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  1. Bill

    One thing I learned about rope drop is ask myself what would I like to do, then turn around and do something different. What I would like to do is the as everyone else, so I would do something different. Mine train is great, but I can go later.

  2. Erin

    My family was there just last week. Yes it was very busy, but it was manageable. We may have had to wait at least an hour on a few rides it wasn’t unbearable.

    1. Tati

      I was there as well last week and also have to say it wasn’t bad at all. It is a theme park and waits are going to happen

  3. JoeE

    News flash to those looking to travel and visit a high tempo destination during a school break period expecting things to be easy…water is wet, the sun is hot and the world is in fact not flat.

  4. Marie J. Gluck

    My husband and I went to Disney many years ago. We swore we would NEVER GO BACK. We saw a family of four, mom, dad and two children (very capable people) arguing over whose turn it was tu sit in the wheelchair!! Nope, never going back!!

  5. Melissa Turner

    Standing in line for an hour with restless, impatient kids is not “Magical” in any way. Imagine doing that 5-10 times in a day because there is an hour standby on even the least popular attractions. Worse, imagine standing in line for 120 minutes at Rise of the Resistance only to have it break down. I would gladly pay big bucks to avoid the lines, like you can do at Universal, but Disney has the ineffective Genie+. Unlike other guests, I do not miss the “free” FastPass system either.
    Disney should allow guests to purchase an unlimited skip-the-line product like every other theme park in the country.

  6. Mike

    I was recently there for RunDisney princess weekend and prices were definitely too high to make ot worth it. I can’t keep up with my girlfriend who has an annual pass. So l, while she went to the parks, I went to a nature preserve, worked, or walked around Disney springs. I have another race coming up, and am not sure I will actually go to the parks again. Disney has gotten greedy, and made impossible for people to go with passholders at a reasonable price.

  7. Flatliner

    The OBSESSION with Theme Parks among grown adults is truly downright Scary, Creepy, and Weird….Do grown adults have nothing to do with their lives? Just sayin….Time to grow the f up.

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