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  1. DT

    This is a fantastic idea and would be hugely successful and appreciated by Disney fans all over the world…which is why it probably won’t happen.

  2. Liza J

    Disney can confirm all they want but it won’t happen. Remember all the new rides that were coming to Epcot, they even had a little show showing everyone the details, then they scrapped every single one. It would be amazing if they did but I don’t believe it will ever happen.

  3. Zara

    There’s nothing like positivity is there…..Disney need to step up because of Epic Universe…this would mirror Universal’s Monsters Land perfectly

    1. Janice

      A whole park of villians!! 🤩🤩🤩
      Imagine a trippy dark wonderland!

  4. Erjen

    Yes please! I guess I’m a dreaded Disney adult. I’m also a Villains fanatic and covered in tattoos of the Baddies!

  5. Lars

    Interest in does not equate in the works, you dunce!

  6. Matthew Weikert

    I am really hoping to meet the Sheriff of Nottingham, Bowler Hat Guy, Captain Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, Governor Ratcliffe, Frollo and Shan Yu. If I’m lucky, they could all be at that villain land!

  7. Airin

    It would be so amazing if this happens. I’ve always dreamed of a villain themed area at Disney since I was 6yrs old and I’m 33 with a baby now. I can just imagine it right now!! Hope it will come to fruit, but who knows. Shoot if it does happen I’d go twice a year to disney instead of just once every two to three years.

  8. Paul

    Back in the mid 90’s we had designed a Villain’s Mountain that was to replace the area where 20K was. It was code named Project M4. Because it would have been the 4th mountain in the park after Space, Big Thunder and Splash). The main attraction was a more extreme roller coaster (similar to what became Expedition Everest) where Chernabog is awaken and “throws” us back to earth. Lot’s of good ideas came out of the brainstorming for using villains as the story concept

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