"Disney Workers Need A Raise" Protesters Chant Outside of Disney World - Inside the Magic

Comments for “Disney Workers Need A Raise” Protesters Chant Outside of Disney World

Disney workers protesters

Credit: Local 737 Union Facebook Page


  1. Gary

    Keep after them guys & girls they need you & they will cave!

  2. Jami

    I Agree! They have been skating out all taxes all these decades and it’s about time they pay their share and pay their employees the way they should be. They are always raising their rates so why do they think their employees shouldn’t be paid better for helping Disney make as much money as they do. Without enough workers they will not be able to function. wait them out they won’t like they are loosing money every day since less people would be able to come in to park.

  3. Roy

    These phoney executives that talk about how the Cast Members are the heart of the company and pose for photo ops with them, but then refuse to pay them a living wage need to be exposed more in the media for their hypocrisy.

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