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Mickey Mouse scared by a wall full of Turning Red merchandise at Disney California Adventure, with Disney inadvertently promoting too much inclusion

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  1. Disney leadership wants to sexualize children (totally against the Disney forever childhood concept). Nothing they do is surprising anymore. Come during the month of June. It’s on full display

    1. Sandra

      You really think character accessories like ears and tails are sexual? Wow. Please stay away from kids at the parks.

      1. Sean

        Agreed. This writer is the same type of people who blame what a person is wearing when they’re a victim of SA. This is the type of people that tell girls wearing a tank top I’d “distracting”. This is a gross article and every bit as cringy as I thought it would be.

        1. Rational Human

          Agreed with Sandra and Sean. It’s people like this that I’m really afraid of, who can look into the most neutral thing and scream about how it sexualizes children. What else do they think sexualizes children that they see every day? Do they think kids riding bicycles is too sexy? Do they think kids on a school bus is too sexy? Do they think children getting a diaper change is too much of a turn on? People like this are sick and they’re just sharing the darkness of their souls publicly. Kids have worn leaves as wolf ears and branches as wolf tails since they could stand upright — it’s called playing pretend, sicko.

          1. P. Reed

            Wow, you seem to have spent a lot of time thinking about what’s ‘sexy’ about children. I think that you are the sicko.

        2. Cheyenne

          This is absurd, reachy, and honestly SHAMEFUL from the author of this post. Effing ridiculous, that’s all I can say. Furthermore, it’s exceptionally judgmental and ugly. And I’ve now unsubscribe d from receiving this garbage in my inbox.

          1. Silvani

            Yeah, I was suspecting the tails had butt plug options or something to warrant writing a story.

        3. Sloth

          I don’t even understand how this is sexual an as for the “adult costume” kids and adults have different sizes that’s why it was labeled like that and of they have a problem with a silly little tall what about the mascots

          1. Sudan

            I am so happy to see most comments on here are from people who also believe the writer of this article, and the type who agree, are in fact the actual problem!

        4. Z

          The tails are cringy. Stop assuming what these people would think.

        5. Carmina


      2. Reality Seaker

        Sandra who tf approaches random children at a theme park lol

        1. Bobb

          Apparently Sandra does!

        2. Mel

          Yeah, that’s a no. The only person that thinks a “costume” like this is something sexual, is someone that sexualizes everything.
          So, hey writer, get your head out of the gutter and stop posting BS like this, don’t go to Disney, and keep your fetishes to yourself.

      3. Courtney


        1. Altaica

          They are not cringey. The fact that you see it this way means that you are ignorant. Go out and meet more people that aren’t from your echo chamber. Expressing your love for a character with a tail is no different than wearing their ears. Adults are allowed to have fun.

      4. Tracey

        Sandra, Totally agree!! They are marketed as Accessories not Adult Toys .

      5. Shell


    2. Suzi

      You must be against the movie Robin Hood from Walt Disney Studios (1973)
      A classic family friendly Disney film about animated furries.

      1. Kim

        Come on people, really? Get your mind out of the gutter. Would I wear a tail? It’s Disney World/Land, I might wear a whole costume. I wouldn’t think a think about anyone in costume. Disney isn’t promoting the furry lifestyle. Their characters with fur have long been neglected, it’s refreshing seeing other characters represented. And yes there should be adult costumes as well as kid ones. I have been wearing adult clothes since childhood and I know other kids have too. So we need adult size costumes.

        1. Teresa

          This article, once again, targeting low hanging fruit. This ed guy is a hack and people need to stop with this nonsense.

        2. Dezi

          The “adult” on it means its sized for adults, not that’s its a sex thing. Sheesh, these people think everything is sexual.

          1. Blackstar

            Sad but true 😔

          2. Brutal

            The author accomplished their goal of driving responses and engagement to boost advertising revenue. People can think whatever they like. I bet the author is a “closet furry”… otherwise why the interest in writing this article?

        3. Niki

          I can’t believe anyone actually equates tails with the furry lifestyle. This is sick and demented thinking. If anything it’s turning something innocent into something debased. Get your mind out of the gutter!

          1. Samma

            Blame the furries for taking something innocant….. not the author that did that.

    3. Beth

      Pray tell…what happens in June?

