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  1. Walt is spinning

    And…… cue the alphabet freaks’ temper tantrums.

    1. Curious, What’s an alphabet freak?

      1. Sheep-are-Tasty

        Look in the mirror.

        1. Kristen

          Ok, I did but all I saw was someone who wasn’t something that rhymes with migot and starts with a B. I asked my husband to look to and weirdly enough he thought he’d see something that rhymes with lomophone but he just saw a dude. Maybe you should try and see what you see. I’m guessing you’ll see someone who rhymes with those words.

          1. Walt

            Og my gosh Kristen – you are so funny and clever. Don’t quit your day job.

          2. There seems to be a burgeoning need for discrimination lawyers, so I probably won’t. Thanks for the compliment; I know I am clever, especially against people who showcase their ugliness.

          3. Dro Gul

            You do realize that you literally said you looked in the mirror and saw a bigot right?

          4. Laura


          5. Gary

            I hope this will get Disney back on the right track and I am sure my Cousins Walt & Roy are smiling down and hoping the same thing. Put that in your pipe & smoke it you Woke folks!!

          6. Gary

            Oh I want to add I told you Woke folks awhile back that a backlash to you was growing well it is growing very fast as you can read. In the conservative states more of them are enacting laws that deal with folks like you and maybe a few liberal states. Hopefully Woke will be gotten rid of at WDW you have corrupted Disney to far and it should have not happened. Also alot of parents across the country are very angry with you and I have a feeling that if one of those parents found out that a person was Woke they just might give the Woke person a good beating so you might want to move to a liberal state and even then watch you back. Just saying!!!

  2. Bruce Carter

    Very happy to see some responsible control exercised. Emergency services funding was long overdue – it seems the mouse was neglecting safety. As for the politics involved, I am a grandparent and don’t think discussion of any sexuality is appropriate for K-3 students, which is all that maliagned bill does. If parents want to discuss sexuality with children that young, they are free to do so. It is not the resposibility of the school system.

    1. Glad to see you want the don’t say gay bill to be strongly enforced 🙄

    2. Cyndi

      Omg! DeSantis is a grudge holding spiteful man. I fear for our country if he’s elected! Disney parks are family fun, leave it alone. There is nothing inappropriate in any of the parks

      1. Kristen

        Me too. His orange idol made it ok to be disrespectful and harmful to people, the same way this country has treated other groups of people. Many of thse commenters are the people , likely if a certain color, who think it’s ok to discriminate against people who aren’t the same color as them.

        1. Walt

          Nice try at mis-naming the bill but it has NOTHING to do with being gay. The militant left sex squad over-played their hand and lost. It IS a bill that says teachers should NOT be discussing ANY sex/sexuality with kids K-3. What could possibly be wrong that – the answer is nothing.

      2. Beth

        I’m right there with you. With what he’s done already, and continues to do to Florida, I shudder to think what would happen if he were to be elected President! I’ve always loved and been proud of being a U.S. citizen…I do not want that to change.

    3. Beth

      I’m not sure what “getting Disney back on the right track” is all about. Maybe they haven’t been as hard-nosed as they could have been on how some people dress, but I haven’t seen anything else that’s out of the way. But maybe that’s because I don’t look for those things, or my mind just doesn’t work like that.

      Will be interested to see what this new committee wants to change. Goodness knows DeSantis certainly picked an “interesting” group of people to work on it. Scary!

      There has never been discussions of any sexuality with K-3 students, so I’m not sure what DeSantis was/is talking about. He just likes to stir up trouble…

  3. Anti-Woke

    Its time Disney was put in check, far too long have they been able to do whatever they wanted with little to no consequence. Maybe now they will end the woke policies they keep instilling. Its too bad this wasn’t created before covid and maybe a the nonsense they attempted would never have happened. Maybe they can eliminate the reservation system for Disney

    1. Kristen

      What’s a wile policy? Let me rephrase that, what’s a social injustice and discrimination policy that a private company instituted that offends you?

      1. Walt

        Oh Kristen take your ridiculous over the top rhetoric somewhere else. There is no discrimination policy, there is no social injustice except in your mind. Your panties are on fire for no reason at all.

        1. Dis

          …and here comes the chauvinist right wing remarks DuhSantos worshippers are know for. The more he writes the more ignorant he appears.😂😂😂😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

    2. Maddy

      The Reedy Creek District had no control over how the parks are run. I.e. the reservation system. DeSantis is talking out of his butt and you’re falling for it. His new board does not have the power or authority that he’s trying to claim it does.

  4. WokeDisney

    This new district governing board has no control over anything that the Walt Disney corporation does. This does not change anything in regards to the so-called “wokeness”. The new district is responsible to oversee land use and environmental protections within the District, and provide essential public services (e.g. fire protection, emergency medical services, potable water production, treatment, storage, pumping & distribution, reclaimed water distribution, chilled water systems, wastewater services, drainage and flood control, electric power generation & distribution, and solid waste and recyclables collection & disposal); regulate the EPCOT Building Code; and operate and maintain all public roadways & bridges. That is all they have control over. It’s all smoke and mirrors by the Governor of Florida. Do you think that Disney wouldn’t have fought this if it wasn’t going to be a win for them? The only thing they lost was the tax burden that Orange and Osceola counties will be required to pay for.

