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Disney Stock Declines


  1. Barbara

    I think it’s not listening to their guests.

  2. W. Rambo

    Change the name, no longer Disney

  3. Kyle L Stauffer

    I could not be happier to see Disney taking a hit like this and if there’s any kind of Justice in the world that unless they choose to change their ways and start listening to their customers that they should go bankrupt. People would like to portray it as if Disney is a victim and that they’re being pounced upon. Nobody had a problem at all until you started deciding that it was an in your face type of situation where you were going to force kids to have to deal with issues that they are not in any way equipped to handle, such as sexual orientation or division by race. Why can’t you just allow kids to be kids grow up to be adults and make their own decisions? Disney has not seen a scent of my money nor will they ever see another scent of my money and I have actually taken great joy and destroying some of their older products because I’m not going to give money to a company that obviously hates me and my values, even though they don’t know me personally and I’ve never done anything to them.

    1. PB

      *yarn*…The entire stock market is down 20%. On to the next story.

      1. PB

        *yawn* lol

    2. PB

      How is Disney forcing anyone to do anything? They’re putting out a product. If someone wants to watch the product they’re free to do so. If you or anyone else doesn’t want to than you’re free to not do so.

    3. Lynn David

      I’m sure your “scent” is smelly, and they’re not missing your cents!
      Government has no business in any companys’ view points. If a person doesn’t share their values, just don’t spend your cents.

    4. Elizabeth Ann


  4. jorge

    this has nothing to do with the parks but the performance of disney plus and media.

  5. Rob

    Disney is a sewer. Look at what they have done to Walt’s legacy. I’m glad they dropped the “Walt” from their company name.

  6. Bob

    Disney Parks are being sold and that is why the stock is crashing.

  7. P.C. Knott

    Not many companies last 100 years or more. Those that have, shut down within a decade of the achievement.
    Disney could be one of the success stories, but they just can’t, or won’t, stay out of the political venues.
    They say they are listening to their guests, but which ones?

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