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Disney World and shocked Mickey Mouse

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  1. Greg Walker

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  2. Eric Wilson

    We still travel just as much, we ust don’t do 100% at Disney anymore. When Disney took away the Magical Express it forced me
    to rent a car. Before I never had an excuse to leave property, now how do I tell the kids “no” to Universal or Sea World or other restaurants. So, now off we go!

  3. Our family would visit DisneyWorld two or three times a year! We always had a great time. My husband had a stroke so I wasn’t able to renew our season pass and with the increase in park tickets we have had to decrease our visits. I am also disappointed with the food at the counter service restaurants. It seems that the quality and preparation have went down considerably. We love Disney but….

  4. Cheryl C

    I’m not surprised. For every misstep Disney makes, Universal does something positive. Disney can’t sit on it’s laurels as they did before. They need to show some respect to their “guests”!

    1. Thomas S

      And going “woke” hasn’t helped Fisney either!!

      1. Thomas S

        Disney…sorry for the misspell

    2. Daryl-Rhys

      Only of your blind to Universal. Only a moron would visit. This article is busted.

  5. Gerry Cat

    Personally, I would like to see a boycott on the Disney Parks to send a clear message that their loyal fan base finds it difficult to afford their steep pricing on everything. If they reduced the park tickets and held the genie+, it would make it affordable again.

  6. Sharon

    Unruly guests, food up in price but smaller portions, ticket prices. We loved going every year but it looks like Disney has priced themselves almost out of business. So sad.

    1. Lynne

      I don’t think they ever imagined it could happen but… here we are… watching the decline

      1. erjen

        It’s not the first time. It happened before in the late 90s/early 2000s. Attendance declined bc the value was not there. That saw the advent great package deals, magical express, fast pass, fantastic CMs and dining packages. They spiffed the place up and were practically begging people to come.

        They didn’t learn. Now prices are sky high, the parks look worn and are dirty. Everything is pay to play, if you don’t want to wait for hours. And, honestly, I KNOW they deal with SO much, but CMs are NOT happy. When your team isn’t happy, they aren’t giving their best.

    2. Cathy Shea

      With the cost for a five day pass costing a family of four almost $3,000, plus a hotel stay at the value resort cost another $1,000 a family of four can’t go!!!!!!!

  7. Gary

    I knew this would happen because of all the problems at Disney and it is a shame. But it leadership does the right things it would be number 1 again! So get at it!!!

  8. Connie

    Took my son and his young family in October. Kids had a ball…. But they weren’t paying for it.
    I love Disney, and I have been there many times over the years- however, I will NOT be going again anytime soon.
    Unaffordable, lost the magic, not clean, crowds not controlled, loss of perks for guests staying on Property, unruly guests, attractions breaking down all the time…..

    The only decent thing nowadays are the wonderful cast members ( whom are not paid what they’re worth)

    Enough said.

  9. Chris

    Here are the issues Disney has:
    1. They still don’t have all of their entertainment back at Disney World or Disneyland

    2. Lately they have not been inclusive in attraction design for larger guests and guests with disabilities. For example, Flights of Passage could have had some alternate seats, yes the experience would be different, but that would be ok. Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway could have had a vehicle that doesn’t require transferring, it would need to be made more mild, but that is the beauty of a trackless ride, one vehicle can be tamer than the rest, look at the penguin ride at Sea World and how it has a mild and wild side.

    3. They keep nickel and diming guests.

    4. Food portions have gone way down and prices way up. I get food costs increase, but other theme parks have found ways to keep good portion sizes and minimal price increases.

    5. Food quality is way down overall, there are still some ok things, but for the price charged, the food needs to be absolutely exception every single time, without fail.

    6. Park reservations are still a thing, these need to go completely, people want the ability to visit spontaneously.

    7. Genie+ and Individual Lightning lanes make things even more expensive. If they worked better than the free FastPass did, I and many others would be ok with it, but they don’t and are just making lines longer for everyone. These just need to go aways completely, when there was no FastPass of Genie+, lines were manageable for just about everything.

