that backstage areas are not impressive. When a ride broke down and I was a “runner”, I took the time to explain to guests that they are seeing what it takes to make the illusion.

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