    4. TooTired

      This hysteria about sexualizing children needs to stop. That people are so obsessed that this is happening speaks more of THEIR obsession than it actually occurring, which it’s not. Fashion changes with time, kids throughout history have wanted to dress like adults, this hysteria is just the next phase of the fantasy world that too many Americans live in now, terrified of anything and everything they are told to be terrified of.

      There’s no secret cabal of evil doers, this isn’t Batman or the Matrix. Get a grip.

    5. President Brandon Diaperfull

      As they have admitted in a recorded call. Yet the wokesters will try to shift blame to you and others of us who call out the sick behavior.

      1. rome

        do you have a source on this “recorded call”? nobody knows what you’re talking about when you just spew random, unsubstantiated claims and expect people to take you at face value

        1. Courtney

          They are watching too much Fox News and Newsmax

        2. Nic

          Yes one of the Disney Animation Directors was heard on a call saying that she puts gay characters in shows wherever possible. She has a “not so secret gay agenda”. All you have to do is look it up to find it…. Just bc you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Go to advocate.com and read all about it. But you prob won’t. You’ll just accuse others of saying “false ” things without ever checking to see if you’re right…. You’re not. Article: Animation director Latoya Raveneau, a director on shows including The Proud Family, was depicted in the video. In it, she described feeling concerns when she first worked at Disney because she heard rumors the company played it too safe with content.

          “But then, my experience was bafflingly the opposite of what I had heard,” she said in footage that has since been posted to Twitter. “In my little pocket of Proud Family Disney TVA, the showrunners were super-welcoming. [Disney Television Animation senior vice president] Meredith Roberts and our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda. So I felt like maybe it was that way in the past but I guess something must have happened. They were turning it around.”

          1. Elisa

            Hate has warped your brain. If you think adding gay characters is anything but an attempt to accurately represent the audience, you’re deranged and you have an agenda: to hate other humans that are different than you and stigmatize their very existence

            1. Marisa A Leasure

              Wow!!! I had to re-read this article. Oh my if you think people wearing a tail is sexual you need to get a grip on reality. Halloween costumes are made like that. Tails,eats and so on. The red nothing sexual about it. If that’s what you think you have issues. Making a big deal out of something thats not a problem.

          2. Lisa B.


            Grab your torches!!! We must purge this atrocity from the castle!!!

          3. Jake

            Who cares if people are gay in the shows? I don’t care about their personal lives if they do their job well? Omg. People, you need to get your mind out of the gutter and out of others rights as well.

      2. It's Just Me

        Who’s “President Brandon”?

        1. Ashley

          It’s all antiBiden thing.

    6. WED

      Then stop posting on Disney stuff if you hate it so much. All you people on here who constantly vent and lament about the “evils” of Disney seem to protest to much.

      1. Joerct

        Agreed. Then again, not many people will do this because we are in the version of our universe where it’s deemed “cool” that we spew forth EVERYTHING we are “feeling” in the moment. They’re here because they read from this website in the past and an algorithm was looking for clicks. In a way they asked for it.

    7. Sarah

      You are delusional

    8. Shell

      Oh, calm down and think. It’s adults talking about it being sexual that sexualizes children. If adults didn’t talk about that crap around their kids, the kids wouldn’t think about it in a sexual way.

    9. Peter Piper

      Are you serious? What’s wrong with you people, I see no issue with this what so ever, people will complain for whatever reason. Y’all need to go find a hobby or something and stop thinking everything is sexual. For god sakes!

    10. Marisa A Leasure

      Wow you have issues. There’s nothing sexual about wearing a tail, ears. It’s a freakin costume for God’s sake. Stay away from kids. You re The problem. Not the costume. People dress like that for Halloween. They are dressing like a favorite character.

      1. Seymour B

        A lot of people here are missing the point on what exactly furries do. There is a reason why those fur suits have holes in strategic locations, and it is not for scratching an itch. Disney shouldn’t be promoting this adult sexual fetish, furrydom, at their parks, it’s gross and highly inappropriate. What’s next? Is the Magic Kingdom going to become a safe haven for other practitioners of beastiality, or even worse, NAMBLA?

    11. Lisa B.

      Our faux-puritanical society embraces the sexualization of children.

      Everything from toys to clothes to parents putting their toddlers in full makeup on display at so-called beauty pageants.

