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Screenshots from Christopher Martin's Tiktok

Credit: @originalchristmartin on TikTok


  1. James Palmer

    Funny how the big Man sues the little man and the big Man being so greedy ,leaves little man penniless if product sells that well big Man should compromise with little man rather than ruin little man ,GREED GREED GREED gets everybody in the end

    1. Jen

      Chris Martin takes advantage of people. He has used his loyal followers to help fund his extravagant trips to Shanghai Disney all in the name of “live streaming so others can see what it is like there.” He is one of the little people that deserves to be taken down. He has blatantly ignored warnings and thinks he is above the law.

    2. Laurie S

      Disney owns Disney’s proprietary content. I’m sure the little guy would sue if someone was selling images of his unique intellectual property. Oh yeah. He has none.

  2. Chris

    Man this guy is going to lose everything. Its blatant plagiarism and then to sell them at the park??? Then after being banned from WDW to go and play with fire and poke the bear even more? It truly is sad that this guy thinks he stands a chance. The internet has given too many people a boosted ego. Making them think they are untouchable. This guy needs some humbling.

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