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Mark Ruffalo as Hulk with Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers: Endgame

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Nick B

    I do not see this as good proposal. Disney can do as they please with majority share in Hulu and do so to fit a need separate of that of Disney+.
    Hulu has been a great option to go to for all of those ABC shows and 20th Century Fox pieces that do not fit in Disney+.
    If they were to try and shoehorn all of their Hulu content into Disney+ they would lose a tremendous amount of viewership that enjoys keeping the types of material separate. The shows on both platforms would then be competing with each other on a single platform and would both lose out.

    1. Dingus McFlingus

      There have been rumors floating around that Disney is going to fold Hulu and Disney+ into 1 single service.

      1. Ranger

        It already is one service for us in Canada and it works great to be honest. It’s all under another window called Star within the Disney + app so it’s all sort of still separate although it’s really just another folder but it’s all MA or rated R mostly so it’s restricted content your kids can’t access. Best part is our Disney + cost stayed the same which imo actually gave value to Disney + as I was going to drop it before they did that

  2. Smith Will

    Just keep the Hulk and Namor as added value elements…No need for any standalone Hulk or Namor movie…at all. And if that is the only hang-up why bother? Marvel needs to worry more about its Kang Dynasty movies alltogether and just, get them right. Maybe, they can offer, Externals rights back to Universal for Hulk rights??? 🙂

  3. JC

    Disney needs to buy Spider-Man
    And get the rest of the marvel to get Avengers land East of the Mississippi.

    1. Starfrogdarian

      Why? So they can ruin Spiderman too! No thanks!

  4. RLF

    Even with rights to the characters, they need a good story. Disney can’t even write cartoons without a sexual connotation – it’s unlikely they will write a successful marvel story.

  5. Kyle

    In my mind rights to the Hulk would be huge…. Namor is new and yes has alot of potential for great storytelling, in a stand alone film. But Ruffalo as The Incredible Hulk is perfect, first Hulk movie was terrible (sorry Eric), Edward did better in second telling of Hulk, but Ruffalo has it down. I always thought the reason a stand alone Hulk film hasn’t been remade was because the last two were disappointing in many ways. Ruffalo can’t be the Hulk forever, so let’s make the most of having him now. Namor can wait….

    1. Chris D.

      Maybe they can do a multiverse Hulk movie. Have a three-way Hulk death match.

  6. Dingus McFlingus

    I have zero interest in a Hulk or Namor movie. The last Black Panther movie was terrible. Some characters just can’t carry their own solo movies

  7. Branden

    “the Fantastic Four and X-Men are with 20th Century Studios”

    This hasn’t been true for years.

  8. Richard V.

    The hulk was made into a Schmuck after age of Ultron. If they want to do ANY Hulk material they need to center in how hulk was in the Age of Ultron and The Avengers movie. anything else is underwhelming.

    I absolutely love the Ruffalo Hulk but as in those movies.

    I absolutely Hated T.H. Namor. I’ve been a hard core Fantastic 4 comics fans since I was a kid and being Latin American I can say I absolutely loathed the portrayal and the race swap. THAT thing is NOT Namor… anyone defending the MCU version either has NO idea what Namor and the Atlanteans look and behave or is just a Zoomer trying to boost acceptance and representation because “Woke”.

    As Disney / Marvel are managing the MCU right now? this idea would be insane to do.

    I am actually Horrified about how much damage they can do to the X-Men (I’m sure they’ll call then The X-“Them”) and the Fantastic 4… If they Ruin Dr. Doom I’ll hate Disney until the day I die!

  9. Dom

    They changed his heritage to separate themselves from the DCEU blockbuster, Aquaman.

    Also, as much as you disliked the change, it fit better into the themes of the mcu’s BP and was a very smart move on their part.

    I don’t think you realize that BP is known for having a such a huge cultural impact on the film industry and certain communities, that lead non-marvel fans to see it. And with the untimely death of Chadwick, once again those same people are flocking to the theaters to see BP and not under the guise of Marvel fans. With all that said, they had to reach comic fans, mcu fans, non-marvel fans, and do their best to honor the late lead star, which is no easy task.

    So, keeping in touch with the film’s message about unity and about Wakanda, a country suffering the loss of their leader, having Namor being part of a similar civilization that mirrored Wakanda was in my opinion (and the opinions of those whose opinions matter most) the better decision.

    Last thing: Think about all of those factors before you blame the outcome on the redundant, stupid phrase “wokeism” that people tend to use when their beliefs are rivaled and they have no better response. I mean honestly, it sounds simply uninspired and just plain ridiculous at this point to use one word as the base for someone going by different beliefs than you.

    1. Ranger

      It was also because making the race changes and terms/name changes for the Atlanteans made it easier to stick handle around the Universal rights issues. It wasn’t just as easy as not making him the primary character in the film as the article suggests but they also had to make these changes for that same reason and coupled with all the points made above added up to the easy decisions they made to make those changes.

      Like he said above educate yourself before blaming everything on “wokeism”

  10. Travis

    Very bad idea for Disney to possibly make this deal. I don’t think they would make 27 or more billion on those two characters although both characters are interesting especially the hulk being a well known Marvel hero. Hulu just has way to much content to just let it all go and some of it is original content. Also the last few Marvel movies hasn’t done the numbers that they were expecting, so Disney might want to think long and hard before they make that deal. They seriously need to consider how many viewers they will lose.

  11. Phoenix Dark

    What hood is owning the rights to intellectual properly if you’re simply going to turn it into crap that loss you more money? Sell the MCU to an owner that actually wants to profit from their investment and use the money made to fix all the other problems you’ve created in the past decade. Or I will be seeing WDW close or become owned by someone else in my lifetime.

  12. Starfrogdarian

    It doesn’t who disney gets, they’ll destroy them, just like the whole mcu, star wars, their own I.p’s .. disney isn’t quality anymore, and definitely not family entertainment.. who is thos crap even for? The 3%?

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