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Bob Iger

Credit: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg


  1. Chris

    A bad move to make, the parks are already understaffed, making cuts is a bad idea.

    1. Blake

      In Universal’s case you can’t even reliably get butter beer anymore in Wizarding World. Lines are long and the number stands to serve has veen greatly diminished. These companies over exert themselves only to have to cut the “fat” where its customers need it most.

  2. Walt

    Hopefully it will include most of the management team and also himself….one can hope. But of course it will only be the lowly cast members who are making/creating the guest experience.

  3. Stephanie

    Well good bye DEI, and SJWS. Get Woke Go Broke is real…

  4. Philip Kippel

    Hope Carmen Smith, Charita Carter, Latondra Newton, Latoya Ravenau, Karey Burke, Vivian Ware, Allen March, Nadine Smith, Josh D’Amaro, Kevin Feige, Victoria Alonso and the rest of Reimagine Tomorrow and Stories Matter will be among those to be let go and have all their politically-motivated projects cancelled, including cancelling Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and restoring Splash Mountain. #savesplashmountain #releasesongofthesouth #brerlivesmatter #stopcensoringzipadeedoodah #canceltianasbayouadventure #songofthesouthisinclusive #justicefornickstewart #justiceforvalariestewart #justiceforjamesbaskett #justiceforhattiemcdaniel #justiceforjohnnylee #justiceforroyglenn #justiceforglennleedy

  5. LI

    I’m among the 3,000 employees who were laid off on March 3, 2023. It is heartbreaking and frightening. And there are no tech jobs to go to out here.

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