    8. Disney treated their passholders very poorly during the shutdowns (especially the Disneyland ones) and other parks did an amazing job. Not only did parks like Knott’s Berry Farm honor every promise they made to passholders during the shut down, they did even more for them in the end, I mean extending passes by way more than the time they were shutdown and extending all add-ons was incredible, especially when one of those is a meal plan that gives two meals a day, every day the park is open and you go.

    9. Disney keeps copying attractions and lands between parks/resorts, make each park unique and you will drive more interest in all of them.

    10. Eliminating things like magical express means, dining plans, etc. means people are no longer as locked into staying on property for the entire vacation.

    11. Eliminating other perks like evening extra magic hours and then charging for them also leaves a bad taste. Go back to where there was 2 extra hours pretty much for at least one park every morning and at least 3 to 4 extra hours for at least one park every evening for free for those staying onsite.

    12. Increase staffing to proper levels, right now everything is too short staffed and it shows.

    The list could go on and on and some of this is quickly fixable, others will take more time, but they all need to be addressed to get Disney back to number 1.

    1. Bidensux

      You nailed everything except getting involved in politics and equity and inclusion concepts. Nobody cares if variety naturally falls into films, stories, and rides. What people get upset about is the children’s exposure, cheap race swapping, and stories that follow a political sermon. To add insult to injury, they hide this behavior at Chinese request, and then triple down in the U.S. Universal Studios both in film and fun parks. Kids are safe and no ideology required.

    2. Dale

      I agree with Chris 100%! Disney is nickel & diming guest for things that used to be perks for staying on property. I have cut my visits drastically and will be looking for alternative vacation spots.

  10. Kate

    My husband (and for many years, our children) had been visiting at least once a year since 1988. Many, many of our trips were sans kids but since Covid, we have not come to Disney. We keep wanting to, but can’t afford it anymore. The tickets have gotten way too expensive (even just for 2 of us), paying for the Genie +? That’s obscene–especially if people who spend the extra are still having long waits. The tickets are already expensive enough and now Disney wants to nickel and dime everyone to death! The food was starting to go downhill in 2020 and from what I am reading and hearing–it still is. Taking away the Magical Express has deterred us from visiting. The upkeep was disappearing prior to 2020. Reservations for a park? Nah. People want to park hop and not have to worry about whether or not they have a reservation. It used to be when the park got full, it was closed until the number of people in the park made it possible to reopen the park. Chris, in a previous comment, hit it all on the head. Administration and the top tier of management need to take a long hard look at themselves and decide if they want to keep their parks open, be a “magical” destination for families again, or pray to the almighty dollar. I realize that it is a business and they have to be able to keep their business afloat, but this is getting ridiculous.

  11. S1

    I spent over $27,000 for my last Disney trip, I am doing with less now. I had to cut the hours of my driver and I had to fire one of my maids. Disney did it…

  12. Rachel Long

    We just finished two days at Universal Hollywood it was SO magical and lovely my kids cried they didn’t want to leave. I just turned 40 I need to save for retirement happy to switch to universal and put the extra money saved in my 401 k

  13. Lorena

    Take that Disney. Should teach you some humility and more consideration to your current fans.
    Those prices are so steep I haven’t been to a park in more than 5 years and I live 20 minutes from the park.
    Keep ripping apart your classic movies and price gouging people and you will also be gone soon.
    Nobody remains forever if they are not fair.

  14. Gary Michaels

    Prices. Electric vehicles taking up all the space with only 25%, at most, being used by actually handicapped people. Services cut everywhere. Woke butt holes being listened to to shut down the greatest ride in the history of Disney, splash mountain. All Disney’s money is going into their money pits, Fox and streaming, and they’re using massive profits from the parks to cover their losses everywhere else. So they are milking the beloved theme parks, hardly reinvesting in them, and gouging the loyal fans. Universal will build and entire new theme park quicker than Disney will add one new major attraction. And those of us who grew up living the Disney parks keep paying for their folly.

  15. Al

    Grossly overpriced and they’re woke BS has turned me off for good. Will never be back.

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