      All in the name of the all mighty dollar.

      You want to blame someone? Look around your house, at the toy isle at Walmart, the little girls clothing section…just wait until you too can buy totes adorbs booty shorts for the 4 yro little girl in your life! Because it’s super cute when her butt cheeks hang out but super trashy when an adult wears them. 🤔

      And you’re whining about innocuous costume accessories for adults.

      Have you never been to a Spirit Halloween store???? 🤦🏼‍♀️

    12. Meeka

      It’s a tail. It’s rlly not that deep and it doesn’t say anything that has to do w furries. And even if it did that’s okay. Why do you care what other people are doing with their lives? If you don’t like it don’t look at it. It’s not sexualizing anything nor is it hurting anyone. Your just being upset over nothing.

    13. Kara Selvaggio

      Making periods normal isn’t sexualizing them. Just stop.

    14. Phearless Phil of the Jungle Cruise

      Of course the furry merchandise says it’s for adults. If it didn’t there’s a whole wing if the far right who would straight faced tell their echo chamber that Disney was try to get kids to turn furry so they would identify as a cat at school and use a litter box instead of the bathroom (the litter box at school thing is a real life unsubstantiated claim from these crazies. Meanwhile here in Atlanta there is an annual event called Furry Weekend Atlanta where a huge hotel downtown is filled with suited furries and parents are there posing for pictures with their kids and the fursuiters. I can only imagine what kind of claims these same people would make if social media like this existed in 1896 when Eisner and Wells brought us the long bill cap emblazoned with Goody’s face complete with long ears hanging off them. “Oh, they’re trying to turn children into brainless dogs”, they’d exclaim. Too late though. It’s apparently already happened to these critics without the aid of any animal appearing accessories.

  2. Janessa

    It’s a costume. No.

  3. T

    Lol. This is exhausting.

  4. August

    What are you on about? There’s nothing weird about dressing up in costumes for fun, whether that be a Disney costume or a full fursuit.

    Both are equally safe for work past times by the majority of people who partake in them, and there’s nothing wrong with ones who take it into the bedroom as long as they keep it around consenting adults (which they do).

    There’s absolutely nothing to do with sexuality about kids or adults wearing ears/tails/etc for fun.

    1. Josh

      Right?! I don’t get why people assume that the furry community is innately sexual. It’s simply a hobby that has no intentions of disturbing or affecting others… smh

  5. Pup

    Ya’ll really, really need to start writing articles that are actually about something, I’m begging you.

    These accessories have nothing to do with furries, and why would it matter if they did, anyhow?

  6. Beth

    Is anyone surprised? I mean mattel just released a barbie in a fur suit.

    1. Jane

      Disney is going to go along with whatever is trending or trying to trend…yes those who identify as animals included..Im sure it wasnt an accident..the tails just subtle so it exsists but can stir up controversy- they win!!

  7. Sandra

    What they heck is wrong with you? Disney releases character accessories and you say it’s “impossible” to not relate it to furry p*rn??? Yikes. Get your hand out of your pants and clean your browser history. You’re the real danger to our kids. Get a life.

    1. Beth

      When I was in high school in the early 2000’s, kids would go to Hot Topic and buy fox tails to wear to school events (not school because we had a uniform). I wish we could go back to a time where the weird kid was just a weird kid and not buying tails to play furries. If you’re thinking this is sexualized, you have some real issues. This blog just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

  8. T

    Get your mind out of the gutter.

  9. rhys

    anyone who agrees with you is actually braindead, just like you

  10. Sara

    There is nothing sexual bout ears gloves headband and tail im sorry but get your mind out of the gutter Disney and anybody else that thinks this is sexual costume. Lol 🤣 y’all a trip. Its hilarious you think that there’s something sexual bout a costume like that i mean come on Disney 🤣🤣😂😂

  11. She

    Guess I live a sheltered life. What is a furrie?

    1. Hello

      Furries are people who strongly associate to an animal. They often have a “fursona”, an animal persona, that they go by when around other furries. It’s similar to how a gamer might go by their gamer tag around their gamer friends. Furries also love to wear animal costumes of their fursonas when around other furries. These costumes look like mascot characters or Disney characters and are not realistic. The reason a lot of haters hate furries is furries are known to wear their costumes in bedroom settings, but furries aren’t a k*nk thing. It’s just that how they feel most themselves.

