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Left: Splash Mountain on a clear, blue-sky day. Right: DeSantis holds up his finger while making a speech.


  1. F DeSatan

    The delusion is real. His “committee” has NOTHING to do with park or company operations outside of Reedy Creek. DeSatan cant touch what Disney Parks is doing.

    1. Anonymous

      Actually, he can.

    2. Kat

      He can because the commission issues permits like Reedy Creek Commission did before.

  2. Idontcare

    The anti government party sure does love to use the government to tell private businesses what to do.

    1. Larry

      Amen. But hypocrisy is their specialty. Oh, and treason/Putin loving.

      1. L carpio

        If they want to change a ride I believe they should be able too As long as it’s not derrogarty to anyone. Was considering on moving to Florida but not if government feels they need to dictate to me to keep me safe

  3. Marcus the Woke

    Meatball Ron would love to think he has the horsepower to “force” Disney to do anything. One day he will learn that he is not obeyed, he is tolerated. And just barely that.

    1. Larry


    2. Larry

      Well, really he is reviled other than rednecks and crackers.

  4. Cuyo

    This would be great if I am being honest.

  5. Rick Preissel

    Love Splash Mountain.

  6. Tom

    Honestly, I think this concern is why they appear to have expedited the demolition in Florida. They theoretically could block the demolition, but not order a rebuild. Now there isn’t anything to save.

    And replace “can’t” with “shouldn’t be able to” when discussing the reedy creek board’s power. We’ve already passed one shouldn’t just in appointing the current board; I see no reason to expect them to stop.

  7. Sheep-are-Tasty

    Groomer temper tantrums are hilarious.

    1. Ron

      WDWMagic is full of them – most with no kids

    2. Manny

      @sheep are tastes: Using words like “groomer, woke, and other assorted derogatory terms to make of for the lack of argument. If you have nothing to add it would be best to let the adults talk.

      1. Sheep-are-Tasty

        I rest my case.

  8. Tim

    Another article written to cause false rage. Do people not understand that the “Reedy Creek” board has no control over the Disney corporation? The purpose of the special District was to provide several benefits for Disney. If not for the special district Disney would have to meet standards for two different counties. Contract from two different counties for fire protection, building permits would be issued by two different counties. Finally, the district provided the Disney corporation to secure municipal bonds for infrastructure and other things that were needed for the operation of the property. There are several reasons why the district cannot be dissolved and thus the reason for what they did. Nothing really changes on the back end other than Disney can’t appoint its own people to the Board.
    Will there be changes? Yes. There will be good and ad like any Government entity. It is still a very Unique concept.

    1. Larry

      Rhonda Santis is a triggered child who thinks that his juvenile temper tantrums will take the place of rational policy. You can’t spell moRON without Rhonda

  9. Linda

    Disney should just pack up & move out of Florida. Let the evil little guy have all of that land as his own little playground!!
    He got married there, but only if there were no characters present!!
    Disney made Florida what it was. Now it’s just the banana republic he’s creating.
    It’s not a “free state!!”
    It’s only the state of crazy man.
    Let him have the land & move on. Disney doesn’t need Florida.

    1. Chris

      That isn’t actually practical, too much money to rebuild everything, not to mention there are people that own DVC, Golden Oaks, etc. that would sue the pants off Disney if they tried that.

      Like it or not, Disney is stuck in Florida.

      1. Tom

        It’d still be worth seeing if they can build a new park somewhere else, rather than gate 5. Of course, other places have seasons

  10. Bert

    Disney will be around long after any politician. 100 years and counting… oh, and term limits.

  11. TR Violante

    Bring back Splash Mountain. Bayou Adventure is irrelevant.

  12. Thierry

    If there were no drag queens, and everyone had a gun, Disney wouldn’t have to bow down to Emperor Ron.

  13. History repeats

    Personal Opinion piece!
    What happened to the party of free speach, less government, pro business, and less taxes? It seems to me that DeSantis has forgotten that you can work with businesses without raising costs to the citizens and customers to work out disagreements. But it seems that the current party leaders are more out for retaliation than standing for the basic principles mentioned above. DeSantis seems to making a habit of increasing state control/over-sight over institutions that disagree with his vision of the future. This appear to be against the basics of the Declaration of Independance and the US constitution in multiple accuracies. This also concerning that he wants to spend more money on a new militia that would only answer to the Florida Governor which increases taxes and only increases the concerns of policy enforcement by armed militia when any opposition of the Governor’s office occurs. There is a risk of DeSantis’ behavioural escalations could see that he could try to impose partial or complete seizure of people or property of those that disagree with him. This is reminding me of similar behavior of 1920’s & 1930’s Europe when legistalors will pass any law to allow the party to do what ever they want without consulting with their voters. There is supposed to be a separation between the executive, legislature, and judicial branches but this has become more blurred in the US.

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