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  1. James

    My son and I took a voyage on the Halcyon back in June.

    When asked to comment on it we both reply with “It was the most incredible experience we ever had, but not worth the money”.

    The price is just too high to justify for almost everybody and unfortunately the storyline element makes it even harder to justify a “repeat visitor” for anyone that is lucky enough to be able to afford it.

    I dont know that the “hop-on/hop-off” type change would work since the embarkation/disembarkation days were very much “non-story” days in order to facilitate the fact that people were switching to or from the real world to the starwars universe but it could probably be worked out.

  2. Mason

    Of course it is too expensive. As a lifelong Star Wars fan I find this overpriced. By the way finding out this was going to be a forced Star Wars role play just made me dislike it even more. Because unless it is a lightsaber fight with my cousin I don’t play Star Wars because I’m an adult. Galactic Star Cruiser is LARPing for rich Star Wars fans.

  3. sscain3

    Problems with the Starcruiser:
    Biggest problem is the “planned” and “forced” stuff. When I go on vacation, be it cruise or theme park, I want to do what I want to do. Have some spontaneity, say “yes” and “no” to things, some choice. The fix? Have scenarios people “walk into” as they are moving around. A stowaway that causes trouble, an alien creature on the loose – nothing big and fancy, just fun and exciting. Be able to interact with characters at a marketplace. Be able to do some fun stuff that isn’t so forced and scripted. Maybe you sign up to be a crew member in a particular “job” for an hour, etc. And, yes, you definitely need to have flexibility in number of days – again, choices. As far as price? No, it isn’t worth it. And it’s just like everything else that happened under Chapek – less for more money. Greed, greed, greed. Places where people can save some money if they need to, choices about WHERE and WHAT to spend their money on – again, sign up for experiences. Maybe you pay a price that’s just the room and the meals, drinks, etc., and activities are all extras. Of course, I’m not a Disney employee and I don’t know the constraints and limitations that the Star Wars land has to deal with, but it seems to me it’s just an easy excuse to charge a lot of money for very little.

  4. Saphira

    I traveled on the Halcyon in May and loved it.
    The lounge needs improving. It’s too small and only has one sabbac table. The drinks weren’t great either. I didn’t like any of them. The Halcyon needs to make an agreement with Oga to be able to serve drinks from her menu, since the ship is bringing patrons to her establishment.
    Also, the bridge training and lightsaber training were cheesy and designed for children. There should be different levels of activities; for both children and adults.
    Actually, one of my favorite places on the ship was the engineering room. The dining room was great and the food was excellent.

  5. Mickeymouse3

    It’s really a one day experience imo…
    Check in at 4pm on the first night, after what has probably been a day of travel. You will have some all-immersive activities, but, you’re also tired and will more than likely crash a bit earlier than usual.
    2nd day you’re in HS at Batuu, enjoying the attractions, followed by some more immersive actions, with no name characters, on the Halcyon.
    3rd day is checkout day…at 11am. Not a whole lot gonna happen in this short span of time.
    All this for $5k?
    Best thing that could happen with the Halcyon? “Re-theme” it to a deluxe resort with Star Wars theming, have character dining and keep the galactic credits needed to book at reasonable rates.

  6. B.L.

    I agree the price definitely needs to come down. I don’t see a problem with the different ports but it would have to be controlled in a way that doesn’t distract from the experience. For example a hallway that characters come and go from. I don’t think they should go to Batuu. Make the characters shorter on time. Perhaps say “ok I’m getting off at the next stop but I’ll be back find the correct character and watch them until I get back to take over, but don’t get caught”. If you choose a bland enough character you could switch them out. Use the imagination more.

  7. Me McP

    “Rebellions Are Built on Hope” – But Galactic Starcruiser Wasn’t” I would argue that it was exclusively built on hope and not an ounce of market research.

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