      BTW, I’m not a furry so if I got any of that wrong, please correct me. I do have friends who are furries so I heard a lot from them.

      1. Ty

        The only addendum I would make is that not all furries have fursonas. If you like anthropomorphic animal characters you’re somewhere on the “furry spectrum.” The kink side is pretty niche, and obviously deep into one end of the spectrum.

  12. Matt00

    Omg disney going furry we must burn the earth and everyone living on it, oh wait we already are doing it and furrie charcoal are a long disney story Robin hood, Pinocchio, alice in wonderland, fantasia and so on, oh and wait Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and so much more are Furry 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Matt00

      *character not charcoal lol 😅😅 sorry

  13. Dezi

    That’s not what furries are.
    It says adult bc its sized for adults, not bc its sexual. Sheesh. Y’all think everything is sex.

    1. Fitz

      You’re reaching for something that isn’t there. Clean up your own act!

  14. TooTired

    Not everything is about some grand conspiracy. These are just fun accessories to look silly at the parks and have fun. It’s not about indoctrination into any kink club or something. If YOU associate this with furries, well then maybe you’re a furry – i’m not going to kink shame or otherwise criticize someone’s lifestyle, live life and have fun. That’s what Disney is about, and these are for fun, and Disney these days needs to keep things fresh and exciting so people keep paying astronomical amounts of cash to go to parks and hotels that nickel and dime them. If fun tail accessories entice people to pay more in the parks, well then buy them tails y’all. Whether you ever wear them again after going is entirely irrelevant. I have a BB8 mouse ears hat I like never wear, but it’s a great memento of going there. It doesn’t mean i have a droid fetish.

    Stop sexualizing everything and obsessing over other people’s lifestyles. This isn’t some indoctrination conspiracy. It’s just fun stuff to wear at the parks.

  15. Jina parks

    Really reaching with this post. Anyone who thinks the tails are sexual are clearly too immature to even be around kids

  16. April Grant

    This article is the most insulting thing I have read recently. Not everything is sexual and if you think this is then YOU are the one with the problem.

  17. MSDisneyFan

    About 5 years back, I (40F) made myself a Sully costume for Halloween, and created a tail very similar to the one seen here, and there was absolutely nothing sexual about it, just like there’s nothing sexual about these official ones. It’s just for fun, y’all! People have been wearing Ears (Mickey/Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, etc.) for decades without being called “furries,” and they’re all mammals. This is just people trying to find something to get upset over.

  18. Anonymous

    Disney is “too inclusive” for making adult size Halloween costumes. How do you feel about party city? But seriously there are a million reasons those are sold. What if a kid wants to match their parents? What about people with developmental disabilities like autism, who might be into kids movies much later? Your assumptions are far more childish than the accessories themselves.

  19. Duke

    Sounds like a conservative woke mob

  20. Lisa B

    Disney should just sell flashlights because they have clearly lost their way.

    1. Marissa


    2. Daf

      In the 1970s when i went to Disney as a kid you could buy Mouse ears, Goofy’s gloves and other character accessories. The Author of this article seems like a pervert. Does he also feel all the trekkies and star wars and anime convention goers that dress up in cosplay do it to be a furrie? If you’re reading this article and think like the author does then you may be a pervert too.

  21. Cat

    Hope you stretched before making that reeeeeaaaaach

  22. Genevieve

    This article is ridiculous. It said adult on the merchandise because it is sized for an adult. And even if the furry was thought of in a sexual way, young children will never see it that way unless someone like this writer explicitly tells them, and btw, I highly doubt this was the intention of Disney. How else would you describe something that has fur other than furry? Keep kids innocent.

  23. John Wayne

    This whole “furry” thing is sick! People are dressing up like animals especially in Japan claiming they think they’re a dog. Anyone who thinks wearing a tail or animal costume in Disney should immediately seek mental help. Shock therapy is recommended because (pardon the intended pun) you’re one sick puppy.

    1. Jim

      You’re the sick one for thinking this is sexual

  24. Bfin

    If you are so sexuality repressed and “down bad”, that a thought of a innocent package tail and gloves gets you off, the problem isn’t disney, it’s you. Seriously, stay away from the parks and children for that matter. There is some definite projecting coming from this writer.

