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Hades at Disneyland

Credit: MouseSteps


  1. Kingsport Tn

    Zach, there are many characters I don’t see much in the park or for greetings other than villains. I wish we could greet Thomas O’Malley or Robin Hoid the fox. What about Pinnochio? Or the Tramp? All we see are princesses. I would not be for a new villains park myself but I appreciate your positivity on new ideas for Disney.

  2. Bob A

    They should repurpose the Wide World of Sports area into the next gated park

    1. Bob

      Villiains have no place in the Disney Parks. The parks are for families with young children who will be tramatised by the villians. Bottom line families will not return t o the parks.

  3. Thugster

    Great to see Disney promoting criminals and evil characters, their definition of equality because it is so important for villains to be treated equally and fairly. Look, we know Disney is a cesspool of America culture hating buffoons, the choice is yours to support their immoral agenda or not

  4. rteker

    Pete the original Disney Villain, not a bad choice really

  5. Jack Pelham

    I traveled from Atlanta just to see Oswald, so now I have to visit Disneyland (not my favorite park) for Pete!

  6. Panda Pandersen

    Until Disney starts making some serious money how are they going to expand or even create a new park. Universal is kicking there ass, and the rate the Disney is recycling it’s IP
    Into subpar entertainment, and with SW, Marve, and what little original content they try to produce. It doesn’t look like funds will be coming in that way for a while

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