    1. Dawn Keibals

      By keeping the district intact then I think the tax burden still falls in Disney, but agree if this was detrimental to the WDW business model they would be fighting harder. Wonder if there is a handshake deal Ron’s replacement when he starts his Presidental Campaign to ease or reverse course.

    2. Disnerd

      I guess you didn’t read the whole article. It quotes the bill: “provides for continuation of authority for revenue collection & powers to meet outstanding obligations”. This means CFTOD is responsible for debts incurred under the RCID name. Orange and Osceola will not have to pay a penny.

    3. Dis

      Yup, ALL the ignorant DuhSantos worshippers think Disney has been punished.
      Walt DisneyWorld had just pretty much given the responsibility of property maintenance to a third party. When they fail, guess who is getting sued, the right wing 5, that paid to be in charge. I doubt Walt Disney Company policies will change and will continue to support discriminated groups. They still own the property and there’s NOTHING DuhSantos or his worshippers can do about it. 😂 🤣🤣😂

    4. Mike

      So Disney stops paying taxes now?

  5. texascg

    Disney is trash. I will never trust anything they put out again!

    1. Dawn Keibals

      Why are you still here then? Save yourself some time and frustration and stop visiting sites dedicated to Disney.

    2. Thank God, and do us all a favor, and never go to a Disney park like ever because you’re the person who ruins the experience for the people who do want to be there.

  6. Disnerd

    I guess you didn’t read the whole article. It quotes the bill: “provides for continuation of authority for revenue collection & powers to meet outstanding obligations”. This means CFTOD is responsible for debts incurred under the RCID name. Orange and Osceola will not have to pay a penny.

  7. Donal D.

    Disney needs to stick with family entertainment and stay out of politics! There’s a reason a lot of their wine movies are bombing!

  8. End Woke!

    Wokeness needs to end! Seriously? Progressive extremist are upset that you can’t talk sexually with a K through 3rd grader? WTF

    1. DK

      All of the nonsence DeSantis is spewing about how classes are run, how children are being groomed, how K-3 are being taught, etc. is the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever heard. Just a way to rile about the right, who believe anything. The right will believe anything.

    2. Walt

      You’re willfully blind then. These attention seeking purple and green haired freaks in the educational system felt they needed to “come out” to their students. WHY?? What For??? to push something that I as a parent do NOT want them discussing with MY kids. Test scores SHOW that kids can’t read write or do math – here’s a radical thought – TEACH THAT. The need to discuss these things by the left wack jobs is sick. As a kid I never knew ANYTHING about my teacher and it did not affect my life AT ALL. Stop pushing you sh^& on ym kids.

      1. DK

        Walt do you have an issue with a teacher talking about their upcoming traditional marriage? Or if the family is expecting a child? Simple yes or no will suffice?

    3. Mike

      Doesn’t say anything about a “requirement for a discussion of sexuality in the K3 classroom” On the other hand, the law says that there is a requirement NOT to. It’s called a preemptive strike. It stops it before the leftists can start it.

  9. Disney and all theme parks is a place to have fun and disconnect. Why not live and let live. You can’t change how people feel we can only accept them and live our lives.politics has no place in theme parks and we have no right to tell anyone how to think or feel.

  10. J

    Consider me conservative if it simply means being against grooming 5 year olds to be sexual. How can you be against protecting little kids?

    1. Dis


    2. Kristen

      Wait, Disney is grooming five-year-olds? That damn Mouse! I knew is was a predator 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Florida residents did not want their small children to have sex education delivered by the public school system. Disney’s Bob Chapek declared war on Florida. Much to the dismay of investors and Disney fans. Woke is not cool in Florida. Now that corporate kingdom is abolished (something Biden, Sanders, and the squad should like–Disney will be paying their share of taxes), perhaps Disney leadership will realize what state they are in, Florida not California.

    1. Marcus

      Your statement is false. No one was teaching kindergarten kids about sex. It was a made-up concern.

  12. CB

    Desantis appointment a board member that thinks drinking water makes them gay!!!

  13. Marcus

    Nothing to see here. Basically, nothing has changed. A new board will oversee trash removal, road repairs, and emergency services. But, the new board has no authority what so ever over how Disney runs the parks, what attractions they build or which IPs they include in the parks. As for zoning and permit approvals, there are full time staff to do that. The board does not approve permits.

  14. Laura

    Disney board won’t do it… money over magic… but it would serve Florida right if wdw suspended operations for….oh, say, 5 years. The loss of taxes, tourism revenues, and the raised outcries from all the businesses that make part of their livelihood from Disney…. like trucking, and potato chip vendors and suppliers of toilet paper and other consumables…. will have the social-control conservatives driving this thing STRONGLY rethinking their actions.

    The kingdom of magic can not flourish in a state full of hate.

  15. Sleeping Dumpster Fire

    “measures that may ignite major controversies in the future, “including prohibiting COVID-19 restrictions at Disney World…” Yes! Although a little late. Hope that includes restrictions put on cast members as well as the public.

    1. Mac

      They have no control over that. All Reedy Creek had control over was trash removal, road repair, and the emergency services. But keep thinking this new board can enforce DeSantis’s ideals in the parks if it helps you sleep at night.

  16. XCM

    The White Panic sweat is pouring through these MAGA comments!

  17. Mark

    They will be in over their heads. They will drink the water and turn gay,then quit.

  18. Thank you for this detailed article on the changes to Disney World in Florida under the new board. It is an interesting story to follow and I am curious to see how it will impact the resort.

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