  25. BG

    As I understand it, adults are not allowed to wear costumes in the park except for special themed events. And if someone gets off on wearing “Sully’s feet”, then there’s someone getting off on wearing Minnie’s ears.

    My sister worked hard to make a Sully costume so her son could go to the Halloween party at Disney with his family. Would have been easier if one was for sale.

    Not EVERYTHING is sexual. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  26. Nemo

    Every is so on the edge right now.

    Surprise that I did not see any bunny ears lol.

    Yall grow up!! Chillax

  27. Nemo

    Yall chillax. Edgy people.

  28. P.C. Knott

    Disney doesn’t do anything “inadvertently”.
    Guests will interpret what they see, as they will.
    I am curious how long it will take some yahoo to turn the tail around to the front and wave it around while having a “Magical Mike” moment, if it hasn’t happened already.

  29. Marge

    I am so happy that the majority of comments ran the “get your mind out of the gutter” , ” Anyone who thinks the tails are sexual are clearly too immature to even be around kids” to my favorite “If you are so sexuality repressed and “down bad”, that a thought of a innocent package tail and gloves gets you off, the problem isn’t Disney, it’s you” My take on it…anything to stir the pot and encourage baseless controversy.

  30. Lisa

    Tails will get caught in doors and bump folks in an already crowded park. Not a good idea.

  31. You know that being a furry isn’t a sexual thing right? It’s just a costume person. Like Steam punk airships, renaissance festivals, LARP, or colonial era/Civil war reenactments.

    Also, this is literally just a red panda dress-up costume. It’s adult because its adult sized in the accessories like gloves and headband. I can definitely see someone using this in a Dapper Days inspired cosplay. This is way over thinking it.

  32. Kathy

    Before Disney made adult it’s a small world I fit Child’s XL and I have Worm ears ever since I was A child at every Disney trip the idea is to be a kid again not to think sex… Plus those of us who pass on theatre arts and read to children at night sometimes put a silly hat or head and even a tail to make our kids laugh at our silliness…

  33. TKaf

    If I saw people walking around the Disney parks wearing tails, Furries would not be the first thing that comes to mind at all. Also, I’m not a Furry, but I know there’s nothing wrong nor sexual about it. It’s just that it’s been stigmatized in such a way.

  34. Daisy Cow

    This whole article is so fragile, how much of a snowflake do you have to be to be offended by Disney selling tails in the parks? Everybody watch out for when this guy finds out that Disney ears are supposed to make you look like a mouse! 🤣

  35. Garth

    I can’t believe some people lack so many braincells that they think this is sexualization. My friend, it says Adult Accessory because it’s adult sizing.

  36. Victoria

    I think you’re ridiculous and making it out to be something it’s not. People wear tails at Ren fests all the time and no one says anything about it. Let people enjoy themselves. There is little left in the world for people to enjoy.

  37. Jenn

    Lol, omg, anyone thinking that character tails, and even furries, are sexual, are the ones who are sick-minded. Get over yourselves. Let people express themselves.

  38. Sam

    No. Just no. So much no. I’ve never thought of furries when I’ve seen these accessories. And I’d definitely wear one of the tails. It’s just a fun little gimmick. Let people have fun. And if some furries happen to buy and wear them like…that’s their thing and not mine to think about. As long as people are going to the parks, having a good time, respecting the space of others, who cares?

  39. Quinn

    I don’t know what is meant by “furry phenomenon.” Is like some new fad?

    1. Ashley

      These people are equating a community that dresses in fursuits (think mascot suits) with the very minor and annoying subset community of people who have sex in animal gear and fursuits. Furries are rarely sexual. The small subset gets all the attention though.

    2. Lisa B.

      No…the author is purposely using words like “phenomenon” to make something out of nothing.

  40. EhCanaEhCanadian

    Furries have been in QAnon’s crosshairs since QAnon’s inception: In the ’00s, 4chan – the website that went on to spawn QAnon – ran a campaign attempting to shame furries. Back then proto-QAnon was just a bunch of right-wing teenagers trying to feel self-important. Now they are older and have political influence, but still spewing the same nonsense. This article says more about the author than about Disney or furries.

