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Bob Iger interviewed by ABC

Credit: ABC News


  1. Kind of difficult to take anything seriously from a guy who makes 60 million per year yet allows the parks to charge $5 to the regular customer for a chocolate chip cookie or muffin

    1. Robert

      Only $5? What year was that?

      1. Bob iger is doing something right for once because previous management after bob iger retired made a mess of tomorrow land in Epcot thay need to bring back Stitch’s Great Escape! after the failed expansion because of coved thay cut the project and abandoned it.

  2. Namor

    It’s refreshing to see Eiger going back to the drawing board and dream big again. However, I’m not seeing anything significant that could put Disney back to where it was. Unfortunately, being stripped of free fast passes and the lack of customer appreciation like not selling annual passes will continue to keep Disney fans satisfied.

  3. Robert

    Reservations, overpriced passes, no Fastpass, etc make Disney a poor value and more of a has-been than anything else.

    1. I absolutely agree with you that reservation system Has to go

  4. Paully

    Tokyo’s DisneySea is easily the best Disney park..
    Build one of these next to Disneyland..

    1. Sebastian

      Disneyland Paris gets 2 billion investment. Not 2 milion

  5. Tom

    “Game changer” as in him saying that they “could” do something outside of adding Avatar to Disneyland. Not much of a “game changer” compaired to an entire new park that is bigger than anything else in Orlando.

    1. lola

      Entitled Disney fans again whining

  6. Adam

    I’d love to see an original interactive escape room-esque land devoted to the S.E.A.

  7. Mike

    How about fixing what you have, stop construction and lower the price on a limited attendance basis. Disney thinks they have to create new things for their customers. But their customers are creating new customers who don’t know what is new or old. Their children. They come new.

  8. Jay

    But they can’t pay Cast Members $3 more??? Were struggling here and there nearby jobs also suck. Pay us more

  9. Phil

    Too late Bobby. Your cheap cutting tactics of removing “core” elements to the Disney vacation have alienated your guests to explore other vacation destinations.

    No MDE to keep you immersed from the airport to your resort and vice-versa.
    No fast pass incentives for staying on resort (Genie plus is NOT a reason to stay on property!)
    No Early-hours/late-hours for All guests who stay on resorts.
    No complimentary magic bands(even basic colored ones was a nice incentive perk to staying on-property)
    No Disney Dining plans
    Lack of empathy from cast members during the trip(who can blame them when you pay them elephant peanuts)

    1. JW

      You are exactly right. Too many cuts while raising the price for everything. But no one is listening to Disney guests!!!

  10. Tony

    Totally agree!

  11. MBH

    Interesting, I recently visited Disney Parks Orlando for the first time in decades. I would never go back for all of the above reasons. Over priced everything for the privilege of standing in line for hours each day.

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