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Angela Bassett disappointed, Jamie Lee Curtis ecstatic

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  1. Renee

    Who does she think she is! Love Jamie Lee Curtis. She deserved it. Just because she’s woman of color she thinks it should automatically go to her? BULL !!

    1. Dom

      Yep you nailed it. Most black women either are extremely entitled and love to be the victim. So she will probably make it about race…when in the end, JLC was just in a better movie, Wakanda was just not a good movie

    2. MINNIE

      I TOTALLY agree!
      She should have shown some class, and spplauded instead of showingher obvious disappointment!

    3. MINNIE

      I totally agree!! She should’ve shown some class, and applauded, instead of showing her obvious disappointment! What a sore loser!

      1. Bella

        I understand she was disappointed but as in sports the losing team shakes the hand of the winning team. It’s good sportsmanship. She is a sore loser.

  2. Christina Scarfo

    Wow it’s always about race! How about supporting other women! Suck it up buttercup, she won you lost, it hurts but you be the better person!

  3. Andrea

    I have to agreed with the other comments. Angela is a very good actress and so is Jamie. I am sure it was a hard decision for the academy, all were great supporting actresses. Jamie won, and I thought Angela was classy, but I was wrong, she should have put on a happy face and clapped for the winner, even if it was faked.

  4. Suzanne

    If you understood how the entertainment industry works, you would understand that regardless of the awards that are given out throughout during this award season, the SAG members are same members who vote for the Oscar’s. It is a known fact. Same thing happened to Brendan Fraser and Austin Butler. The whole time during awards season, the two ran neck and neck. Butler even won the Bafta Award, but once Fraser won the SAG Award it was put in concrete who would win the Oscar. It has been this way for the entire 29 years the SAG Awards have been given out.
    So, bottom line, don’t blame race, Jaime Lee Curtis or the awards in general. Blame the actors and actresses who voted, their peers. Their friends, their colleagues these nominees believe they are voted for.

  5. Elizabeth

    This is not about who should of won. It is Not about race .It is about how a person confronts and reacts to disappointment . Even a great disappointment when the person feels something should of been theirs. It shows the character of that person in the way they react to not winning a contest or loosing something to another. Either you are strong and gracious to others or you are weak and angry for all to see.

  6. P.C. Knott

    Didn’t see either movie. Don’t care.
    So Angela didn’t applaud. Big deal.
    Do you see professional athletes cheer and clap for the winning team after losing a championship? No. Are their faces filled with disappointment? Yes. Why would Angela be any different after losing a major award to a competitor?
    Don’t make it about race or anything else. She simply lost a major contest.

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