  41. Nicole

    As a parent of an autistic son who loves wearing tails. I don’t see how a “tail” is sexually exploiting children. I really don’t understand this article at all. The Furry phenomenon and Disney merchandise are 2 very different things.
    I agree that Disney executives have gone woke mad, but I’m failing to see the problem as outlined above. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Lisa B.

      Define “woke”

  42. Captain Jack's Revenge

    Yeah I can see this as a problem when a guest gets ahold of it (in particular men) and the tail becomes a front “appendage.”

    1. Lisa B.

      That’s called immaturity.

  43. Bryan D

    There us nothing “inadvertent” about this. There are recordings of management talking about doing this kind if thing everywhere they can. We were a 2x per year Disney Family and DVC members. Haven’t been back in 2 years and actively trying to sell my DVC membership. Will NOT be back unless they fully reverse course. Not optimistic.

    1. Lisa B.

      Put the kool-aid down and slowly baaaaack away from the Fox News.

      When Halloween rolls around go check out the adult costume section and then we can talk.

  44. JD

    This is a real stretch of an article. You are taking something that is completely innocuous, framing it in a cultural war stance, and using that to drive clicks. You’re playing into a very easily outraged echo chamber. This is such a poorly sourced and poorly thought-out article, that whoever thought of this should just be ashamed of themselves. You make a lot of claims that you don’t follow through on or back up with proof. All in all just another way to make something out of nothing.

  45. CD

    What a waste of time reading that nonsense. Tails = Furries ???

    To think the writer got paid for this?

  46. Michael

    Wow. I thought I had read some crazy stuff from this website, but this takes the cake. What a horrible article and assumption to make regarding these tails. I’ve seen them in the park. I’ve seen kids and adults wearing them. My niece bought one from avatar, and she looked so cute. Must be a super slow news day or somebody wanted some attention. Well, you got the attention. Nothing attention you want it, but nonetheless you got it. Good luck dealing with this.

  47. Jane

    This might be the most RIDICULOUS thing I’ve ever read. Disney is selling costume pieces. If you think this is sexual and/or perverted, perhaps there is something wrong with YOU.

  48. Linda

    Sexual ?? From the folks who had a Tiger tail hanging from their gas cap cause they had a ‘tiger in the tank . ‘ ? Cause No Sports team fans Ever wear ears or paws or tails, right ?????


    Hell, no! These are costume pieces straight from the movies and your ridiculous characterization of them as ‘adult toys’ reflects poorly on you, not on Disney. If you want to criticize Disney for sexualizing anything, look to the traditionally 36-24-36 figures of most animated female heroines and their burly well-coiffed macho mates. The furry movement includes innocent children playing dress-up. A very separate part is for Adults Only.
    Keep your pants on!

  50. Justa Guy

    You people supporting this type os stuff are nasty, immature, and must not have children ( I can guess why).

    1. Lisa B.

      Which “you people” are talking about? Are they related to “those people”, “them”, or “they”?

      Have you ever been to the adult costume section at Halloween???

      Wearing a sexy squirrel costume is fine but a monster tail? Everyone loses there friggen mind as if Disney opened an Adam and Eve on Main Street.

  51. Marcelo

    Terrible article. People seriously have a disgusting mind to turn something fun and innocent into something perverted

  52. Brutal

    The author accomplished their goal of driving responses and engagement to boost advertising revenue. People can think whatever they like. I bet the author is a “closet furry”… otherwise why the interest in writing this article?

  53. Rachel M

    Snowflake thought process. You can’t say or do anything nowadays without being accused of doing too much and not enough at the same time.


  54. Sean

    I think from a purely statistics perspective, I’d be far more worried about a pastor walking through Disney than anyone dressed in a furry tail.

    But hey…who likes facts, right?

  55. Liv

    I’m confused. What are we looking at? Seems like the writer is stuck in ‘00. Mama. Find something worthy to write about please.

  56. Thera

    Oh, good grief! More recreational outrage, I see. They’re tails. My kids both had ear and tail sets of their favorite animals for years when they were younger. They’ve not been “groomed” or turned into perverts. Some folks are themselves perverted enough to see everything as sexualization of children except the things that are. I don’t see any outcry from the same people over kids beauty pageants where parents dress their daughters like overly made up adult strippers.

  57. Leroy Reichel

    This article says more about the writer than the park. Dark look inside the mind of a person making everything sexual.

