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Mickey Mouse character meet and greet at Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney


  1. Rob

    PUSH, the talking trash can, was the prototype for this and he was unfairly “canned”. Bring him back. It was a magical Disney interaction for my daughter.

    1. Rachel

      Loved Push.
      I really could care less about visiting with a robot. A hug from out pals is the best. This is a crap way to cut castmembers.

    2. Debbie

      No Why are they ruining Disney?

  2. Patti

    I think something like this will scare little kids. A lot are nervous enough with humans in costumes, but the humans inside can see that and base their interaction on that. AI characters will only be able to do so much to alleviate negative human reactions.

    1. Gary

      I agree with you Patti with someone in costume can see that the little one might be a little scared and change his or her way of doing things while something computer controlled might not. If it was me I would still have people in most of the characters and have computer controlled in the smaller characters.

  3. Michelle

    I think this is a terrible ideal. What if they break down or have a malfunction and they hurt a child? Then Disney will get sued. Stick to the human performers they’re a way better concept than Android characters.

    1. Snow

      It’s the bite of 87 all over again

  4. Nancy Bradley

    My kids LOVED going to Goofy’s Kitchen at Disneyland and interacting with all the costumed characters while eating their meal. I have movies of my small children so excited to see the characters. They ran up and hugged them! Robots just aren’t the same as people interacting with children! This is a really messed up idea, Disney. Save your money and pay your costumed employees instead

  5. Bruce Jacobs

    I’ve been going to Disneyland since 1959 and WDW since 1973 and nothing is better than meeting your favorite characters and to children it is a dream come true. I only hope that the experience doesn’t diminish the feelings of the way it was back the way it was intended to be.

  6. Janet

    This is a terrible idea. Why can’t Disney leave some things the same. They have changed so much over the years and phased out some of the original characters. I’m glad to hear that it will probably be a decade or two. Hopefully in that time they will realize what a bad idea this.

    1. Aaron Miller

      Im asking the same thing. I’d rather interact with a real human character, not a machine.

    2. Michael

      What’s next for Disney running the company in the ground.

  7. Aaron Miller

    It’s a bad idea. I’d rather speak, hug, and interact with a real human character not a machine. Leave character meet and greets the way they are. Think of the little/younger kids as well. You’re making a terrible mistake Disney!!!

  8. Have made the trip to WDW over 25 times since 86 with my children. Giving up on WDW. Too many changes for the worse. Now they only come down to visit Universal.

  9. Matt

    This is a reach. Animated heads have been available for well over a decade and they are not widely distributed throughout the parks. They are used in cultivated and controlled environments. I could see tink being used in a line greeting capacity to entertain while guests wait to be shrunk to her size for the actual meet and greet. Or Judy being used for stage shows. BB8 is a popular meet and greet, and he is cast controlled. I’m sure these experiences all will be as well.

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