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Mickey blind to the magic

Credit: ITM


  1. Laura Peters

    I don’t know if this is poor writing or bad editing but this incorrect tense sticks out like a sore thumb, unfortunately.

    “Suppose you’ve had your fill of schlepping through the Parks, you’ve rode [sic] all the rides you care to ride… ”

    Please correct it now so that nobody else sees it! 😀

    1. Doc

      Thinking the exact same thing!!!!

  2. Laura B.

    I came here for the grammar. Author, please check your use of “it’s”. I don’t know if there were any other things that sound off because I was skimming the article.

  3. Candice

    Hmmm, clearly we all have nothing better to do. Pathetic! The point of this article is that there are more things to do than go to the actual parks

  4. Candice

    Let me clarify, you people who only TROLL articles for grammar, clearly have nothing to do. Move on.

  5. Dave

    Resort hopping is a little tricky these days. Usually, require a reservation or you will need to use Disney transportation to get in. Staying at a resort will give you access to Disney transportation otherwise you need to pay to park at each resort now. Again, usually needing a reservation for dinner. It is fun to visit all the resorts. You can spend all doing just that, I we have. Disney springs is a must. Great to add to your trip.

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