  58. jrosekonungrinn

    You seriously think a bunch of simple Halloween/cosplay/etc costume accessories have anything to do with furries or sexual stuff? WTF is wrong with you? Go to therapy.

  59. sarahaf712

    My eyes may never go back in place, they just rolled so hard.

  60. V. Ball

    We don’t go anymore because it is not a child safe, family environment.

  61. B Olson

    What do furries have to do with inclusivity?

    1. Sekhmet

      it includes furries.XD

      jokes aside i should note that the furry fandom is very big on LGBT so that might be what he meant.

  62. Concerned Commenter

    Really ITM? Really? This is what you report on? There are more pressing issues out there in the world. You can’t let people just play dress up at the parks and have fun with their kids or just have fun in general? You guys must be fun at parties.

  63. lol

    lmao anyone whos seriously that upset about character costume tails needs to go touch grass. this is thekind of bs furries were made fun of for worrying about a decade ago. fox news is rotting your frontal lobe.

  64. Slam

    This might be the most asinine article I have read this year. At no time have I ever equated Disney ears and animal tails with furries. I guarantee 95% of people are unaware of furries at all. I have no idea why some people are uncomfortable in their own skins and to adopt a “fursona”. I imagine it’s related to deep-seated insecurity and possibly childhood trauma; it seems like something related to dissociative identity disorder.

  65. Tori

    As a 19 year old special needs girl who absolutely loves Disney and is sexualizing us kids is disgusting they think we’re sexual because us kids are developing adult bodies early is just absolutely bullcrap. I have went to Hot Topic and they have a bunch of Disney stuff it’s trending right now stop sexualizing something that’s made for kids I’ve seen little kids go into Hot Topic just not in the back at least. I have gotten an aerial backpack like a little purse at Hot Topic that had Ariel on it and it wasn’t even sexualized it was just regular Ariel there are kids in there who will literally shopping there to get the Disney stuff stop posting something like this really hurts my feelings and my heart me and my little sister who’s 9 who’s developed early is being sexualized that’s pretty screwed up. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you’re saying something like this you’re probably the one with the Screwed Up mind and you need to get your head out of your ass.

    1. Deme

      I agree that people need to stop sexualizing innocent things like playing dress-up. Hot Topic doesn’t have anything sexual though. You’re thinking of Spencer’s.

  66. Yang

    This is literally one of the worst takes on a Disney line of merch. This is obviously written by someone who thinks being a furry means you’re into being overly sexual…when 99% of it is just liking animals and making cute art or buying cute/cool merch made by others in the fandom. Please for the love of God educate yourself and stop being so ignorant. They’re tails, ears and gloves? They’ve had those types of things for FOREVER with classic Disney characters (Mickey, Goofy, etc). It has nothing to do with being sexual and everything to do with people just loving a character and enjoying the merch. Some adults might want to support their kids and buy a matching set! Others are just there for fun and think the merch is cute. Disney is the place to go to be a kid at heart and not worry about all the weirdly judgmental people in the rest of the world. I worked there for nearly a year and people have so much fun with merch like this, because it helps them break out of their shell and just be themselves! Anyway, this article is ass and was poorly written. The writer has probably never even been to one of the parks, let alone ever truly enjoyed themselves 😴

  67. Charlie

    Whoever wrote this article must be insane.

  68. Deme

    Someone remove this author from writing articles, please. He’s blowing smoke and it’s hurting the reputation of the website. I’m never going to read another article from here again and neither should anyone else. The fact that he equates harmless dress-up of beloved characters inside the park where dress-up is literally one of the biggest attractions to “exposing sexual content to children” is shameful. Costumes like Chip and Dale are literally fursuits and nobody’s ever had a problem with that before. Fire this writer. He’s making you look bad.

  69. Sekhmet

    i’d totally wear these. granted,i’m a funny animal fan (same content as furries but without the “community” as it’s more about the actual art) but yeah,i’d totally rock one of those if i found one that i liked.

  70. JB

    People will complain about anything! So what it’s ears and tails! Theme parks have had costumes for everyone forever and now suddenly someone is upset about this! Go find your next fight, this ain’t it! Smdh

  71. Gle

    Just returned from DCL and found all the merchandise (including the Disney store at MCO) very feminine. Guess a man’s role is simply to pay for the trip…

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